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    I am now able to stay safe in style.
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    He has 5 years of eligibility left?
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    Whew. I was worried it was going to impact us.
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    with this argument then it was the right decision to let Heath go to bring in Antigua. We were just starting to have success but it wasn't good enough so the decision makers thought bringing in Massiello and Antigua was the right answer. What a mistake that was. IT set the program back 10 years. Now we are just getting close to that level again and you suggest its time to make a change again. A change doesn't always mean for the better. What we have might get us to the place we all want the program. And the trajectory is pointing that it will
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    I hate where our university is located...
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    8 more teams to go until the AAC reaches the perfect number You want people to watch USF football sober? Haven't we suffered enough in 2020?
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    Let me introduce you to someone Pippen, Scottie
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    “This level” - you think there’s a big difference between the AAC and the MAC? I’ll bet he’s the starter.
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    Good for him. Go get a free education for playing football.
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    He is playing at the right level now.
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    Sorry to hear of his passing. Really admired the guy. Shortly after his retirement I was at a Sixers game in the Spectrum. Saw a guy standing by himself against the outer wall. Went over to say Hi and he was as pleasant as could be. Best outlet passer of all time. I can still see that 2 handed overhead pass to start a break.
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    You've already said you don't think he's the guy for the job so why not fire him now? As Frisco has already adroitly pointed out, this flies in the face of your stance on CCS after just one bad year. I'm guessing it's because as far fetched as the CCS firing was from reality at that point, this is even further away and even Bry's World has its limits ... ?
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    Yasias Young and, perhaps, Darrian Felix’s brother, Dorrian (LB) https://www.nbc-2.com/story/42186530/two-fort-myers-high-football-alums-heading-to-usf-together
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    I would like to point out, and I know you'll disagree, that Kelly came aboard end of June/early July '18. So for him to make a major move like firing the head football coach with a +.500 record (I know all the arguments of how we looked in '19 but the fact remains) after 5 months on the job might have been a bit early in his tenure. I would have been okay had he fired him but I can understand giving the extra year.
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    This appeared to be off campus and unrelated to any civil unrest, just a normal Saturday night in Suitcase city. A couple fires and Champs looted, overall not a terrible night considering what could of happened in Tampa. Only a Whole Foods was looted in Dallas, at least the rioters are eating healthy and appear to be concerned about their well being. This could have been far worse everywhere.
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    I completely disagree with this take. I generally agree that most coaches need time to get their own guys in the program, and should be given plenty of time to show what they've got. Charlie Strong was an exception. He was unable to adapt to the team, dismissing half of it, with TERRIBLE in game coaching and bad recruiting. I was at the last game in 2018 vs UCF and chanting for Strong to be fired. I know hindsight is 20/20 but he had to go right then. Waiting another year for his inevitable failure was a big mistake. Then the Marshall bowl game embarrassment and some still thought it was acceptable to keep him. Now we go into 2020 with zero talent (unless we have special stuff transferring in) having to live with our mistake.
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    Bowl games are like sex and chicken wings, even when they're bad, they're still pretty good.
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    That day they were pulling over every car driving down the sidewalk. That's profiling and profiling is wrong.
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    I was fading, but then one of the ads caught my eye.
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    Hopefully he's not sore after being jerked around by the NFL. His career will climax by inserting himself into coaching!
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    I would worry much more about CTE, unknown heart condition and paralysis IMO, but definitely a risk every time we leave the house.
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    So reading between the lines, you are saying that UCF developed Covid-19 in-order to get into the Big-10 Personally, I thought that it was Harvard or Jhina, but I like your thinking better
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    I hear ya, but I'll lean towards giving Ford a pass on his behavior considering how pissed I'd bee all the time if I was an offensive player on a Charlie Strong led team
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    You can slash all of it except FB, MBB, WBB, WS, and WT&F. Increase scholarships in T&F and we probably meet Title 9. I bet ECU does something similar to this.
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    Ironside or bust
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    I'm not sure it's worth $2.5 million to try and go back to some glory BB days. They could have basically accomplished the same (at no loss in revenues) by beefing up the BB OOC schedules with a few BE teams and other high profile BB schools.
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    We have been ranked in the top 25, 3 out of the last 4 years and finished the year ranked as well in 2 of those years. We exist and still hold relevance, UCONN football will disappear.
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    I think you have to define nonexistent...as of right now, other than 15,000 diehard fans we are kind of nonexistent.
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    I invited her to a Super Bowl party the following week at my buddy's house (was bunking with him after leaving the ex). She declined telling me I was her son's age. So, no, I didn't but not for not wanting to.
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    Things appear to be returning to normal, my gym opens Monday and now you two dipshits are quibbling over this very tired subject again, somethings never change.
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    Imagine what our receivers would have looked like with a QB who could throw a spiral 12 yards in the general vicinity of where it was designed to go.
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    If the NCAA doesn't permit more than 25K at football games this fall, USF will be golden! It will be like nothing is different!
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    Dr. Fauci also said "no need to wear a mask", then there was a need. We can go on and on. It's who we choose to crucify that is at hand. Like with Benghazi, what difference does it make? So much for being able to focus on sports. Have at it. Trip can moderate if he wishes or add some sage words.
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    They better have the Bulls Blockparty event in Ybor during August or I will not be as hyped about the season
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    If there are no fans we should just play at Corbett.
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    I didn’t have any real trouble getting my test the other day. Results only took about 48 hours.
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    I have not seen these in years. Since I am working from home now I stumbled upon these in my office/man cave. Does anyone still do these?
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    He did the same with Texas and we are much redder than Florida. I did not do the analysis, I would take this up with Brybull, I am sure he will be able to provide a mountain of data along with a very lengthy diatribe on the validity of his research and why he is the smartest guy in the room.
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    What? How did I miss these? I freaking love Taco Bus. Best fish Tacos. USF needs to re establish this relationship. A must.
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    I was wondering how long it would take for someone to figure out that I'm an old fart
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    Who knew it was a school?
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    If by "played no small part in" you mean "in spite of" ....... absolutely.
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    Gary Alexander works for Delta in Atlanta. He approached me in the jetway when he saw me wearing a USF polo.
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    Due to this virus I have no idea what to expect this season. I think we could have a bowl eligible team but with the lack of practice and in-person coaching, that seems like a stretch this season. I do believe there are good players in place that just need the right coaching...In the coming seasons I think the recruiting will skyrocket and the results will speak clearly of that.
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