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    Apparently you missed the WVU game in 2007. Was about 20,000 fans louder than the Tin Can.
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    If we end up in the Boca Raton Bowl and Brenda Snipes is running the scoreboard, we might win!
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    So I'm a regular Sirius XM ESPNU radio listener. This morning The First Team (Taylor Zarzour and Greg McElroy) had Dan Orlovsky on the phone talking about UCF and the CFB Playoff. They touched on their matchup with us on Friday and then Taylor asked Dan about the Bulls and what's happened to us. Dan provided a pretty solid hot take IMO and I transcribed it below to share with you all: Taylor Zarzour - Speaking of USF Dan, what happened to this team? This was a team that early in the season, they knocked off Georgia Tech, they beat Illinois, I know that they had a lot of roster turnover in Strong’s 2nd year, Blake Barnett’s thrown a bunch of INT’s, the defense has struggled. What’s going on with the Bulls right now? Dan Orlovsky - Yeah so offensively, they’re just, they’re in my opinion, in watching them on tape, they’re still stuck in 8 years ago. I mean ALL they do is tempo, and they just, there’s no emphasis offensively to be just like “ok let’s get Barnett a couple of completions, let’s get him an easy throw.” “Ok how can we help some of our receivers Salomon and McCants, how can we help those guys in man coverage?” Because all they do, the great majority of all they do is just take go routes, whether they’re inside fades from the slot or go routes on the outside… kind of those switch release concepts. You know it’s just very simplified and defenses have gone “ok these are the 3 or 4 things they do in their pass game and we are just going to force them to do 45 yard completions down the field on a constant basis,” and they haven’t been able to hit them so that’s been a big part about what’s gone on with their offense. They just get themselves, you know on 1st down they’ll take a go shot, and on 2nd down they’ll run the ball and get 2 or 3 yards and then its 3rd and 7. They live in 3rd and long, I mean they live in 3rd and long and then they’ll just go throw deep balls again and that’s really what’s hindered their offense and they don’t get into any kind of rhythm, they don’t open their playbook up because they don’t get 1st downs. You know defensively, they’ve really been hampered by the loss of the MLB Sawtelle. You know he got hurt so they moved a DE in to the MLB position. I watched them early, I had them against Tulsa and I was like “this defense is pretty good, they can run to the football, they play coverage well.” It just seems like they miss the MLB Sawtelle so much with their communication because guys get out of position. But they do some things well, guys just get out of position and it just doesn’t look like a team that is in tune with what they are doing defensively. But I will say this, they are asked to do a ton because of the offensive inefficiency. I mean there’s a lot of pressure on them to play well. You know they’ve lost 4 in a row, but 3 out of those 4, excluding the handling by Houston a month ago, they were up 17 last week on the road in Temple, they went into Cincinnati and were up against Cincinnati, it’s just they get into the 2nd half and have played so many plays on defense because their offense is struggling so much and they get kind of worn out.
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    As my wife already has a list of things to do a mile long I wanted to take time to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. And I include our UCF visitors in this. When all is said and done we are all brothers/sisters. Even bought a drink for a UCF guy sitting across from me on the plane ride back from the Temple game. This is, after all, just a game.
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    Really? Storm the field for UCF? You guys have lost it.
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    I had 2 tickets to the UCF game on my dashboard. Someone broke in. They left 2 more.
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    SC State pulled out of the deal because we would hurt their SOS
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    Not Iron Bull stuff, but we do what we can. https://giving.usf.edu/why/why-you-give/two-longtime-usf-bulls-football-fans-go-deep-their-support-form-planned-gift?fbclid=IwAR0euDHdPxmGbilTrMUDzoqI-cws951ZnHBmkwtUDOOyZ4hbYBM_1Fpne0g GO BULLS!
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    Rebuilding year or not-- CCS actions are not endearing him to me. Look-- we got him at a discount to try out and as a filler after we lost CWT to Oregon. That temporary fill in time has expired and if we act with a little bit of speed, we can cut him and his lackluster staff loose, allowing us to be the first ones to the table to pick up on the best candidates that we can afford. There is rebuilding and then there is just plain lack of any visible progress. We have eyes-- we have watched this team simply implode. Do something proactive.
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    No complaints. Offered several of them jobs doing yard work tomorrow morning. No takers.
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    He’s not worth 2.5 million. Pay the 200k buyout and hire a cheaper up and coming coach who wants to prove himself.
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    I love football and hate to see injuries. Awful. Prayers to you for a speedy recovery.
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    You know what hasn't changed? Publix subs are still amazing.
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    Size DOES matter...
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    I don’t get it, I would rather have their stadium on our campus and upgrade it periodically until it’s at its desired amenitie and capacity level. I want to take my kids on campus before the game and walk to the bookstore, the new Publix, show them the old bunker where I took my classes etc. We will sit on our hinds idly until next round of realignment and if it does occur and we get left out we will have ourselves to blame. I am tired of Ray Jay, it’s feels like a cavernous corporate ******** where we have no home field advantages, I am tired of that big pirate ship that screams Buccaneers, it just doesn’t feel like a college environment. I wish our AD was as proactive as UCF’s, I am tired of this close to the vest, wait and see, move at a cement turtle pace when it comes to sports facilities.
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    Every school except USF can do it. We are the poorest university in the country and normal rules don’t apply to us. A red seated stadium with a pirate ship in the end zone that’s 20 minutes off campus is the ultimate college experience. You know that! Other schools want to emulate US. Rumor has it, and this is just a rumor of course....but I heard that UF is going to blow up the Swamp and build a newer stadium in Ocala. It’s going to have full liquor, a killer club level, a massive Jumbotron and multi-colored seats. It’s going to be awesome!
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    Below is the email I sent to Michael Kelly after today's loss at Temple: Dear Mr. Kelly, As the leader of USF Athletics, I am writing you regarding the USF Football program. You have a very important decision to make regarding the future of football at USF this offseason. It’s not who should be the coach or what facilities the team needs. Instead you need to decide what your ultimate vision for this program is and where you will set the bar; and you need to proclaim that vision loudly and repeatedly to the entire Tampa Bay region, USF’s 50,000 students and our 325,000 alumni. On its current trajectory USF football is becoming irrelevant in the local sports landscape and as you have undoubtedly have heard, it’s happening in the growing shadow of an energized program 100 miles to our east. As an executive for a publicly traded company, I can tell you that in times like these people look to its leaders to understand a vision that they all can support and be excited about. Unfortunately, for those who support the program and those that university needs to regain relevance, no such vision appears to exist. There appears to be no bar for USF Football. What USF Football needs now, more than ever, is a leader that can: Clearly, loudly and repeatedly articulate a vision for USF football that will reach into the consciousness of the Tampa Bay region and beyond Set a high bar, and not be afraid to make difficult decisions in order to fulfill that vision Lead from the front and help everyone reach their potential Are you that leader? I’m interested in understanding your vision for the program, understanding what stakes you have put in the ground and see how you influence, reward and hold people accountable against the bar you have set. You have some big decisions to make and they will tell the students, alumni and Tampa Bay how serious you take the responsibilities that have been entrusted to you by this university and community. We are watching, but will you be seen? Sincerely,
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    a stadium on the USF campus that we could truly call ours without a pirate ship in the endzone would be a dream.
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    We owe them a coach on par with CSH, we should reciprocate and send them CCS like good conference mates.
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    I saw one UCF fan punch a baby, while another pushed an old lady to the ground and then a third say that Publix subs were trash and that they preferred Blimpie.
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    Ricky: I agree in a way with your original tag line. You need only read this board on any given day. Many of our fans criticize and berate the oh too few fans who actually do buy tickets and show up to games. Fans on TBP attack and belittle others who have a different vision of athletic success and how to best achieve it. A large majority of our fans have unrealistic views of where we are, what it would take to get where they say they would like to be and what they are willing to do to help achieve their purported goals for the athletic program (other than to beech and moan). We don't have to worry about UCF fans attacking us. We are our own worst enemy. At risk of being labeled as having the dreaded "low expectations," I will continue to attend and enjoy games as best I can, donate, fundraise, work and lobby on behalf of athletics and the university as a whole. I will continue to try to understand that not everyone else has my same passion for or perception of USF and Bulls sports, while still trying to win hearts and minds rather than crush other opinions.
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