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    First, my title isn't what you think it is. I was happy to see Nikola get some minutes against UCF. I don't know Nik, and I don't know how he carries himself in practice, but what I see at the games is a guy who is into the games, always celebrating his teammates accomplishments. He went from starter to very few minutes, not because of his fault, but because our coach upgraded the players around him. It would be very easy for a player in that circumstance to be bitter, quit and all sorts of negative things. I see none of that. Our next home game will be his senior day against a team we can (and should beat). Our starters need to play inspired basketball, slam their foot on the gas pedal and not let up so we can take control of the game and make sure he gets some quality playing time.
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    No matter what happens from here on out this year, I'm very happy with our teams. The men exceeded all expectations, and while there are still some holes in their game, the future certainly looks the brightest it has in a long, long, time. With the injuries to the women's team, I never expected them to be so competitive. They've shown a lot of heart and grit. Congratulations to both of our teams for great seasons.
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    This is the most fun I've seen him have since he's been the coach. I think not worrying about the offense has been a relief for the guy. Lead by example... I'm liking what I see, I can't wait to get to tampa in a couple of weeks.
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    Nap over...quick comment. It’s college football, it’s USF, it’s my alma mater....**** yeah I am excited. There are only a handful of games a year and I will watch each to the bitter/exciting end. Bowl game, non bowl game, fire CCS, keep CCS, blah, blah, blah. I don’t chear for for that, I chear for the horns on the helmet first and foremost. Thus, I am ALWAYS EXCITED about each new year of USF football.
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    I'd imagine it's about getting him the ball in space
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    I certainly understand where you are coming from on this and it's quite all right if we disagree about it. This is an opportunity for the team to get better and prepare towards next season, which is an opportunity that we should take.
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    UCF fan here. Don't be ashamed of playing in this so-called "garbage" tournament. The players and coaches worked their tails off, you guys won 19 games and at the end of the day, screw the detractors if they don't like it. If you are able to win the tournament, hang a banner - you earned it. Outside of when you guys play us, I'll cheer for American teams to do well. Now WVU being in this despite losing 20 games ? That's a different story.
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    Thanks to Jonesy Bull for the gift to the IPF!! We appreciate your support to the project.
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    The IPF will get done. Sooner rather than later, but we need the support of our fans to get this completed. Every dollar helps!!
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    Really? Embarrassed by the NIT banners hanging in the Sun Dome...errr... YC? Couldn't disagree with you more. The way you get those taken down is to earn NCAA and conference banners to push them to the side. That is our history. I can only imagine what I would feel like being in Charlie Bradley's shoes seeing them remove those early banners-- or any of the guys who played on the other teams. Why stuff like this bothers anyone is mind boggling to me. Empty space is better?
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    Publix subs on sale starting Thursday - https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state/publix-subs-on-sale-for-5-99-starting-thursday Just stirring the pot...
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    People keep forgetting about Madut, missed this year with broken foot: 22 Madut Akec Biography PRIOR TO USF: Played under Loren Jackson at Victory Rock Prep in Bradenton, Fla…Paced Victory Rock with 19.3 points and 9.9 rebounds per game as a senior…Shot 48 percent from three-point range…Helped Victory Rock win The Grind Session in 2018…Averaged 14.7 points and 5.9 rebounds per game as a junior.
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    Moral of this thread is Don't say anything to CCS about his coaching to his face.
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    He can lift that much in Pepsi cases for sure...
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    It's unbelievable what the men's bball staff has done in two short years. That program was not a sleeping giant but a drunk hobo completely lights out! Two years later and look at it now. I just spent a lot of time looking at the roster and everybody involved: I'm quite impressed. An NIT selection would be a nice reward for them.
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    I have no idea how good we will be next year. Nobody does. But im always excited for football season in general and USF football definately. I really dont understand all the negativity on this board. One season does not bleed into another, they are complete seperate entities. Coaching and player turn over, youth vs experience of a team, hell even chemistry and confidence change. If i had to guess this team will be better offensively, we have weapons and a better OC imo. Defensively it would seem the young players will be better with another year of experience. Beyond that who knows.
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    Disagree with this statement. There is no ducking conditioning. We should have given the ball more to Mike Ford.
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    ??? May as well say if Durr becomes Wilt Chamberlain.
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    I have USF by 5. That's right "5". Feel free to sticky it.
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    Always tough to say goodbye to a member of the family. In time your family will find comfort in remembering the joy and love only a pet can give. So sorry for your loss.
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    Is it a short bus?
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    Meh. Not exactly a bold prediction. It wouldn't be crazy for us to go 5-7 and it wouldn't be crazy for us to go 9-3. Anyone who thinks they know what our offense is going to look like is blowing smoke one way or the other. Bell is completely unproven. I get that he did things at a lower level, but so has every coach who's every been promoted up a level or they wouldn't have got the job. If Josh Heupel had flamed out last year, it wouldn't have been a surprise. You only get the next job up if you've done something in the past and it means squat the day the first whistle blows. Every player in our offense put up huge numbers in HS relative to the competition. It gets you to USF and then you're starting over again against a bunch of other guys who were awesome in HS. If you're awesome in college, you get to the pros against a whole bunch of other guys who were awesome in college, too.
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    It wasn't a reward, it was marketing ....
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    Listening to the radio Coach Brian Gregory breaking down and crying talking about the heart of this team. What an emotional moment. He really does love his players and this university.
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    He's short, he's not small inter terms of his build.... at all. 5'5 170 is pretty stocky and he's actually gained weight, so he could be playing around 175... If he were 5'11 his weight would equate to 205 or somewhere in that area. He's a stocky guy and made it through his true freshman year just fine. I don't think durability issues come in with him.
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    Academics always has to come first. That doesn't mean that athletics should just flounder.
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    I'll be there. Students get in free.
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    Proud to have a Foundation Grant Fund in my name for Internal Medicine... USFs Medical School is a HUGE part of my success. I recent had to have a large section of my colon removed and was in the James A Haley VA for 7 days.. my care was overseen by USF residents and truly, they did a great job... made me very proud to be a Bull!
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    He was arguably our best RB last year. Strange move. Can't see him being a better fit at WR. Hopefully they know what they're doing here...
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    You left out joined the SEC ... I think JG cared a lot about sports .... maybe too much, to the point of butting in where she shouldn't have, making ill informed decisions she had no business making
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    The Shaft didn't exactly have a lights out resume when she got the job. I believe she was U Albany Provost before coming here. Blanchett is the current provost at Rutgers, a slightly better academic institution than Albany. Currall is the Provost at SMU. Ferrari has a legit education background in the military. Iwamoto is a current president of a university. McConnell is the Provost at WVU. Poppema is the president of a Dutch university. Riemer is a retired Air Force General with a ton of education background. Vitter is the Mississippi Chancelor. What resumes are you people looking at? This is a very good list for who we are, unless you're waiting on the president of Harvard to come calling. I disagree with this assessment.
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    If we can put up points in bunches we will be in most games this season. If we can play decent defense we may win a bunch of games this year. I’m hoping we can get it together and surprise some folks, but that’s on Coach
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    There were a few of us who hated the hire from day 1. I was not the least bit surprised with the Antigua disaster.
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    We have yet to lose a game and we are more than two months into 2019!!!
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    Let’s face it, sports in general has been sad in the history of USF. But those one or two good years keeps us all coming back for more hoping for one great year.
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    So much this!!! I'll always be excited for Bulls football!! The new offense has me really intreagued and we bring alot back on defense so I want to see how these guys have been coached up and developed. This is probably a true hot seat year for CCS too so that adds to the drama. Lots to be excited about
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    Undefeated until we're not. Senior QB, one of the best pass catching TEs in the country, a more experienced OL, two dynamic RBs, a solid WR corps, Horne back and Michigan transfer McDoom = game changing speed, new OC with a great track record. Defense? That's the big question mark. There's a lot to be cautiously optimistic about but the first game will tell us a lot about where the program is.
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    Ford’s a 32 year old boxer with marginally more experience than none. He could potentially lose every fight.
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    One of the biggest mysteries of USF football is why did we not give the ball to Mike Ford more.
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    Is there any coach in the AAC that has done a better job with what they have to work with than both Fernandez and Gregory?
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    Sorry for your loss. May he/she rest in peace.
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    In one of his first interviews here, Charlie mentioned slowing the offense down to give the defense a rest. I remember that being a red flag for some.
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    I've been following DJ on social media and since he graduated USF he has been posting his workouts (he's been killing it at the gym) and motivational books that he reads daily. I am very impressed by his work ethic.
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    Maybe he had no intention of moving around and wanted to stay and build a program in Florida so he could stay with ailing mother and then
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    Well first, as already been seen, the players are getting larger (including on defense). Second, the offense will be better this year which always helps the defense. Third, if you are going off of last year, Wisconsin was pretty predesterian and they did not make any significant changes either. Fourth, three of their four loses were on the road (and they should have lost to Purdue on the road winning by three). I am not saying that USF will win this game, but believing Wisconsin is just going to come in and roll right over us? I am not buying...
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    1992? Let's see retired for the first time so I could work my butt off at other things that I was interested in. Remodel cabin in NC mtns, fishermans bungalow on Matlacha Is. and partnered into small marina purchase on SW coast..moved onto the boat after sending son off to college. Otherwise, just sitting back having boat drinks. **** ! No wonder I'm so worn out now.
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