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    Right here. I've gone 5 times in the past week. Everyone knows you go for the chicken strips or fried chicken anyways. The breading to meat ratio on popcorn chicken is way off.
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    Superbowl Champ and Superbowl winning QB are very different and if he spent 6 years on active rosters and practice squads that would make him a 6 year vet. Why are some on here dogging him? Dude's just trying to live out hi dream and he didn't say anything (unless there's something else) that wasn't factually correct.
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    Got a "Go Bulls" from an old friend today. Ran into him at the Aspen airport.
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    For those that might know IncrediBull, we lost him this week. He passed from a long battle with ALS. He was a diehard USF fan and Football season ticket holder from the beginning and also shared Basketball tickets with me. Anyone who knew him or meet him at Capogna's Dugout probably would have seen his passion for all things USF. At one time IncrediBull served on the Alumni association board and managed the Pinellas county chapter. He leaves behind his wife and three daughters. IncrediBull was a devoted father and husband and they will miss him dearly. For those who knew him and want more information on the service next week please drop me a note through thebullspen message system.
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    It blows my mind how many guys on here try to hate on players who played on the team you “love”...
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    I didn't know we had so many D1 athletes posting on the board. Wasn't all that long ago when USF was un CUSA... One could argue we're still in a revamped version of it. Congrats to Kean, I hope he does well... I've known who UNCC was since I was a kid.
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    I can hear it now. UCF RB and former Gator Jordon Cronkrite with a nice 8 yard run....
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    May he rest in peace and I hope his friends and family can find some peace in these tough times. I really like @Bausfkid's idea of retiring the handles of those who we have lost. We're a dysfunctional family here but we're still family.
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    The fact that they are still able to compete without Kit, Ferreira, Jordao, Rader, Serrat, ect says a ton about what Coach Fernandez has built here.
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    I think we can find a way to do that, especially the latter. I'll put a page together and we can improve it to ensure it is proper for our departed brothers/sisters. Rest in Peace, Ken.
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    Brad, Are you able to "retire" the screen names of those we've lost and some how memorialize them on the site?
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    Maybe I’m biased but I don’t think I have ever seen a bad uniform with USF
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    It’s not even close. Battle and Mccloud are nowhere near ready. You all though Kean and Oloduken were bad, they were head and shoulders better than the freshman. They both need to mature physically and mentally. Let’s hope Barnett can make it through the first few games injury free.
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    I just don’t see either of those guys beating out Blake. This will be his team next year. Hopefully the other two can get some playing time.
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    ****...you angry tonight....keep this going, it’s better than the game
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    Went to Publix today they were out of non breaded wings, they asked if I wanted them to check on them in the back or just buy the cold ones. I said to go ahead and check they came back and said none were started but they could make me some in 20 minutes. I had them make them. Then I went to get blue cheese burgers, they didn’t have any out, eventually the lady working behind the meat realized she couldn’t ignore me long enough for me to go away. She said she would look to see if they had any in the back. They of course did not and couldn’t make any since they were out of chuck aside for the hundreds of pounds of it in the meat display. I weaved between the stock people that took up major aisle ways and can’t bother to move and then act annoyed and as if you are bothering them by needing something they are blocking. Eventually I was able to go get my wings and then checkout. The young lady working the register and the bag boy had a long drawn out conversation that made me feel I was interrupting their private time and then of course they always ask at the end if I found everything I was looking for which percent of the time is no which is met with a blank stare and no follow up question. Publix sucks. It sucked in Miami, it sucked in Hollywood, it sucked in Fort Lauderdale, it sucked in Tampa and it sucks in Lakeland. There is no way everyone isn’t experiencing the same mediocrity you just have been trained to ignore it with the hopes your stock will keep rising but now it’s hit a wall because spoiler alert Publix isn’t great and it’s not making effort to try to be.
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    Two wins the following week (UCF and Temple) puts us squarely on the bubble. Two wins the week after that (Houston and UCF) and we're dancing. Slow down now, Glaser. I have to keep telling myself.
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    Maybe if they show how successful players that transfer from UF to USF are, then maybe players might realize that they are better of going str8 to USF rather than transferring over from UF Glass half full my friend.
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    Cronkrite transferred from UF?
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    ITs always better to be in the NCAA then NIT
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    Just viewed his LinkIn page... reading his spot on timeline for ALS based on his personal post on the site is pretty disheartening. Here's hoping that his family will hold themselves together through these difficult times. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennethgriffin/
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    Big deal, people up in in arms over nothing. It’s dumb for sure, but most stuff like this is. Quit apologizing for harmless, nothing humor.
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    You need to travel the world more.
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    I was there. One of the best crowds for men's basketball in years. Just win, baby.
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