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    I'm down about 33 pounds and 12% body fat. Just using dumbbells and doing some pushups and planks. The swimming has improved. Have taken almost 4 minutes off my 1/2 mile since getting back in the water and added 80 yds today. With having no wine dinners to go to we're saving calories and $$$$.
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    Just for the record, the ASUN does not play football ...
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    Yes, his two 8-5 seasons ('08 & '09) with wins over #18 Florida State, #20 WVU and #13 Kansas and even UCF was a move downhill? The 9-4/8-5 plateau in BCS football in years 10-12 of existence got too many fat and happy and hungry for more. It came so easy, it seemed, why not "demand" more?... And here we are...
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    Baseball is so slow and boring but somehow it became even more unwatchable with no fans in the stands, shut it down.
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    This? Fire Leavitt -> Hire Holtz -> Big East Football Ends -> Judy gets her conference (AAC) -> Reduce wins per season from 8.5 to 6.2 in weaker conference) -> Today
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    My hand grip, wrist, and forearm are on point. Mainly one side though.
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    ******* Texans don't know **** about hockey fans ...
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    Playing in a bubble is stupid as well, they at least planned to get fans back in the park to make it vaguely appealing. How many people are going to watch the Disney world NBA? I love the NHL but unsure how excited I am to watch it in the same 2 empty arenas, if the Stars go out early then my interest will wane, fortunately they are a lock for the cup.
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    I miss those days. Beating ranked teams in a stadium that was packed feels ancient at this point.
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    Donate it to the IPF like everyone else begs. JK keeps your new found profits.
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    It is amazing how much money I was drinking every weekend...
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    Chase Koepka made the cut and brother Brooks didn't. Shot 63 on Sunday Oscar Fraustro finished 48th in the Korn Ferry event Christian Demarco ties for 36th and beat his dad in the Colorado Open Kyle Flexsenshar tied for 6th in the Northern Amateur event.
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    Games I watched yesterday (not surprising) Bulls at Auburn (2007) Bulls at Cincinnati (2016) Bulls vs. West Virginia (2007) Bulls at Pittsburgh (2001) I threw in the one Tags game because I wanted to see the three-headed monster. I know this will rankle NEB, but those games in the first decade were something else. I know, "burn it down, what have you done for me lately"? Conference championships, blah, blah, blah. But the position we were in after such a short time is remarkable. The guys we put on the field back then for a new program..much respect for them. Jerome Murphy was underrated. Watching him again reminded me of that. T-MAC a monster. Then watching Dandrew Rubin at Pittsburgh with him and Marquel playing pass and catch. Great game. Just a shame no HD video back then!
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    Everyone knows that being in the AAC is way better than being in the ACC which is why coaches are constantly being poached from the ACC to join the AAC. Who wants silly things like money, national recognition, better bowls and an opportunity at playing for a national championship when you can sometimes squeak past a P5 conference in a conference ranking on www.obscureandoutlandishcollegefootballconferencerankings.com?
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    I appreciate those that can make a statement and be proven wrong, yet still have the character to remain part of the community - it's the opposite of those that come out as know-it-alls and when proven wrong disappear forever. NEB, for example, he's been wrong thousands of times.... Just kidding about that part.
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    True. Generally I think no matter who is hired we support because we want to believe he can get us winning. Let’s remember that everyone is on board with Scott so if he poops the bed there can really be no “I told you so” on the board. But I’ll go on record and say we got a winner who is hungry to do great things...we will see.
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    We lose members that come out like a comet on a topic, then embarrassingly fade away. The biggest membership drop seen here (with a lot of OGs) was the fire Leavitt crowd. They were so right, until Skippy. Never to be heard from again...
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    were all aware that we have enjoyed sporadic fan delight when we knocked off the big guys, made a run at the conference and yes, the rocket ride to #2 in the Country. BUT, we routinely ended up in the middle of the pack, made a bowl and waited for next year. We couldn't finish even when undefeated?? When the new championship scheme was created with it's selection hierarchy. The p5/group of 5 designation became law. Along with the big east squirting out the football schools into the aac catch basin...our world as fans went dark. In the BE we knew in the back of our minds that we might...might just have a shot if we run the table to get to a coveted bowl game. Now? it's a crap shoot along with a miracle and...being undefeated and...needing big wins against ranked teams. I think that's why we get excited but, we control that excitement. For me? USF needs to build a consistent winning football team. Win big games. Hang in the rankings. Win some bowl games make some money. Get the Bull's back into a positive national atmosphere. Create a marketable package just in case, in case...expansion ever comes. amen
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    . I actually have about 25 different routes so it’s all good. I usually get up to the boarder on a few extended trips a year but keeping it southern NH and northern MA this year.
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    I would rather have a beer at a tailgate with someone I disagree with!
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    I've lost over 20 lbs. Closing down all my favorite restaurants will do that to me.
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    Hey, in 2017. I predicted we'd go undefeted because of our players and the new coaching staff. Then in 2019, I predicted we'd loose our last 6 games because of our coaching staff. You guess which one I got right.
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    I know you don't want to hear it but with the pinnacle being those early weeks in 2007, the downward trajectory started a pretty good ways before we entered the AAC ..... the AAC was just that final swirl at the end of the flush.
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    I'm approaching double digit beer curls ....
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    Strongs success was a loaded team with a stud QB, he consistently showed without superior talent he was unable to develop players and have them prepared to play the last 2 years. He was lazy, incompetent and disinterested but at least that Bum is gone. He was an epic failure at his last 2 gigs and exposed as someone that does not possess the skill set to succeed as the head guy, I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors. I probably hated CSH more at the time on what he did to the program but that wound has healed, the CCS wound is still oozing puss.
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    The blocked field goal where we were accused of batting the ball forward was a load of crap.
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    MT for me, for pretty much the same reasons. I find myself happier and happier each time I’m up there.
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    I think Wyoming is where I want to move to when I retire...it looks beautiful there but moving there really has to do with the lack of population...less people seems pretty awesome to me. I don't like people anymore. I know this post isn't exactly about "Covid" but since I used the word "Covid" maybe it is ok.
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    You mean Most Powerful Man in the Building ....
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