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    Please keep the political, social, comments OFF THIS BOARD! IF you cannot use the Mad Cow to manage your seemingly uncontrollable commentary, the MAD COW will be removed and there will be a zero tolerance on ANY other board. The MAD COW was not created to generate spillover to this or other boards. Please contain your comments. I don't care if you're serious or trying to be humorous. Do not use this board any longer. Sending note to Trip. From now on, political/social crap posted on this board gets the poster suspended. Just STOP! Have it out in the Mad Cow, Facebook, Twitter or any other cesspool of hate and deception. NOT HERE. Thank you. USF Athletics and related topics only!
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    No sweat, buddy. I just think it’s time for us to change our approach. We can moan and groan about what’s gone wrong or we can do something to change the trajectory. I think Brian Gregory, Jose Fernandez and Jeff Scott give us a chance to get things rolling and we can help them do that. Those three guys - in particular - deserve the best opportunity we can give them to succeed. You don’t have to look any further than the academic side to see what can happen with the right support and goals. How many of you thought you’d see USF rank as one of the top 50 public universities in the country, or reach a preeminence footing equal to that of UF and FSU? Phi Beta Kappa? I could go on. It can happen on the athletics side, too, but not if we’re so focused on what has gone wrong and not so much on the possibilities that are there. Unlike many schools that don’t have the resources, geography, etc. to really get there, USF has those things. It’s only a matter of time and you can either be part of helping us get there or bemoan why we’re not already there. I’ve decided to help my alma mater. I’ve already made a multi-year pledge on the academic side, and have plans to do the same for athletics. I realize that not everyone is in a position financially to do that, but you do what you can to be part and we all celebrate when USF reaches its milestones.
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    So I make a post urging you all to give to the current campaign and it turns into a thread about the relative value of USF sports and the failures of its athletic administration. Don’t complicate things. If you can afford to give a few bucks and haven’t done so already, go ahead and do it and invest in the FUTURE of the program. The Bullspen: Moaners Unite! I think we have us a new slogan.
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    I am certainly sad and sorry to see @CousinRicky depart whether forever or for a break. I have had summer basketball last five weeks and haven't been able to fully understand why he's left. I sure hope those that do, moderate their ways so that the board can function as it should - an online community of Bulls fans discussing USF Athletics. I sent CR an email and I hope to hear from him.
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    I think this is the second person you drove away on this board in 6 months correct? Any chance you can talk to my kids who still live with me?
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    I've had a Bullspen tab open on my desktop browser for I don't know how many years. But think I'm closing it today. Maybe I'll check back if we play sports. I've said in the past we're all Bulls fans and I'd be happy to have a drink with any of you. Not feeling that right now. The selfishness demonstrated by some is incredible. I won't be reading responses so have at it and call me closed minded. But this is getting to be as stressful as watching the news. I've got a few phone numbers and/or emails of those of you I'd like to stay in touch with. Stay safe, be well and GO BULLS.
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    We will have to see how it all plays out. I just hope we can get a conference championship out of him before he bolts.
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    With a new child on the way likely not going to any games this season if we have one...thanks for bring this fundraiser to our attention. I gave some to the cause....I feel like USF athletics can be really good with the right people and I think Kelly, Scott and Gregory are a great start and I think we will see good things in the future. Go Bulls!
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    I'll let me friend know.
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    Nobody on this board was blinded by the record. We all watch every play of every game and knew that we were a fraud early on that year. Your disgust along with everyone else’s started at around the same time.
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    For me that disgust started in the front half of his 2nd year when many were blinded by the record and ignored the underlying issues that would later be his undoing.
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    That fire zone would include razing a Tampa institution, the Todd ...... What kind of a ******* monster are you??
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    Considering his first sentence, I don't think it's supposed to be ....
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    Athletics has made some positive changes. I see some differences over years past. No matter the size or frequency of the donations(s) they are making contact to show their gratitude. makes you feel connected and appreciated. Email, text, phone calls. Lelo is staying busy he's appreciated. Go Bull's! small donors? there's a reason the political campaigns go after the small donor. most small donors will give more than once.
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    The majority that go to USF aren't as passionate about athletics so to get many to even care you have to start winning big games and conference championships in the big sports football/basketball. Do that then you might see that number increase.
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    No doubt you are an arse! But you are who you are and I think most of us have accepted this. You are the new Smazza!! I don’t take you seriously and I think Ricky was just having a hard time. Don’t take it personally when people leave. You arent that powerful.
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    And all those Big East Championships...man that was so much fun.
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    Come on man, this is the stuff right here. Puc seemed to be sincere...CR leaving is a really big deal. I feel like we need to try to sway him back. Lots of wisdom there, I have personally refined my views based on some of his points. Challenging me might be exhausting for him but it was effective and if the goal in the challenge was to sway, then mission accomplished. I am sad.
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    All we have now is our precious memories of the glory years with CJL and what might have been.
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    Enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you will continue once we are back in full swing. Personally, I take every comment and post people make with a grain of salt. Gotta have thick skin and an oily back in today's Internet.
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    Can we all just unite in our disgust of the Charlie Strong era?
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    With all the major accomplishments he has had since he took a job at USF I am surprised he may have to settle for the ACC when the NFL owners should be banging on his door and giving Roger the boot.
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