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    I completely disagree with this take. I generally agree that most coaches need time to get their own guys in the program, and should be given plenty of time to show what they've got. Charlie Strong was an exception. He was unable to adapt to the team, dismissing half of it, with TERRIBLE in game coaching and bad recruiting. I was at the last game in 2018 vs UCF and chanting for Strong to be fired. I know hindsight is 20/20 but he had to go right then. Waiting another year for his inevitable failure was a big mistake. Then the Marshall bowl game embarrassment and some still thought it was acceptable to keep him. Now we go into 2020 with zero talent (unless we have special stuff transferring in) having to live with our mistake.
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    This was a basketball discussion, on a contract extension. The board went the wrong direction about football
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    I guess I am a little confused at the timing, I do think he did a good job rebuilding the program but not sure he is worthy of a new contract after last years performance. I guess Kelly is gambling on him having a breakout year and he is able to secure him at a bargain, I hope the gamble pays off, we shall see.
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    He is a good dude! Lives in Lakeland and delivers awesome pizza to my house. Nice guy.
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    Baseball players have contracts. Ask Blake Snell how that's going.
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    When you gotta go, you gotta go .... and that's why God made chlorine.
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    Corona has a 1-2% mortality rate. HIV is a worse disease that has no cure yet plenty of people havung sex w/o condoms. Eventually life has to go on. Feed these boys some vitamin C and lets play ball.
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    While I am not a Gregory fanboy, Joey does a nice job of calling out the delta between Gregory and Antingua and the progress made over the last 3+ years. Personally I'd like to see a functional half court offense, the winning of some games that matter and a finish in conference higher than 7th place before we make another Holtz blunder. One interesting and brief excerpt from the article: "His program's great" said Kelly (clearly not grasping the meaning of the word great). https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/05/30/usf-working-on-new-deal-with-hoops-coach-brian-gregory/
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    What did you expect? We have a Michael Kelly problem and that type thinking certainly illustrates it ....
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