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    Not many adults can fit in size 5 aa shoes.
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    Hopefully no one would stand up in that skirmish and block another's view of said skirmish.
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    Probably closer to a light skirmish, like 2 old ladies jostling for position in the deli line at the supermarket.
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    At USF, it would be a very small riot.
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    My son sent this pic of his overnite in NMex. Said he has been practicing "Social Distancing" since before it became a daily life term. A few months ago he left a high stress bar/rest partnership in Ca. Currently he's traveling out West. His plan would take him about 28,000 miles if it works out for him. Basically, no route just whatever interests him. I'm hopeful he gets to de-stress and soak in what Nature provides. He is on Instagram: "Smokey and the Vandit"….. I do get a kick out of his new found freedom. Mine was on the water his the Land. Thought this info might provide a grin during this bummer of a time going on.
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    Stop the madness. We gonna have football. GO BULLS.
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    We will never have a true campus culture without an on-campus stadium. Half the school isn't even aware of the fact we have football or basketball games going on, and a good chunk of those people have never even be introduced to American football in their lifetime. Even a smaller subset of those people wear FSU/UF t-shirts around campus because they have been accustomed to seeing USF's lack of interest in athletics (Michael Kelly is starting to change that). Raymond James is a great stadium and I'm grateful we are partnered with them for the time being, but it's time to make a long term plan for an OCS and quit making excuses. We have spent billions on academics and research but struggle to come up with $40 million for an IPF every other school in the nation has already built. An OCS gets people involved which means more donations and more fan support. It's time to get it done.
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    Just to clarify - I have no issues with the way CBG develops post players and if Mack had stayed, I feel that would have blossomed Since Mack is choosing to leave, I hope that he finds a school where he can continue to develop his skills
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    Yes, but it can only be sold for scrap in China at this point.
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