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    I am finally doing it, finally getting season tickets for the first time for the 2020-2021 football season. I put my deposit down last week, but am not familiar with the process at all. When are new season ticket members able to choose seats? Will I be contacted, or do I just need to log in on that date and pick my seats/payment options?
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    The Jimbo Leavitt crowd are looking for any excuse to discredit Scott. Secretly they will be cheering for his failure as they feel threatened by what they know is coming...the greatest five years in the history of USF football.
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    Oh really? Maybe something else you should know about Southerners. We dont take **** from arrogant smartass Northerners! So ******* bite me.
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    i am so excited about scout i will get back on board i will get 4
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    I think Fernandez has done a great job and should be able to stay as long as he likes, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty good argument that maybe conference championships aren’t the only measure of a head coach and sometimes what looks like a plateau may actually be the pinnacle of a program. I am sure when Uconn is gone we will get a conference championship just as I am sure that competing against Uconn is more impressive than winning a conference they aren’t in.
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    In all fairness to him the people that started the it’s a big thing argument were those trying to say that this is the greatest thing that can happen to USF because of all the publicity and recruiting advantages it would create. Now that the argument doesn’t pass the giggle test and we have seen a little less than zero national publicity from it and a pretty lackluster recruiting class the argument has pivoted to it’s just not a big thing. It may not be even close to the worst thing that can happen to us but it certainly isn’t giving us any major benefits either.
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    Show improvement. 6-6 and bowl eligible is a reasonable expectation. And please beat Orlando if nothing else.
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    A reminder of how long that man has been the awesome face of USF WBB ....
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    that was my reaction when i first saw a naked girl
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    With conference play kicking off tomorrow I wanted to share my "almost" mid-season review for the American Athletic Conference, and provide a quick snapshot of of where teams stand heading into conference play. Remaining Non-Conference Games: Ole Miss at #24 Wichita State (1/4) Georgia at #9 Memphis (1/4) UConn at #10 Villanova (1/18) Temple at Penn (1/25) #10 Villanova at Temple (2/16) Offensive and Defensive Efficiency: Post Season Projections: Wichita State (11-1) (NET Ranking: 10) - NCAA Tournament (#4 seed) Memphis (11-0) (NET Ranking: 13) - NCAA Tournament (#4 seed) Houston (10-3) (NET Ranking: 39) - NCAA Tournament (#11 seed) Temple (8-3) (NET Ranking: 45) - NIT UConn (9-3) (NET Ranking: 67) - NIT SMU (9-2) (NET Ranking: 79) - NIT Cincinnati (7-5) (NET Ranking: 89) - None UCF (9-3) (NET Ranking: 98) - CBI Tulsa (8-5) (NET Ranking: 125) - None Tulane (8-4) (NET Ranking: 141) - None South Florida (7-6) (NET Ranking: 153) - None East Carolina (6-7) (NET Rankings: 227) - None
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    Thanks! I love college basketball. I'll share a quick story with the group - I did't wind up going to college until my late 20's but was an avid basketball player in my early adult life. I actually attempted to walk on at FAU in my junior year when I was 30. While I was only 1 of 10 people that showed up for tryouts, I was probably the 4th or 5th best player there. After Sydney Green decided not to take anybody from the tryout group (although the best player there was D1 quality), I said to him afterwards, "Now I know why you why guys went 2-28 last season".
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    Maybe we could give them a Frosty. Wendy's must have about a million saved up from the last 2 seasons.
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    Definately will let you know, would be especially a fun trip if USF ever plays UCONN or UMASS (or a team up there) sometime again.
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    Downhill is a lot of fun. I don’t do it as much anymore as I was looking for a more cardio workout. But the White Mountains of NH have some great skiing for all types of levels. If you ever get up here on a visit let me know.
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    I miss seasons. I regret moving to this fetid swamp of a state. The weather is just unbearable.
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    The BB program is so cursed. Just when we have all the momentum and excitement coming off of last years CBI championship team, we take a kick in the gut with these key injuries. We never seem to catch a break on the BB side (even the Women)......Hopefully our luck will change at some point.
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    Feel sorry for you. You're the one sucking in front of all your friends and family
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    Say it with me: NO CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP. Nothing else matters...
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    Renewing season ticket members have until Friday, February 7 to renew their current seat locations. The seat relocation/addition period for renewing account members is likely to begin around February 17 (not set in stone on that date) and should last throughout the week. Once that process is complete those who have placed a seat deposit will have their opportunity to select seats. Thank you to @TheAccountant and @Ohio Bull for your support. The University has technically been closed since 12/23, so that may be why there was a lapse in someone getting back in contact.
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    They were looking at receiving NCAA penalties.
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    If NH is anything like Vermont or upstate NY, that's some of the prettiest country there is.
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    Really...I too am surprised. My understanding is that it is quiet easy to do. I think we might be able to use the old Orange Bowl as an example.
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    Why not a horn that each player can blow into when they do something great? ....I am kidding...
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    Academics are far more important than athletics. I salute and support the decision and our pre-eminent status shows it was correct.
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    You could make a case that the water ski jump/ jump the shark scene was the peak of Henry Winkler's popularity..... literally.
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    I'm not sure how many times this needs to be repeated. The staff isn't complete because CJS is at Clemson. It's not complete because the few position coaches left are probably still coaching for bowl games/CFP. All the main guys are hired. HC, OC, DC, S&C, QBs, ST, etc. You're worried about an RB and DB coaches?
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    After two years of complete misery I am with you. It’s time to start looking at the potential positives of this program. We have the right coach who has put together a great staff. The loyalty he is is showing is the same loyalty that the naysayers are requesting. They should realize they can’t have it both ways.
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    If it is Giselle I'd let Brady have 2 extra weeks. Wives do that. Sure that is all in place. These new things called phones are amazing. You can even see the person you are talking with.
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    He used to have some charm to his nonsense now it’s just weird...
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    Papa Johns is just meh, just like Publix chicken tenders. Publix wings aren't horrible but don't go out of my way to get them either. Annnnnnd, another thread hijacked.
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    That’s really where Happy Days found its stride, best. Episode. Ever.
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    If Scott wins more than 6 games with what we got on this team he should win coach of the year in the AAC.
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    The recruiting argument doesn't hold water. Dec 16-Jan 16 is a recruiting dead period
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    It will be 2-3 years before we can beat UCF. Not even Scott Frost would turn this team around in year 1.
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    Shouldn’t you be at the FAU board by now?
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    About 12-15 years writing for and editing sports at medium and large newspapers and about the same amount of time doing media relations/public relations for a variety of organizations.
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    leavitt won nothing our competition is far better since leavitt left it is truly unbelieveable we still have people crying about leavitt not be rehired. leavitt hit a kid.once that was done he would never hired as a head coach. the liability risks are too great
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    Please tell me this is real? I would almost like that bum.
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    Yes, keep living in the past. I am sure you are wearing your Members Only jacket as you typed that sucker out....
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    i think it motivates some and has no negative effects on others it is a reward for the entire world to see it is positive further it is great for the non skilled players( i hate this term) that do the little things and get recognized for them
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    it is exciting what a downer cheer up
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    I must have missed the part where I was talking about how great it was that he was somewhere else, actively cheered for those other teams, started game day threads, provided play by play discussions of his games, started chants of other teams colors, posted on his daily activities at another school, posted countless pictures of him in other teams clothes and just all around was excited that he was coaching somewhere else. We are not Clempzon and no one watching the games associates anything they are doing with anything here, it’s not a four hour infomercial for us it doesn’t even get mentioned in passing.
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    Nah that was proven years ago with you and Jimbo...come on man that was way too easy...
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    I will call him whatever he wants to be called if he wins. I will call him whatever I want to call him if he doesn’t, simple as that.
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    Nothing quite like completely dominating someone to make you scared of them, Leavitt was a visionary that correctly surmised that we had nothing to gain by continuing a relationship with them while they had everything to gain.
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