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    You're a newbie wait until we are at 4 wins with two games left. Stick around kid, you’ll want to kill your pets by the time we are done with ya.
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    I watched a replay of the game last night...yes, I actually did that and came away with a few thoughts: Wisconsin is a well coached team...on defense they gave us nothing to their credit. They are not only a top 20 team, they are probably a top 10 ten team. I came away very impressed. Blake forced a ton of throws which is troubling and turned into a couple of turnovers In an offense where the play needs time to develop, both tackles have to step up Because of both these aspects the staff might start to consider McCloud as the starter fairly soon We have a lot of talent on defense and will improve as the offense begins to gel and they aren't on the field as long After watching the film, I am going to just throw this one in the trash and move forward. This was a perfect storm...Wisconsin is the real deal...combine that with a new offense it was a recipe for getting stomped...
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    This fan base really needs to move on.
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    Taggart took an eventual 4-8 USF with Mike White as a starter into Camp Randall and lost 27-10 to a Badger team that won 11 games that year. that team showed fight against a much better team. this team lays down at the first sign of adversity. sorry but I've seen enough of Strong and the way he works to know this is a failed experiment. don't need another 5 games to know this.
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    @NewEnglandBull hates to reflect back on days of more fun and success, but remembering those games against established programs when Leavitt would bring in a team +24 spread and win straight up? It was preparation, but a lot more of it was leadership, player development and desire. He did it for far less than market value. He wanted USF to succeed. Now we just toss millions in all directions and try to figure out why that doesn't work. Glad we don't have a "screwed the pooch" emoji.
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    This probably doesn't need its own topic, and I'm not usually one to pile on, but who gives a crap everyone else is posting stuff. I actually wasn't even pissed tonight (there should probably be another thread about apathy amongst the die hard fan base) until we were down 35-0 and our punter, God bless him, tried to fight for a first down on a fake (or busted?) punt. Guy got absolutely decleated on the Wisconsin sideline for his efforts, and I didn't see one teammate of his go over to his defense on the sideline. Now I don't expect the team to go over and start a fight as the hit was clean, but dammit I feel like at least one of of our guys should've been over there defending this guy. I know that in the grand scheme, this play was inconsequential as far as stats or scoreboard was concerned, but man did it piss me off when I saw it, and I can't help but think that this is a reflection of the mentality of this team right now.
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    We can dig out...but it starts with a good head coach hire. Not a fired loser from a big name school.
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    Yeah, really not cool @brybull1970 to start tearing into the players. Kind of silly actually. If you have to attack someone to feel better, go after the coaches. They're being handsomely compensated for the product on the field. Have some class and lay off the players.
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    The play that told me all we need to know about how unprepared the coaching staff has this team is when we had a delay of game on a change of possession. Followed by a false start or illegal procedure. Seems like every game played since Strong took over we hear the announcers say how unprepared the team looks and the team looks out of sync. Started in the San Jose game and continued tonight.
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    Sorry about that Pete. It's a mix of fans. Some that were around when when football was fun. Then, the first negative crowd landed complaining that routinely winning 8 or 9 games wasn't enough for a 7 or 8 year old program. Then of course the program became the victim and many others have descended to lodge their own complaints and grievances. Sorry you had to experience it. But, there really are more depressing websites out there, I saw one the other day about the harms drug abuse brings to families and especially children, but... that's another story. I've been around since the first game, it was much more fun back then. Fans had different expectations and truly enjoyed the experience. That history, and those fans, have mostly been washed away. It's now an immediate gratification problem. Wait until the next home game when 7000 show up.
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    Sent this to Kelly I have never written a negative email about USF football, but tonights game was just a disaster. Great crowd, on national television, and we fall flat on our faces. I am a huge fan and have held season tickets since I graduated. I had never left a game early...until tonight. I have never seen a team as unprepared and uninspired as what I saw tonight. I’m not upset about losing to a good team and an amazing running back, I’m mad we looked like a FCS school while doing it. I had Wisconsin fans ask how we keep Strong as a coach when obviously it’s not working. I really had no answer to that. Strong got lucky in year 1 to be taking over a team with an amazing quarterback...since then it’s been downhill. The team had months to prepare and that’s the best Charlie could come up with? I have been impressed with what you’ve done for athletics so far, but football is the money maker for athletics. We used to be able to complete with anybody, now we can’t even get past the 50 yard line before the 4th quarter. If Strong stays much longer I’m afraid attendance and interest for the program will plummet. Tim
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    Always a great time cheering on USF with fellow diehards on the road.
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    Long neck ice cold beer never broke my heart. GO BULLS.
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    I have no problem with a coach coming in here hoping to land that big SEC gig. That is someone with ambition. If they are young and energetic and have a good work ethic then they will do all they can to further their career. I'd rather that than a guy on his way back down the career ladder who treats this job like a last ditch cash out before he retires.
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    Slick Willie is a retread...hard pass...jokes back to you...
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    LB Patrick Macon finished with 15 tackles (10 solo), 4.0 tackles for loss, a sack and forced fumble, which was recovered by CB KJ Sails. Macon’s 15 tackles were USF’s most in a game since DeDe Lattimore’s 18 stops against Rutgers in 2013. His four TFL were the most since Deadrin Senat recorded four vs. Houston in 2017.
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    Blake is terrible...there is a reason this is his third team. His sun dial release speed ain’t going to cut it.
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    I’ll go with coach Stroltz
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    I don’t think it’s about being elite. We should be able to run with anyone and have pride in what we do. It’s embarrassing that under the coach the team seems to have lost its pride and there is a bit of quit in the ranks. Also I’m not sure he can evaluate talent.
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    it was 60 40 usf in the stands. I was there and on the field.
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    cliche but it's how they played the game that matters. flat. unprepared. sloppy. seems to be a recurring theme for every game we play
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    He have any eligibility left?
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    I believe that this is the low point, I believe that things will turn around, I believe we will get the W at Georgia Tech, and I believe in Unicorns and Santa. See you in Hotlanta! #PlaySlowScoreNothing
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    TAMPA - By virtue of his performance Friday night, the American Athletic Conference made the unusual move of announcing USF's Blake Barnett as the AAC's Defensive Player of the Week with 6 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter of the Bulls' loss to #19 Wisconsin. At the time of the announcement Barnett had completed just 13 of 29 passed for 109 yards passing and two interceptions. When notified, Wisconsin head coach Paul Christ said that Barnett "had done the best job of stopping any offense than I've seen in my 7+ years of head coaching". Shortly after the AAC's announcement Barnett become the front runner to win the inaugural Nathan Peterman Award for the nation's worst quarterback. You can catch USF and Blake Barnett again at Raymond James on September 14th against South Carolina State in front of dozens of fans.
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    Oh my word. So much to say about this. The reporter (who I like btw) at the end on presser asks CS if he felt he had too much to prepare for this game and Chuck says he didn’t have enough time to prepare. That is the biggest let down We all could have heard. I was on the fence about Chuck but um he has spoiled the last chance he should get. Remember all of those pressers from last year. Freaking feel like throwing up. He doesn’t care if he fuicks the University of South Florida at all, nope not at all. We were his rebound chick. Doesn’t care that he put us on a national stage and let’s us go get fuicked in front of the eastern seaboard. Doesn’t care. He has no heart in this at all. He must go. What sucks is I thought we would be pretty good. But I can’t type what I think we are now. I feel a bit broken hearted for the kids. I feel betrayed. Like I feel really depressed and I’m not the type to be depressed.
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    I'm not saying this is a pic of Puc and I, but I'm also not NOT saying that.
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    That embarrassment was more likely because you’re a grown man who wore a jersey to work.
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    Many on here are saying GT will suck because they have a new offense. I've said it earlier, this is a new offense for us as well. I'm not saying I liked what I saw last night but we really need to give the offense some time. In that regard, as it looks like we're playing for the future, I wouldn't be against playing the backup this season and let BB go to his next team before he plays 4 games here.
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    If ucf can turn it around after a winless season in 2015, then it can be done here as well. Like the posters above me said, it all starts with a good head coaching hire. I would love to see who Michael Kelly can bring in. I have really liked what he has done as an AD so far, and I have faith that he can bring in a great head coach for football.
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    Jim must know that the fan base here still loves him though. And I'd rather go 7-6 in this conference with him than anybody else. I have zero ties to USF and fell in love with this program because of him and his teams. He is USF football, and I believe in loyalty.
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    Who will show up for it ? UCF fans? We have officially hit rock bottom when people now view them as the only game that matters.
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    The most positive play (only positive play?) was Macon forcing the fumble, and Sails recovering. Was envisioning good things from these two, and that was nice to see.
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    The two interceptions where being blind sided and a pass that was tipped.... If his receivers didn’t drop 50% of the balls the stats would look very different. At least 100+ yards of dropped passes.
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    Yes, but that was in baseball.
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    someone told me it hit a bird and that's why it went left I want to believe him but what bird would be dumb enough to be at that game? I mean-- they can fly.
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    I would still take an AAC Championship over this one night of misery but we can’t beat Tulsa right now so...
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    Strong is the problem. It all starts and ends with him. Time to start over and hire a good coach like Leavitt...
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    Way too harsh, man. His receivers couldn’t catch a cold in the Antarctic and the O-line was like a swinging door - Ole! The real issue here is Charlie’s “Defense”, which looked like a group of high schoolers against an NFL-sized O-line My prediction is BJM doesn’t make it to week 6, with Strong out by the bowl game.
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    Living in the USF football past is about as sad as our offensive line.
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    The offensive scheme does not suck. What sucked was the offense lost my confidence in each other. People dropped passes and missed blocks, it happens every game the key is how they react and needless to say it was poorly.
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    Regardless of what he did? CCS May be a terrible coach but holding young men accountable for their actions - not enough of it in the world today IMHO
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    i fail to see how it has gotten better since holtz? We have been in a constant downward trajectory.......
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    Please, we didn't have an indoor facility before and we were still somewhat competitive. I was listening to the first half of the pregame radio show where they replayed highlights of last year's wins. I had forgotten how lucky we were in many of our wins. This staff is a disaster
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    The plate goes in full to the Alumni Association. Go with the Life Membership as it’s by far the best option.
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