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    It amazes me that so many people on here are happy that she's leaving.
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    Luckily we have always done a great job of jamming the line and stopping power football...
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    As a Dad whose daughter just finished her freshman year in the USF Honors College, I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm not sure she'll ever take classes in the new building since she will graduate in just two more years, but it's still an amazingly generous and important gift for the future of our university. As much as we like to complain about how our athletic programs seem a bit stuck in the mud, the academic side of our U has put together the equivalent of multiple conference championships and New Year's Day bowl wins over the past few years. The momentum there is amazing and it's up to new Prez Currall to keep that moving.
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    Huge gift from Dr. Genshaft on her way out. This may be the second largest single donation to the university behind the Muma's $25mm gift a few years back. https://www.tampabay.com/blogs/gradebook/2019/05/22/judy-genshaft-gives-20-million-to-usf-to-build-a-new-honors-college/
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    We should try to get bigger midwestern lineman and compete with the entire country for the recruits instead of focusing on quickness and speed that we have in excess within 30 miles of campus.
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    A la Stanford. Just let ‘em cook , CWT
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    good stuff, I still wake up in cold sweats thinking of all the hours lost watching CWT and his inept power scheme for those 2 years. All kinds of movement before the snap resulting in a 3 and out over and over and over
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    Bobby Bonilla not playing is still better than Chris Davis's last two years.
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    A bowl game on this level would not surprise me, not with Charlie Strong leading the way, and a horrible defense.
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    Cant take any stock i bowl prjections this time of year. Hell its too early to even get excited about Wisconsin.
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    Ole Baghdad Bob! God, he had a greatest hits album out in just inside two days. I heard he is mentoring Kelly Ann Conway
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    To those pissin and moanin they also kicked in $20k last Saturday to the Selmon Mentoring Institute. Let's see how long it takes our $23 fund to get to that $20k mark. They had given 1 million to International Studies a few years ago. She and Steve are wonderful people, love USF and are beyond generous. If you don't like that they didn't give the $20 million to Athletics I suggest you do it.
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    $20 Million and not a single penny to a CJL statue?? Typical.
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    Strong point. I'm just hopeful we are on our way to our first...
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    So, you're asking if someone that wanted to donate $20 million dollars should have had some of it go to something other than what they wanted it to go to?
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    If the OP wants it. Games like this played all the time on here ... if it was intended as such.
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    Would a Mod change the Title to Asst Baseball Coach leaving.
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    I think he means that all other sports are cyclical but track and field is always down. This season, the other sports we're down too, so it looks even worse.
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    It's a big deal, but your comparison is not apple to apples. CKE has been the head coach of USA Softball for some time now. Like it or not, softball is not as revered as MBB.
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    Monday's donors, contributing to the IPF and extending our consecutive days of donations to 11 days! @japplefield @bullsonparade @Kaili Pegoraro @Mcknurkle This puts us at $1872.00 - Members through Crowdfunding App (preferred for proper attribution) 138.00 - Members direct to PayPal/Stripe 50.00 - Guest direct To PayPal/Stripe $2060.00 Through eleven days...not a bad start. Thanks to those that have contributed so far. Hopefully, Wednesday will be another consecutive day of donation. Please tell your friends!
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    It’s absolutely her right, but one of the most decorated players in school history who has a chance to move up the school record books doesn’t transfer for one year. She stays, scores big, takes the team to the NCAA Tournament and has her jersey put in the rafters in about 10 years.
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    Then somebody should have clarified that with the buffoon Bianchi ..... That article makes y'all sound like delusional clowns.
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    just dropped my donation boys! Again, love this!! 🤟🏼
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    We are building a wall between us and Orlando and UCF is going to pay for it!!
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    Everybody's entitled to their own opinion but I don't think putting an emphasis on graduation rates among athletes should ever lead to embarrassment ...... no matter what's happening on the field and on the court.
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    Actually, no "we" wouldn't. If I'm resorting to killing somebody, it's going to be to get into a P5, not become the tallest midget ....
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    What ucf fans do when mad...
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    Depends on where the hotel is located. If you go downtown, midtown, or buckhead/lenox there are a lot of options. Unfortunately the train doesn't run everywhere conveniently so you would have to get a spot near a stop. Taxi or uber is probably the easiest option for most. You get panhandling and whatnot on Marta, but I'm kinda used to it by now. If you are cool with public transportation and trying to do it on the cheap, it's 2.50 a trip. I just recommend ear buds to avoid the inevitable sales pitch or dance performance. Looks like that GA TECH hotel is between 10th street and north ave. stations probably in tech square which is a nicer transitional spot. They are building a lot of new towers over on Spring street.
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    You got at least 1 for Monday. I just donated $23
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    "Honest reporting" is somewhere in between Bianchi and the TB columnists ....
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    All the best to him. The life lessons he will learn through this unfortunate event are invaluable.
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