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    There wouldn't be 15K in the stands for "big" schools
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    It only hurts your ego if your ego is inflated by grandiose delusional disorder.
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    Had some of our finest moments on the Road......Auburn and Notre Dame immediately come to mind.
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    I don't care if all P5 games are on the road. I like the old @Bull-by-Marriage mantra. "Any time. Any place." Just make the buyout $2 million +. Better to beat them on their turf than ours anyway.
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    Another HOT afternoon game against Ga Tech.....if it ends the same way ill be sweaty, sunburnt, drunk, and HAPPY!
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    I'd give anything for a payday to visit Michigan in the Big House...its a place i'd love to see a game and why not see the Bulls
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    We do have a 1 for 1 with NC State
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    How good do we think our offense will be in 2025? I haven't been following middle school football, so I am not sure who we are currently trying to recruit for those games.
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    Always keep Russells Reserve around. That is about the same price point as this area.
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    The problem is none of the big schools that are not in the state want to come to Tampa and have 15k people in the stand. Yes it is reality.
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