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    How about a quick donor list as we have topped the first $1000! @Velcro @Triple B @Apis Bull @TheGreatOutlaw @E.T. @BulledOver @Boomer @Gat-Rat Bull @TBBull717 @negron2002 @CountryBull @Azmodi @Brad @jchem1995 @bullfan04 @aircooled993 @TakeItOrLeavitt @Polkcountybull @swamprat @DELdaBull @DrewMFA @horny_gimli @dausfbulls11 @BDYZR @Bullumni @tbulls Great to see so many names already. Please help spread the word.
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    We are getting closer to that IPF every day. Keep on the cancellations baby.
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    That's why we need to win the conference AND a "national championship." That way we can be more selective and the P5s will be banging down our door for a 1 and 1.
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    10:53 A.M.: Miami schedules 2 for 1 with USF; more news to follow. 11:53 A.M.: Breaking: Miami cancels 3-game series with USF; Miami announces 3-game home series with FAMU. Will pay $1.5 million penalty.
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    Was told he doesn’t answer the phone.
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    That was more a dig at Mr. Harlan.
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    Teams we can add to our schedule From 2023-2027 1. Arkansas 2. Northwestern 3. TCU 4. Nebraska 5. Purdue
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