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    It took me a while to get over the fraud that was the investigation and the shameful actions and lies about the person that started this program. I bounced back and have remained a supporter. There are several that never came back, whose own moral character doesn't allow them. It would just be the decent thing to do, to repair that harm. Move forward together united as the marketing campaign tried to address a few years ago. The day that wrong is properly addressed will be a great day for USF Athletics. Jim probably holds the hearts of more fans - even though it was nearly ten years ago - than Charlie, Michael or anyone else on Fowler.
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    You Honor, The defense is misleading the jury by "infering" that USF has only lost 3 of the 10 bowl games when in FACT they have lost 4. So, while the statement, "USF has lost 3 Bowl games" may be a correct statement, it is a misleading statement in the context of the won/loss record of 10 games. And may I add one more thing your Honor? GO BULLS!
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    Yea the scoring system worked against the defense.
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    Sure. Give us something that was as meaningful. Whatcha got?
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    Why dont you want us to beat Wisconsin... lol
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    The Jumbletron? I didn’t know there was a formal name for watching PPV porn through scrambled lines when I was a kid.
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    I'm still a Roberto Clemente fan and hes been gone nearly 40 years.
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    From the Orlando Sentinel: “It was neat, man. I was a little shell-shocked, but it was something very cool and a cool experience, for sure,” Milton said after meeting Wilkins on stage. Milton said he did not know about the meeting beforehand. “It’s come full circle and there’s no ill will there and our fans shouldn’t have any ill will toward Mazzi, either,” he said. “He goes to USF, I go to UCF, we battle out on the field, but off it, we’re like brothers … we’re friends now and it just goes to show what football can do. It can bring people together, like a USF Bull and a UCF Knight together, which is something special.” Coordinator of the Better Man Event, Brian Buckley came up with the idea to bring the two together at the event under the theme of forgiveness, but Milton didn’t really see any need for forgiveness in this case. ... “I felt like it was a great opportunity just to finally meet McKenzie because honestly, I have no reason to be in Orlando. I’m a Bull,” Wilkins laughed. “It was just a great opportunity to put a face with a face outside of the helmet, in the pads and the colors and the stadium and all that stuff. “I really felt for him. He had a lot going … he still has a lot of potential and a lot of stuff going for him, but you don’t ever want to block somebody’s blessings, so I just wanted to meet him and be genuine with my guy. I got a friend now. I can finally say I got a UCF friend now.”
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    The defense had 13 "sacks", and 7 more tfl's for a total loss of 142 yards, and 3 picks. The offense only scored the opening td on the first string defense .... so I agree anything the offense did today comes with an asterisk because it was apparently done mostly against back-ups. Although to be honest, I think anything the offense or defense does in Spring games comes with asterisks. I think what mostly comes from today's scrimmage is that this offense is definitely a different animal than last year and the back up qb's look tons better than the ones CWT left us.
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    It's day and night on the size. Battle is 224. I don't think we miss much Barnett gets hurt. I like our chances in a shootout.
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    i’ve seen both the scrimmage in the spring game now and I have a pretty good read of thinking with this team is about. The offense has gotten better from last Saturday to today... it’s the real deal. I feel like they’re going to rip some records.... Barnett is he entrenched starter, he’ll have a huge season. The WR corps is deep and talented, some guys who are really good didn’t get a real chance to show out but you can see they’re a talented bunch... not a lot of dropped passes at all and that’s something that has plagued us for years. The running game will be really good... Bells offense is the real deal and teams will have all kinds of problems defending it. Defense will be good... the starters are very good but I look for Burnett to start at corner... he’s picking up the system fast. In terms of size... they’ll be bigger than last season. Pickney and Kegler are both near 300 pounds and so are the other DTs... Livingstone is big and at 6’4 275 he is the perfect size for a DE... Reaves is up yo 255-260... The LB corps has good size... I read someones post that said the D will be undersized again and I’m wondering what they’re looking at. Perhaps the baggy practice jerseys or comparing them to our Oline, which is bigger also, or something... but that assessment is off. It will actually be one of our larger defenses at USF... as we have always been a bit small across our defense. But time has a funny way of making people forget. There will be some shuffling on defense so the actual week 1 starters will differ by 2 or 3 guys. I think this is one of the better teams we’ve had coming out of spring and I think this squad has a legitimate chance to compete for a conference championship... I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they win one this season. Steel sharpens steel... The defense will benefit dramatically from a good offense. I think this team will beat Tech and Wisconsin...
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    McCloud and Battle looked significantly better than Kean or Oladokun did in the last 2 spring games.
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    I continue to think Charlie is a good/great hire. Good luck next year, except one game.
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    A smart woman....something we needed at the time.
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    Like my wife says, "Whatever happened to sensitivity training"
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    I auto-rejuvenate every spring. I ask others to join me. I still have deep scars inflicted by USF Football. But I am resilient. I still bullieve. I remain hopeful. (I am beginning to run short on springs though. With 22 in the books, I hope I have at least that many more left!)
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    Whining is cathartic, thebullspen has become group therapy for all of our fans suffering from the loss of our station in life.
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    That is a lucid, intelligent, well thought-out objection. Overruled.
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    Stopped reading right there. That's definitely your prerogative to believe that but, to me, if you accomplish something you care about, screw what anybody else thinks ...
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    CJL is the past. its been over a decade...can we all move on?
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    I became a fan during his last 2/3 years. I remember a man that couldnt get past 8/9 wins while USF was in a power conference. I have no issues with Levitt. He started USF football and was wrongfully removed, but geez man, can we just make one post 2 praise Levitt and all of you LevittERS can go there 2 praise the man.
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