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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

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    CJL is a tyrant. He choked a student-athlete within an inch of his life, then later told him to go f**k himself because he was the most powerful man in the university. Not satisfied there, he emptied his belongings into the trash, drove the trashcan to the player's home address and set it on fire in their front yard. He even killed a poor seagull that had been flying by and tied its lifeless corpse into a pretzel. His reputation is irreparably tarnished.
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    Younger folks really can't appreciate how quickly (relatively) society is becoming more comfortable around people with disabilities. When I was young in the 50's and 60's (the "old farts" mantra), if a male had a cognitive or developmental disability his head was shaved (so others would know) and he was mostly kept at home. All developmental disabilities were labeled "retarded" and those people were feared because you never know what they will do. Especially around the girls. We were ignorant of the value that people with disabilities bring. Now we are praising this young man for what he brings to the team. This makes me even more proud of our university.
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    Had a great time at the football event before the hoops game tonight. Kerwin Bell has the IT factor. Spent some time with him. I said I have some advice for him and he answered it before I even said it. Don't run the half back dive on our first play against Wisky. LOL He loves the size and athleticism of the O-Line. Loves Jennings at OT. Said he is shocked how big he is and is very athletic. His big concern is depth at the OT position. Thinks they will get some help from the portal. Back handedly ripped Gilbert, saying that Baylor offense went fast just to go fast and defenses have adjusted it. I said ya I hope that **** blows up at FSU and he laughed I also spent some time with BJM. He said they think they have 3 guys coming from the portal that will bring immediate size and help. Said our D Line was simply overpowered and Reaves just didn't do as well at MLB as they thought he would. I told him my concern is depth at LB. He raved about Greir and Boyles. He loves Sawtelli. He said we were very nervous that he wasn't coming back, but the kid busted his butt. I asked him give me one player that is gonna suprise us and he didn't even hesitate and Lepointe.
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    Awesome story, leading to a little softening of the heart for xCOA and even more respect for CBG, if that's even possible ... By Chris Torello Florida PUBLISHED February 15, 2019 @7:59 PM Brandon Matthews loves basketball. Through every dribble, every pass, and every basket - Brandon is watching. Basketball has been a part of Brandon for his entire life. It’s helped him. But, maybe more importantly, it’s helped others accept him. Brandon is autistic. And…is nonverbal. “There was a lot of unknowns. We didn’t know exactly what that meant, we didn’t know what he would or would not be able to do, or have challenges with.” Jason Matthews is Brandon’s father. He was a college basketball standout at Pitt in the late ‘80’s with teammates that included current Arizona coach Sean Miller and Jerome Lane.It would be that basketball circle that helped Jason and his wife, Jules, find the best situation for Brandon’s social and cognitive development – former USF head coach Orlando Antigua welcomed Brandon to the Bulls basketball family. “Within the first week of coach Antigua getting the job, he calls me up and says ‘hey you and Jules need to see what we have on campus for Brandon," remembers Jason. "If you come down and you like it, then he is on as our team manager.” With that, Brandon began his life at USF. But, just two and a half years later, Orlando Antigua was out and the search for a new coach was on. Once again, uncertainty crept in for the Matthews family. “I couldn't my wife I was a little concerned. I couldn't tell Brandon's two sisters that I was concerned," said Jason. "Luckily, we were out on the AAU circuit and a lot of coaches told me they would make a call for me to ‘BG’.” BG – being Brian Gregory who was named USF’s new basketball coach in March of 2017. Gregory and his staff welcomed Brandon with open arms. “Brandon brings energy every single day," said Gregory with a smile. "Two of the most important things I said, when we too over this program, was we needed to up the energy level and up the positive attitude level. Every single day he does that for our program and it’s infectious.” One of USF’s assistant coaches is Tom Herrion – who’s son, Robert, is also on the autism spectrum. Coach Herrion felt a true connection with Brandon. “When you are around somebody like that, and you get to know some of their mannerisms," said Herrion. "He figures you out pretty quick. And we get to have the joy and pleasure of having him around us every day.” Herrion is heavily involved in raising awareness for autism. He and Towson head coach Pat Skerry co-founded ‘Coaches Powering Forward for Autism’. Rest of article
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    Our abysmal free throw shooting and turnovers cost us another one. These youngsters play hard though. Love that.
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    THAT, my friends, is South Florida basketball. One moment of futility after another. That said, good things are ahead the next few seasons.
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    As terrible as this team is at ball handling and free throw shooting they never give up. This is not a great team but they give great effort and have more moxie than any USF MBB team in recent memory.
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    I think we all agreed early on this season that free throws would be the death of this team. If we make one fourth more of our free throws, we win at least 4 more games to date.
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    You're right. This team is terrible. What would it take for us to get Antigua back?
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    Won with basically 5 ladies playing the whole game. Wow!
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    USF wins, 59-48. Looking at the stats, we held Tulsa to 2 points in the 4th quarter.
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    Unofficial Mike G USF 10 9 10 Collins 5 20 9 Durr 5 8 5 66 3.7 5 49 DelDaBull USF 10 7 12 Collins 5 17 6 Durr 5 9 6 65 4.7 5 49 JJZbulls USF 10 15 4 Collins 5 23 8 Durr 5 12 9 75 5.3 1 42 bcgruber USF 10 10 9 Rideau 0 21 0 Durr 5 10 7 72 2.3 10 41 george Jenkins USF 10 10 9 Brown 0 18 0 Durr 5 8 5 72 2.3 10 39 NewEnglandBull USF 10 13 6 Rideau 0 21 0 Durr 5 9 6 71 1.3 10 37 &rew Bull USF 10 14 5 Rideau 0 20 0 Durr 5 9 6 67 2.7 10 36 bullsfan27 USF 10 19 0 Collins 5 23 8 Yetna 0 11 0 68 1.7 10 33 mikemcp88 USF 10 15 4 Rideau 0 20 0 Durr 5 7 4 68 1.7 10 33 cophbulls USF 10 24 0 Collins 5 15 4 Durr 5 10 7 64 5.7 1 32 chapelbull USF 10 12 7 Rideau 0 18 0 Durr 5 9 6 63 6.7 1 29 ApisBull USF 10 15 4 Rideau 0 19 0 Yetna 0 12 0 65 4.7 5 19 CountryBull USF 10 19 0 Rideau 0 15 0 Yetna 0 9 0 65 4.7 5 15 Actual USF 10 4 15 Collins 5 21 10 Durr 6 13 10 69.7 0 10 66
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    Somebody for USF was having a great day - the Weather, reported in the official box score:
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    I was aware. What I was referring to is seeing the adjustments we make against UCF the next time we play them.
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    Dr. Manhattan showed me the error of this kind of viewpoint.
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    If you think this team Is terrible then you’re a moron. I don’t think you’re a moron - more than likely you’re a snowflake who can’t handle any criticism. You should check with one of the mods and see if you can get a participation trophy for your post.
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    Agreed. No need to attack players. Pointing out the obvious is a different story.
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