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    I refuse to start worrying about anything other than enjoying watching the team-- whatever happens is fine. Looking forward to getting Yetna back and playing hard. Way to hang in there for the win today gents!
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    It won’t be preliminary, then.
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    Really depends on whether or not Yetna is healthy.
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    That's what I hope the voters look at. Houston is having a great season and Sampson is a great HC just like Cronin at Cincy. However both of those teams, along with UCF where rated either 1, 2, or 3 and all got 1st place votes by some writer{s} and coaches in the preseason. USF was pretty much picked last or next to last by those same people. A top 5 finish should get CBG the award in a close vote with Sampson. If USF keeps winning and so how gets into the top 3 which is still possible, then CBG should win it unanimously.
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    Kiir has 13 points, a steal, 2 blocks, and 6 rebounds in this game huge game for him
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    Dangerous time for USF. Two bad turnovers and now fouling a 3pt shooter. Under 4 minutes to play, crunch time and can't make mistakes.
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    Most overused basketball term this year...Euro Step...
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    Yeah... this half is going to be the reason we don't make the NCAA tourney.
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    You can watch the championship today at 5:30. As a current beer league hockey player and USF Go Bulls!
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    He did start and if he played the whole game without hearing his name, that's a positive ...
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    I'd go of they played at the Citrus Bowl instead.
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    It was actually quite entertaining football. The lack of commercial breaks was nice.
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    Schiano is trying to get in our heads. Hey, Greg, I got something you can propel forward...!
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    Missing FTs by USF has prolonged this nail biting game
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    So much for all that ncaa/nit talk!
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