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    These kids want to have fun and win. Right now under Chuckles they’re not having fun, which was evident on the sidelines all year long and was on full display in the bowl game. And the winning stopped mid year. I’m of the mindset that we have to “embrace the suck” until we can afford to jettison him. Until then no real changes will take place. Some assistants will come and go but as long as Chuckles is still in charge we are in for more of the same. for proof see his 3 years at Texas
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    "I don't know the number, but we have to have a good year. We had 11 wins and 10 wins the last two seasons. … No, 7-6 won't work this season."
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    A labotomy to erase my memories of last season, didn't work...
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    Ever the optimist, I would say 3-9.
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    Shaun King has kicked ass as a position coach, the DBs regressed under Adams.
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    And I agree and am one that doesn’t feel these are big changes. This is a lot like the GM firing some coaches to protect his job and buy time. And then maybe “rebuild” to get some more time. If the guy at the head of the organization continues doing what he wants in his way, there will be no big change. Gotta give credit to Harlan for forcing some big changes with the predecessor. Big change needs to be reflected on the field, the jury is still out.
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    I'm thinking the only successful people who dedicate their success to motivational speakers are motivational speakers ....
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    They mad that we sucked last year.......now they mad that CCS is making "changes" to try to improve the team lol
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    Uconn, Temple, ECU, SCS, Navy, SMU...this ain’t the SEC we are playing in son...
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    Right now it’s not fair to predict this and not just because the new OC has not been named. There is some talk of a few grad transfer OL wanting to come to USF from bigger programs. That is a bigger change in my opinion than who the OC is because the OL was awful this season. If they do not shore up the OL, expect 5 wins regardless who is calling plays.
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    Learn something new every day even thought I try not to. My brain is so full my stomach is getting larger.
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    It's supposed to be a solar lamp, but I don't think the lamp is working. I left it out in the sun all day, today, and nothing. Kind of like our offense this year. I consider it symbolic.
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    ****...forgot all about Mr. Schrute! Perhaps the greatest speech at sales convention ever. I know my life became better the very next day!
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    This guy gets my vote ....
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    Over and we claim our first Conference Championship. I said 8-4 preseason this year so I was close last time.
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    “Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.” - Vince Lombardi
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    Nothing changes until Chuckles is gone. This is all window dressing
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    Plus, Shaun King won a National Championship.
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    exactly a great motivator will get players to play to their maximum abilities. it was pretty clear to see the lack of emotion on the sidelines for much of this year.
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    Not to defend 94 BUT don't many people on here pine for fCJL because he could motivate less talented players to beat Auburn, etc.?
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    If it was obvious, they’re be a second person on this board who agreed with anything you posted.
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    The reigning national champs ended 2016 2-4, getting their ass kicked by something called Arkansas State in their home town bowl. They haven't lost since .... true story. And if he'd done nothing involving the roster, or coaches, following that death spiral you'd have been pointing that out as a negative. You're becoming a caricature of yourself ...
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    The Writing was on the wall for Blue after the sideline incident. You can't have a secondary play as bad as we did AND have a sideline incident with a player and keep your job.
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    You think it takes less motivation to get a guy to collect change for minimum wage 40 hours a week than it does to convince a 20 year old to play a recreational sport on national TV for a free college education?
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    Rules? Naw we just need to let players do as they please and not offend them.
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    Threats to “drop” other members may lead to some small to big changes happening around here to memberships.
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    Probably don't wanna hear this, but we did the annual closet cleaning before Xmas and hauled a couple of bags down to Salvation Army. Fellas, there was some genuine green-n-gold Bulls regalia in those bags. So, although Santa wisely passed our humble abode this year, there's somebody, somewhere, who will wind up with some second hand gameday apropos athletic wear. As an advisory, if you run across someone wearing an away style USF jersey with the name "Wooly" on the back, it ain't me. I pretty much wore that solely for away games. So you know.
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    Push at Five. But being honest, even if we went .500, that's still not cause for celebration.
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    No I don't. I see this: There are two different ways to define parity in the sports world. The first is to define parity as an environment in which any team can expect, at any point in time, beat any other given team. The second is to define parity as an environment in which it is possible for any team to win a championship.
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    lol, this article is about parity. Those rankings are in terms of parity. Not only that, it's from 2012. Still talking about the BCS. Give it up. You may be the worst poster on this board with this nonsense. I don't care for the job CCS has done at all, but your arguments are terrible, far more trash than CCS' coaching. At least he could win a few games.
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    check this out. it's a forbes article. it actually ranks sports for the ability of poor teams to move up. a couple a quotes This is why NFL teams can turn around quickly: a good few seasons of drafting can build a core of young talent that offers great ROI compared to free agents. A league that offers some combination of providing as many good teams as possible and the ability for poor teams to move up and become good teams with relatively little hardship. Using that, ranking the parity in America's major sports produces a list that looks something like this: MLB NBA NFL College Basketball College Football https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2012/03/13/how-does-parity-compare-among-the-major-u-s-sports-nfl-nba-mlb-nhl-college-football-college-basketball/#42db486ecedd
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    Can I push? 5 sounds about right.
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    including the seniors we are losing almost 30% of our roster from this year. we will hear a lot of "we are young and inexperienced" "we have very little depth" .any injuries will devastate our roster. not sure how that will be best for our team. not sure why a program that went 11-2 for two years needed to be blown up and rebuilt.
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    As I stated Salomon was the biggest loss playing wise. And yes I watched every single game we played. Did you forget the Tulane game? Did you forget his play during that game? It was one of the worst WR performances that I have ever seen. I was a big supporter for this kid to succeed but it was obvious things were not going well for him and he needs a new start somewhere else. I wish all those kids well wherever they go but the truth is that is not all Strong’s fault or the kids faults it lays somewhere in between. as I said if you have ever coached sometimes you need to make tough decisions and cut very good players those decisions are never good from the fans views but most times are best for teams.
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    At least 17. He’s going to drop Trip and I’ve got to assume he plans on doing that with a single punch for effect.
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    Sonofa*****, I never knew it was there either. I was talking about whatever calendar you use and using the Search function back on here.
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    A USF, AAC, P6 jersey, t shirt and hat ..... The jersey has puc86 on the back
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    I'm just being a wise guy here but CCS didn't find him so not sure if he can find any like him.
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    might be a bit of difference between a program that has won multiple national championships with a coach and a program that has just lost 6 straight games with a guy that destroyed a much better program in similar fashion. BTW Bama is losing 1 starter for 1 game which had to do with the NCAA testing . Strong just kicked off 11 players for good. I know you're into semantics so I'm sure you can appreciate the difference.
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    I'm not sure how many of the kids on here even know who that is ...
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    The rules, no matter how archaic they may be, are not a secret before a student signs. If you don’t like them, DON’T SIGN. It’s really quite simple. And I would guess the consequences of breaking those rules are also not a secret.
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    This is pretty much why you're not in that "hater" category, of which there are the butt hurt many in here about him leaving and going to Oregon. I understand fully what you mean about the success of all the other in-state programs but I grew up an FSU fan and really appreciate what CWT did here. So while I'm not breaking out my stored away FSU gear, I am pulling for him there ..... obviously except if we ever play them again.
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    Here's the good news. If he is okay to hire at another Florida state school, he'll be okay for us to hire to replace CCS.
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    Our D secondary got Mossed almost all year long...toast...
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    Not cleared to practice so I'll just go back inside. MM appears for team picture #Fiesta Bowl. 4 surgeries down, many to go.
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