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    Not Iron Bull stuff, but we do what we can. https://giving.usf.edu/why/why-you-give/two-longtime-usf-bulls-football-fans-go-deep-their-support-form-planned-gift?fbclid=IwAR0euDHdPxmGbilTrMUDzoqI-cws951ZnHBmkwtUDOOyZ4hbYBM_1Fpne0g GO BULLS!
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    Rebuilding year or not-- CCS actions are not endearing him to me. Look-- we got him at a discount to try out and as a filler after we lost CWT to Oregon. That temporary fill in time has expired and if we act with a little bit of speed, we can cut him and his lackluster staff loose, allowing us to be the first ones to the table to pick up on the best candidates that we can afford. There is rebuilding and then there is just plain lack of any visible progress. We have eyes-- we have watched this team simply implode. Do something proactive.
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    The idea that we’re firing Strong is comical. We knew this would be a rebuilding year. Let’s see how 2019 goes. Realistically, 2020 might be in the table unless it all goes to hell. I support Strong!
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    Is that you Coach Strong?
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    Ironically, it looked like we were playing with our hands behind our backs for much of the game
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    I saw one UCF fan punch a baby, while another pushed an old lady to the ground and then a third say that Publix subs were trash and that they preferred Blimpie.
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    Exactly. Woolard was supposedly horrible but had hired Heath and Taggart and got facilities built. Even Harlan, who I am not a fan of, hired Kingston for baseball and he may have hired Steve Bradley for golf and MBB's Brian Gregory. But he did hire Orlando which turned out poorly. Holtz and Strong didn't work out but it doesn't mean they were bad hires. Holtz and a good track record coming in and many people thought that Strong just wasn't a good fit at Texas. And, if you believe some stories, it was Taggart that contacted Strong about the job being open. We, as fans, want to win and win now. So we just trash everything about someone. I guess on a board like this that kind of stuff happens.
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    This line of thinking by Charlie ignores the fact that his style of coaching is ineffective. The same team starts winning under a different coach-- that is on the coach. I assume Kelly knows football -- and in that, he has eyes and has watched how this team has been coached. That alone is enough to tell him-- hey, something is simply not working here. Charlie will probably argue that the blame should fall on his OC Gilbert - mostly in a move to save being fired and reaping another years payday. I say squash that, take advantage of our buyout situation that clearly favors USF, and use the money you didn't waste (unlike the silly Skip extension) on your next staff. What is the worst that can happen? I mean-- the way the team is playing it would be difficult to go backwards (other than our exaggerated record which does not tell the whole story). Early in the season, I was hoping the naysayers were just over reacting. I was giving the team the benefit of the whole rebuilding year concept. But comments made, overall performance, lack of any improvement, stubbornly sticking to a non-working game plan and ignoring the failure of his own OC tells me we are only seeing the surface of the problem. I suspect there is more wrong that we cannot see. SO the best move based on that-- is to move on with a new staff and energy level that gives the team and the fans something to look forward to. I don't hate Charlie-- this isn't some personal vendetta. I was all on board with hoping he succeeded. He did not and there are consequences. He himself said 7-6 would not cut it here at USF. I am not in favor of waiting to watch him lose another game to pull the trigger. Cutr him loose now, save the money, give the new staff a bit of time to recruit and work with the team (if possible), and let's get on with it. The experiment is over.
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    I think he is lucky he kept the leg. I have never seen such pessimistic reporting on a leg injury before. Unless its a long con to set up a "comeback story" two years from now... even someone cynical like me has trouble believing that. And the sick fucks at ESPN report on whats important, noting the playoff committee has "taken the injury into account" when deciding the final 4.
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    FIRE COACH STR... oops wrong thread. Nice job ladies
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    If we had anything that resembled an offense this year we would have at least 10 wins. We had a down year on defense but wasn’t nearly as bad, or misutilized, as the offense.
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    Chris O had 2 seasons to take the reigns and Barnett took his job in what, 3 weeks? If hes the future we're in big trouble.
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    Way Cool! I did a similar plan but it was for the academic side.
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    Just listened to QF talk about hearing what ccs said in the press conference and he was PISSED. He also implied that the alumni needs to step up its support or this will continue. Seeing how upset the former players are should be a sign to Kelly to fire ccs. QF talked about how all these guys go out and do what the coaches tell them to do. They are not showcasing the talents our team has. He mentioned the coaches say stuff like “we will get them next year” and how many of the players don’t have a next year. Coaches making millions, not living up to their end of the agreement, yet ******** on the players. In my book that’s inexcusable.
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    Fighters who dislike each other refuse to touch gloves before a big fight. I think it is fine and can even be used as a mental tactic to get into the heads of the other guys. Not shaking hands AFTER the game is much more disrespectful. Its not like they ended up throwing punches like the handful of other games saw this weekend.
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    Meh, you don't need times like these. You're one of the few I know that can make chicken **** out of chicken salad ...
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    It's a zero sum game when your coaching staff is clueless .....
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    And what would that be....some sort of micro-victory? I agree with @NewEnglandBull - cheap. Don't do it again.
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    What if we are judging a defensive end fish by its ability to perform a swim move?
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    It's easy to look not big enough and fast enough when the opponent's defense only has to defend 1/3rd of the field and know what plays are coming. What a joke
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    And I wouldn't expect Leavitt to ever return. Ever. They gutted his ass for selfish desires.
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    His pressers are worse than his coaching if that’s possible
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