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    Maybe they should shave their heads too #Allin
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    Is that Elizabeth Warren's daughter?
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    Bucs need all the help on the D-line they can get. Would be cool for him to be playing in RayJay again!
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    Which will be higher: attendance or the combined yards and pts by USF? GO BULLS!
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    In Iroquois, her name is "Sunrise on the Mountains."
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    View File Old USF Logo SoFlo RJS Want that old logo but that soflo too? Yeah, we got that too. Submitter Thebullsfan Submitted 10/03/2018 Category David Gold  
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    Been doing that for years...CCS took it from me.
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    Gonna pass on that.
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    Because they are petite. It's pronounced "MY-noot women".
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    This is about the dumbest IR Report I’ve ever seen. They should just release a one sentence report. PLAYERS INJURED, UNKNOWN RETURN. That’s literally the gist of the entire thing.
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    Well, USF is just so transparent.
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    He only won 88.9% of his starts, so.......
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    Yeah good luck with that. When the split happens the G5 is dead. They already have almost zero leverage, and when Div 1 is fractured they will have the same leverage 1AA has.
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    This is a stretch, but bare with me. ECU beat UNC by 22. UNC beat Pitt and Pitt beat GA Tech, who is arguably our best win so far this season. I think ECU is a lot better than people are giving them credit for, which also explains why we struggled against them.
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    Am I the only one that wishes the SEC would just die and go away? I would say with a USF win, Virginia Tech loss, and UF loss, that USF could end up ranked next week. But I know that even if we beat Umass by 100, the polls are just going to put whatever unranked SEC team wins this week in the polls ahead of us. Anyways, I think ECU wins against Temple, Cincy beats out Tulane in a close one, and UCF blows out SMU.
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    I know its not in St. Pete, but a decent sized group watches the away games at Capogna's Dugout in Clearwater.
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    So you're saying people with darker skin tones are more aggressive in their writing?
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    This is a joke right? Gilbert up da middle.
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    Little bit of a shot in the dark, but I’m taking ECU and the points vs Temple.
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    Thanks for the comments We needed toothpicks to hold the sandwiches together, so we topped them with homemade “Go Bulls” flags. The frog is something that my mother in law picked-up at a craft fair on Corey Ave in St Pete Beach around 2000 or 2001 - he is dressed like a northern football fan and carries a “Go Bulls” pennant. He first appeared at our Meinike Bowl Tailgate in 2010 and has been a regular ever since With two relatively young kids, we run a family friendly tailgate (kids help make the food, with lots of crafts, designs and games, limited alcohol on site)
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    Well, there go their chances of being confirmed to the Supreme Court.
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    I will give him credit. That guy was downright chivalrous holding off the cops until she got dressed. As for minor in the restroom area, I might be pissed at first if I had my kids with me...until I remembered having to, unsuccessfully, fast forward through a segment on gang **** on the Today show this week.
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    Like the Toronto Blue Jays and people been caught mid game doing it and they thought it was reflective glass.
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    They once got busy in a Raymond James bathroom!
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    Why the hate...polls and CFB goes togther like porn and tissues..
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