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    If you're no longer a fan you can stay, but Stop your whining Don't insult others that are fans Have something intelligent to add Thank you. Management
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    I just dont see how improving the facilities will improve Charlie. he had way better facilities at Texas and still couldn't do anything with it.
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    Cronk was gracious enough to take a few pics post game with my girls. What a night! Go Bulls!
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    Must be accurate. Nothing more Charlie Strong than a knee at the goal line.
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    No to signing anything that restricts our long term possibilities.
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    UCF comes from behind in the AAC Championship vs Memphis with a back-up QB who is not even in the same realm as Jalon Hurts. They run the table for the second year in a row and they don't even get a mention from any of the main stream sports outlets beyond their QB MM being hurt. Think college football is an equal playing field? I don't know if UCF is one of the best 4 teams in the country, but no one has beaten them in two straight years. Any non-P5 team could run the table and win every game 100 - 0 and not even get a sniff of the CFP. This is why, other than USF, I could care less about CFB. I was once a rabid fan of CFB and couldn't get enough, now, who cares. CFB has taken the greatest sports product in the U.S. and marginalized it for me. There are six or seven schools that matter in college football. Everyone else is an also-ran on their best day. Go Bulls!
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    this is like the debtor prisons of the 19th century Jail should be for violent felons. not people who don't pay a traffic ticket
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    The ceiling for this team was about 9-3 to start the season and that’s probably right around where we end up. Houston is by far a better team and prob ends up winning the conference. The amount of talent we lost last year is staggering, almost as staggering as the number of freshman getting significant playing. We were missing out best linebacker at a position of zero depth, missing our best WR, rolling with how many Freshman on the o-line? The overreaction is losing to a superior team is jussst a bit much from some on this board.
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    I will never give up on USF Athletics no matter how bad it gets, but my level of financial commitment will mirror my faith in the current administration. But if there is a game on I'm watching it and my family knows there is no work-life balance - its a work-life-USF balance.
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    With all of the talk and excitement (and, if you are a petty, salty little b*tch to the east, controversy) surrounding USF's future football scheduling, I think it is important to put the new scheduling philosophy into context given the realities of our lease/stadium situation. Our lease with the Tampa Sports Authority, which went into effect for the 2017 season and runs through the 2027 season (6 years with a 5 year option), states that USF will play at least 6 home games per season at Raymond James. USF only has to pay the direct cost of game day expenses. For games where just the lower bowl is open, that runs about $200,000 per game, and I would imagine that games with the upper deck open adds another $50,000 per deck in direct expenses ($300,000 max in direct expenses). For the first 6 games, USF gets to keep all of the money generated from ticket sales (minus the lesser of 8% of the ticket price or $2.50 per ticket). For a seventh game, USF would only get 20% of net revenues after all direct expenses and licensing fees are paid by TSA. So it would appear that there is even less of a financial incentive for USF to host 7 home games in a season. USF doesn't generate any revenue from concession sales or parking, other than the parking spaces they are allocated for donors. Average attendance in 2017 was 31,400, and 2018 climbed to 38,500. Included in these numbers are non-revenue seats (students and comps), so USF probably averaged around 28,000 in actual ticket sales over the last two seasons. Assuming an average ticket cost of around $32.50, USF would generate $910,000 per game in total revenue from ticket sales. From that, they pay TSA about $200,000 for use of the stadium, and another $70,000 or so for the ticket surcharge, leaving an average net revenue of $640,000. Then you have to factor in the cost of the guarantee for the FCS opponents. That runs around $400,000 to $500,000. If USF is paying that out, then they are clearing about $200,000 from those FCS home games. Typically, against a G5 or P5 program they pay out $250,000 to cover travel costs, so for those games the net is around $400,000. In an average 6 home game season, USF likely generates around $2.2 million TOTAL for the season in net revenues from ticket sales. Given the terms of the lease, it makes more sense for USF to take a road "pay-day-game" over a 6th or 7th home game against an FCS foe or a lower-tier P5 program. For instance, the Alabama game in 2026 will pay USF $1 million. After deducting the $250,000 in travel expenses, the program will still net around $750,000. USF couldn't clear that much money even if it sold out the entire lower bowl, which we aren't able to do right now against lesser competition. The $1.9 million we are getting paid by Texas for the 2020 game is even more significant. Without a hefty ticket price increase, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to net $1,650,000 from any home game. Subtracting 12,500 student seats from Raymond James' capacity of roughly 66,000, leaves only 53,500 revenue generating tickets. The most we could net in that situation would be $1,350,000 or so. Assuming a sell-out against Florida and Alabama, those games will net us almost $1,000,000 more per game than we have been averaging over the past two seasons. That is without consideration to the increased revenues received by requiring the purchase of mini-game plans or season tickets in order to secure tickets for those marquee games.
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    There's this - "bachelor’s degree in secondary education" - and he coaching the DB's!
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    Not Iron Bull stuff, but we do what we can. https://giving.usf.edu/why/why-you-give/two-longtime-usf-bulls-football-fans-go-deep-their-support-form-planned-gift?fbclid=IwAR0euDHdPxmGbilTrMUDzoqI-cws951ZnHBmkwtUDOOyZ4hbYBM_1Fpne0g GO BULLS!
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    CJL built this program with little funds and poorly paid assistants. we played against teams with wining records and actually won. Many on this board felt that teams like Memphis and ECU were not worthy competition and now we struggle to keep up with them, I don't know about you but I didn't leave games we won feeling like a loss- ECU and UConn as well as Tulsa. . CJL put his heart and soul into this team which is not something anyone can say about any of the coaches since.
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    Team unity is important, It is good to see them all smoking from the same bowl, I would hate to see his career go up in smoke. Hopefully CCS does not weed out our best player especially when all of us are so high on him.
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    I don't think we should be calling college kids "dogs". Just my 2 cents.
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    It appears the sprinkler head on the lower right side of the field is not producing optimal coverage. I am concerned how this will affect our teams speed on the outside by producing uneven growth. We need to alert the grounds crew to get this fixed before it costs us valuable yards and possibly a game. Your photo may have saved the season had this gone unnoticed, nice work!
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    People here love to talk crap on TDS and/or Colin as not actually knowing anything but they prove time and again that they do. Give these guys credit. They're dedicated to doing their best job at getting us info about the program.
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    Not sure that many have followed or noticed, but USF is 7-1 in the AAC and 12-2 overall on the season and are ranked #18 and #14 in the two major rankings. They host UCF (6-2, 9-5-1) on Friday night at 7 pm needing just a tie to clinch the regular season conference crown and earn the right to host the AACCG. They have quietly become one of the most consistent programs on campus. A win over UCF pretty much guarantees them a spot in the NCAA field. For the 4th time in the last 5 seasons. GO BULLS!
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    The school would look bad of we fire CCS before the end of the 3rd season (see: FSU). However, we will hemorrhage fans and goodwill until Strong is gone and the ship is righted. A decade of this idiocy since the foolish decision to fire Leavitt has led to the demise of USF's football reputation. The brief success of CWT led to no major bowl games, no conference championships, and only a rep as a stepping stone. I believe in Michael Kelly, but I also believe this next hire is the last time I will consider myself close to the program if it goes poorly. My heart can't take the constant beatdowns any more.
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    Taggart without Q Flowers = Disaster
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    Never, you say?
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    Did it ever occur to you that some of us just like the guy-- the way he coached, talked, ran the team, and busted his ASS for USF? It is not all about record when it comes to CJL. The guy would show up at one of the alumni luncheons and just get the crowd super amped at the drop of a dime. He could do this in 5 minutes-- totally off the cuff -- because he was the real deal when it came to USF Football. Now I can't say about his subsequent work== and honestly, that only mildly interests me. But to have some wet behind the ears fan who has the BALLS to contine using the word GFATORS on our board but tell us all that they are really really a Bulls fan-- that is just horsecrap bud (you can't even be bothered to capitalize the B in Bull). Change your name and change your tune. You were not in the stands that night when CJL went for 2 it against Georgia Southern instead of settling for a tie with the previous years 1-AA National Champs back when we were barely in existence. We did not get that score-- but he sure won those fans over for life. We were-- we are proud of his work at this school. I will talk about him whenever I **** well please- I could give two craps if it messes up your reading of the board. So don't tell us how to be a fan or that you have any real stake in this team. Lose that BS nickname or expect not to be taken very seriously ever on this board. That is my opinion. What you do with it is not important. What you think of CJL as a coach, a man, a human being-- irrelevant to me. SO yeah-- you could say I give a crap about this topic.
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    Good lord does that bring back bad memories. My daughter did that crap when she was in grade school. The craziest **** I ever saw. Loud indescribable music, crazy ass cheer moms, and fake smiles were all around. If you want to punish someone for being bad have them go to one of these events...
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    That's a great idea. Let's start a thread on it and then one on an OCS and a Publix on campus.
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    I can hear it now. UCF RB and former Gator Jordon Cronkrite with a nice 8 yard run....
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    "I don't know the number, but we have to have a good year. We had 11 wins and 10 wins the last two seasons. … No, 7-6 won't work this season."
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    With the grand opening of the OCPublix, those that were #TeamWaWa were asked to leave the team. However, I've been asked not to go into specifics.
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    All right so I've been a pretty cynical and negative person lately...So much that I wasn't really 'feeling' a bowl game. But the more I think about it the more stoked I get for it. Why? This is a second chance for our team and our seniors. They get a chance to have their last home game in Ray Jay go from an L to a W. We fans get a chance to see them sent off the *right way*. No stupid traveling to remoteseville in a lame stadium no one cares about. Instead we get one more chance to watch McCants drag defenders across the goal line in the comfort of 'our house'. So no more whining about what has or hasn't happened this year. Think about what the game can mean for everyone. LETS DO THIIIIIIIS!!!!!
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    They're flat out good. Going from 0-12 to what they are now, as fast as they have, is remarkable. You just have to tip your cap.
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    To the OP @Gatorbull325 Please excuse me for not reading that entire initial post-- it looked very long and involved, lacked any paragraph structure and basically turned me off from the start for one reason--- WE DON'T CONTROL THE UNIVERSE. At least I don't-- none of my silly luck inspired beliefs have the slightest impact on how a college football team does. Nothing said on this board is hurting USF football-- other than perhaps turning off some fair weather fans. We are simply voicing our opinion. If you want to believe our team was all puppy dogs and rainbows after reaching 7-0, you were clearly not watching the games closely enough. We were barely scrapping by in those wins-- some of them in miraculous fashion to be sure. I was happy we won the game but am a realist and understood that our team did not deserve a lofty ranking. We were mediocre at best and a team that was in a rebuilding mode. The suckers who felt we simply reloaded and that our talent was so so great kept hyping the situation like they do every time we win on the field until the hype bubble bursts and they awaken to see what the team has to offer-- which is less than stellar. It was always at that level-- but too many people wanted to wish us into some form of prominence. That level is earned the hard way-- with quality play, players, coaching and good fan support. Whatever you proposed in that long winded diatribe was apparently welll received. I might even go back and read some of it. But if you honestly believe that people posting something negative on this board in even the slightest way impacts our team-- you are fooling yourself. People are allowed to have opinions. I don't agree with your thought process (or you name on this board-- get rid of that GATOR crap pronto - this is a Bulls board!) but I also believe you have the right to express it. Please respect others ability to voice their thoughts however dammning (sp) it might be for your view of the team or the fans in general. I am an alumnus of this school and a fan of this team no matter what they do on the field. This board should welcome all points of view not just the ones that promote the current people involved. Coaches are paid excessive amounts of money to coordinate these young scholars on the field of play-- to win games and get the most out of them. When they are not meeting those objectives, we should feel free to talk about it.
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    You should have told us it was Fennelly so I wouldn't have to click on the link
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    I could care less about the playoff...give me a **** CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP ALREADY.
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    Unless you hire your next HC immediately, then firing strong midseason does little to save the program unless the few heavy hitters we have say I'm pulling my $$$$$$. Players can still leave, losses can still pile up, attendance will continue to dwindle, etc. I couldn't care less when he is fired, but acting like Kelly is inept or oblivious because he doesn't fire him now is misguided at best
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    the Fight song with the team and band. Then come to the edge of the field to congratulate the team. They need our support!! Seems everyone is in such a hurry to get in their car and wait in traffic. Its quite pathetic at the number of students and fans that stay for this!
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    Kind of a puff piece but still nice to see local attention for the Bulls. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/sports/2019/04/23/former-usf-rb-mack-flourishing-in-nfl-career
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    McCants is out and just as soon as we had learned he was our best qb.
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    NOT Running up the middle is a trick play.
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