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    You must be new here.
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    There absolutely is - look around college football. Generations of fans attending and watching football. Students saying that the stadium is too far away or they would attend. Refusing to see the evidence is different than there not being evidence. Hell, last year at the ucf game, I could be wrong, but thier student section now goes from the bottom to the top of both end zones. If you think there is no correlation to growing up in that type of environment and future support, . well... I don’t know what to say.
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    Because we have not built our Fanbase from the inside. OCS gets students to games, students graduate with that experience, alumni (who were prior attending students) come back to games, they have children that grow up attending games, a culture and legacy develop... We can kick this can down the street for years but nothing will change. The future cost of building will continue to outpace our revenue.
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    Just an example - I was a die hard BUCS fan, season tickets, tailgates, away games... Then the BULLS came along. Now I might watch 3 or 4 BUCS games a year, on TV. I was a die hard fantasy football enthusiast for years. Took one year off and lost all interest in fantasy football. Now I have found a ton of good Sunday afternoon activities and spending time with my wife and family. The BULLS got Holtzed and left out of expansion. I would guess that a LOT of those earlier BE fans just found other things to do. Students have plenty of things to do, but they will NEVER experience the college game day atmosphere at RayJay, and I believe that that is the single most important aspect of building a lasting fan base.
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    Time to strike was 10 years ago. In 10 years from now the time to strike would have been now. The OCS would build Alumni support. The tinmen did it right. There are many... FSU included, TCU, that went the aluminum route and built it up over time. I have been at every ucf vs USF game and that stadium has gotten better over the years. Yes, you build a decent stadium now and remodel over time. This will build alumni - ucf is an example. The whole "do it right" narrative is nauseating.
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    I know everyone is looking forward to the season. But I am just as excited for tailgating. My group spends as much if not more preparing and tailgating as we do watching the games. It is also much more social. In the stadium you might talk or engage with people around you but tailgating you walk around and meet people, run into people you know, etc. Each year we try to add to the tailgate to make it that much better. Last year it was a generator, fan and TV. This year we are bringing a trailer. What kind of food do you guys make at tailgates? What is your go to Music? What have you found is your best lot to tailgate. Usually the food varies. I have done burgers, brats, steaks etc. My go to Music is typically country but we mix it up. After moving around a lot in the first year I like Lot 7. It is grass so it is not as hot as parking in a concrete lot. It is pretty wide open, close to the stadium and the Bulls Zone.
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    Just found out!!! BULLSRALLY -Sunday, Aug 5th. 1-4 PM. Live at Capogna's Dugout (1653 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater) W/ Coach Charlie Strong. Tell Your Friends! And as Always, Go BULLS!!! More details soon. More info www.bullsrally.com or usfmutt1@gmail.com
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    I use kits but eventually plan to get into hard core grain brewing. I get most of my kits from Northern Brewing's website. If you sign up on their email list, you will get notified when they have deals on their kits and equipment. Swig of Sun is probably on the top of my list for IPA kits. Ace of Spades is very good too. I'll break out my log book and will go through the kits and make some recommendations.
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    You may want to join the Game Day Grub Club for some convo ...
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    Has anyone mentioned that ucf blows yet? Don't waste your time. He isn't interested in what you actually said.
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    No I am saying that prior to ending up in the garbage AAC we had less of a chance of winning a conference since we were always in a stronger conference than UCF and that we were always moving up in the college football world. Then we fired CJL and hired CSH, things went to hell, it took a while to recoup and then we ended up in the AAC where I as a fan do not care if we ever win a conference in since we have already lost by competing in this conference. I do not think this is an official USF position or that all coaches players and admins feel the same way and are not trying. What I am painfully aware of is to 99.99% of the America it doesn’t matter if you win the AAC or not because no one knows or cares who won. Go tell 100 random people USF won the AAC for the past 10 years and all of them will believe you but say “so what who cares?”
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    You mean you wouldn’t go to a UCF board to discuss what they should do about their stadium and how copying us and more closely associating with us would be better for their program? I know I lost myself at go to a UCF message board but for some reason they seem to like us a bit more than we like them. I’m going to send them a copy of he’s just not that into you.
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    Back when ECU arrived on the scene and showed success in the late 1980s their teams were full of Florida recruits. Now that there are so many D1 schools in Florida they no longer have that advantage. That too pissed them off.
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    If it makes everyone feel better, when he and his buddies sit around drinking, they have to talk about Skip Holtz and whether he’d be on the ECU football Mount Rushmore.
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    First off, USF does not pay $400k per home game at RJS. They pay just over $200k per home game and 8% (up to $2.50 per ticket) of ticket sales. That is reasonable considering RJS provides law enforcement, medical, security, operations staff, ushers, ticketers, cleanup, parking lot staff, maintenance, equipment operators (sound, scoreboard, etc.), utilities, supplies, and i'm sure more that I don't know about. Secondly, USF is struggling raising money for the IPF because alumni and other donors are holding back their funds to donate toward an on campus stadium when a fund is available. USF needs to join these two projects into one project, and state that they will begin building the IPF once they reach a certain amount in donations and then will start designing and building the OCS once the IPF is completed and they have reached a specific threshold in donations. Third, if USF builds an OCS they need to do it right. UCF built a piece of **** stadium and now is having to throw more money into it to repair the so called "bounce house" so that it is structurally sound. It is better to just put the money into it upfront and not have any issues with the stadium. Lastly, the agreement with RJS ends in 2022, but has an option to extend it for another 5 years. I would not expect there to be any serious OCS talks until #1 the IPF is finished, and #2 the agreement with RJS is nearing its completion.
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    ECU fans never fail to disappoint do they? While I think this guy is somewhat lacking the vitriol of the typical Pirate fan which likes to berate our program (and university) as inferior to their's , he is using a new tactic. He has decided to praise another team we do not care for.
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    Took awhile but it has arrived. Came in 3 shipments; stools first, wrap, umbrella material and stool covers in the second and finally yesterday the bar and umbrella frames. Put it together this morning. Don't see this being a tailgate bar. If we lived in cooler weather, possibly. Sweated our butts off at 9:15 doing it so can't imagine at noon for a tailgate. Will probably stay where it is. Pretty nice concept and am happy with it.
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    How many situations can you think of where a school went from no OCS to their own 60k seat stadium? How many of those weren't already in a 'power' situation? I get your perspective but it seems resigned to never making it to the power conferences. You gotta think big to get big.
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    When I win the Powerball I will put down half of the 240M so that it can be called: Jim Leavitt field at DELdaBULL Stadium brought to you by TheBullsPen.com
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    I just read the whole report and can summarize what wasn't said but is the only thing that matters. Get out of the AAC and into a P5 conference. Start every season with a chance to play for a Natty. (any P5 team that wins all their games makes the playoffs). Play against teams that matter, no offense to Tulsa/Tulane's of the world. That's how you draw 60k+ to a game, because it means something... A 35k seat stadium is a bad idea. If we are stuck in the minors then we stay at RayJay. If we get called up to the show, go with 60k.
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    Really looking forward to seeing all of you guys Sunday! Be sure and round up the BULLS fam and bring a friend! Now's the time to start recruiting new fans for the football season! What a better way than to bring them to a party!!! #swampratrules GO BULLS!!!
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    I got this down as a loss...would love to be wrong wrong wrong!
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    I did my scouting report recently:
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    Did you go to the war on I-4 game last year? If you did I think you'd see what he means.
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    When I was a student we enjoyed the fact that the games were ar Ray Jay. It was absolutely a plus in our eyes.
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    I've said this many times, I want an OCS, but I know full well that it will have very little, if any effect on attendance.
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    Very, very rare are the times NAS and I agree. However, my experiences and countless others have been well documented as outstanding. The only change I would make is to the pre game intro. Bring back the bulls running thru the crates.
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    How did the fan base change? We left the Big East and stopped playing P5 teams on a regular basis at home. We were the new shiny thing back then. Now everything has changed. We have had a few seasons of winning post BE, like last year, and attendance has sucked. We should have capitalized back then, but we did not. Thinking that winning now will bring us back to those days is missing what the real issue is. We need to build our fan base from within and an OCS is key to that. It is a long term view that folks can’t seem to grasp. yes, winning helps, but playing P5 teams helps much more for a fanbase as young as ours and we are not doing the things we need to do to build that fanbase from current students. The weekly P5 matchups are not coming back. The winning has.
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    The fact that UCF was mentioned in the report at all is embarrassing. We don’t want a stadium like theirs.... I mean wtf, the stadium they have now would probably cost 150mil, easy. 50 something percent of students claim distance is an issue with thier attendance, we are one of the lowest revenue producers in the conference, and we want to talk about doing it “right?” I swear, the folks in Oviedo are causing us to lose our minds, metal stadiums are everywhere in the P5.
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    I thought Houston did a nice job on their metal stadium a few years back.
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    Hey I'm wondering how many of these programs that they are always comparing our attendance to have their students traveling 10 miles from campus to attend games . I honestly believe when the OCS is built the attendance will explode. Also curious what other revenue can be generated in the off season with this facility.....not sure it's feasible but I will pay twice as much for a seat in a domed stadium.
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    I love Ray Jay. My seats and amenities are outstanding. I'm down with an OCS too when it makes financial sense. It hasn't yet. USF does not have the money or support of alumni or the Tampa Bay area. It's a painful truth.
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    Why not build a 25,000 or 30,000 seat stadium with some boxes for the Ironbulls and just move on from there. IPF has to come first.
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    If his 2nd tweet is accurate, then that is all you need to know about making this a priority. We are losing our ass on the lease agreement to use Ray Jay.
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    Waiting for a P5 invite ..... spoiled "fans" are spoiled "fans".
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    Well then, they better build the stadium in the middle of the dorms, because Fowler Field will be too far to go for the students walk to. Face the facts, there isn’t enough interest in attending USF football games, and there aren’t enough donors to build an OCS at this time.
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    The problem is too many people go for the opponent and not, "their" team. There is no evidence to support this
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    I’m on vacation and browsing through...are all of you engaging in this troll nonsense because he packages it up in complete sentences?
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