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    Its like a Schrute buck
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    Would you help top off The Bulls Pen with it's 7000th registered member? It would be nice to grow that much by kickoff vs. Elon. We've done it before. With Fall practice now just around the corner, how about talking up your Bulls with friends and co-workers? Feel free to leverage the site as a place to go meet other Bulls fans and debate everything from the greatest game in our history to the USF Football Mount Rushmore. More below.. One feature built in here to make it easy and to see whom you invited and who joined is the Invite System. Perhaps the easiest way to access is to go to the upper right corner of this page and click on this ticket-looking image: That will take you to the invite system in which you can enter email addresses for the board invite to be sent to on your behalf. You'll see your invite report in your profile. Who you invited and who joined. Please give it a try and help grow the Pen. Also, as you should know the Twitter and Facebook share buttons are extremely helpful in getting the word out on the site. It is also extremely easy for Bulls fans to join our community with their Facebook or Twitter login credentials. So whether it's online or at work, will you help spread the word about our community? We are about 30 days away from Fall Practice and 40 days away from the beginning of the USF Athletic season. Let's start rounding up the herd! Thank you.
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    Marlon Mack Could Emerge as the Indianapolis Colts’ Top Running Back July 2, 2018 Charon Vonberg The Indianapolis Colts are on their way into training camp with no clear feature back on the roster. Marlon Mack, Robert Turbin, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins are all expected to participate in a backfield by committee. ... Mack is most likely to emerge as the Colts’ top option at running back as both Hines and Wilkins are rookies, and Turbin will miss the first four games of the season due to a PED suspension. Christine Michael is also an option for the Colts. Mack indeed showed plenty of potential in his rookie campaign with the Colts, but there is one thing that could hold him back from becoming a premier back in the NFL and that is consistency. Boom-or-Bust is a perfect term to describe Mack’s rookie season. He had six 20+ yard runs in just 93 carries but led the league in percentage of runs that resulted in no gain or a loss (32.2 percent). ... Earlier in the offseason, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard spoke on Mack’s rookie season in Indianapolis. He ended the year with 93 carries for 358 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns in 14 appearances. He was also targeted 33 times in the passing game and recorded 21 receptions, 225 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown. “Look, everything with Marlon was better than I expected, everything,” Ballard said. “And I know he had some pass-protection issues, but he also did some good things in pass protection for a rookie back. He ran between the tackles better than I ever expected. Just because it was that outside-run (stuff), they were in that high-tempo offense, outside run-scheme – that was a hard evaluation to know if he could do it, but our scout (Jamie Moore) was driven by the kid. He kept saying he had done so much work on Marlon. You know, what his makeup was. He had played safety in high school, so he had some toughness. The coaches raved about his toughness. He said it was just kind of a byproduct of the offense.” It’s likely that the Colts’ lead back role is Marlon Mack’s to lose heading into training camp. He could emerge as a real contributor to a high-powered offense led by Andrew Luck. Mack certainly has the tools to flourish in 2018, but we will have to wait and see if he can handle the load. Link
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    Here is my inaugural season ticket sheet. This hangs in my home office.
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    I have 400+. In another 6 years I'll be able to donate that $25.
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    Hey... I just noticed I had 120... I gotta step my game up. That OCS aint gonna point for itself.
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    I got 321 points towards the OCS, really surprised that I only have 321 points considering the amount of value I bring to this message board. Would be nice if Brad would pay me a living wage.
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    How many Points would it cost to build the OCS?
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    Looks like we have our first glance at an official USF Football Adidas shirt.
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    Based on current market conditions, it's approximately equal to the ratio of unicorns to leprechauns.
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    We’ve talked about the points gained before...if you visit the member shop, you’ll see things you can do. One member used the points to grab a Quinton Flowers autographed card. @BrassBulls12 turned his points into donation for USF - I’ve already submitted the $75 to USF Athletics. Naturally, this is an economy. The points, whether they result in entertainment and games, gifts or donations is a way of returning the site success to members and USF. There are some other options coming up to use the points, you’ll see in a couple weeks. IF you have any questions, ask away.
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    Just ordered it yesterday. Should be here next week some time.
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    We have two friggin threads about the same thing yet the real problem is that people do not go to games...
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    Greg Auman was fair to the program without being a cheerleader. I resent the fact that most of the Tampa media takes a condescending view of USF football (or sports) and when we complain, act like we want a cheerleader. We want a fair and critical view of the program(s), not one bent on casting aspersions.
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