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    Greg used to report these same numbers, no one batted an eye. Joey does it, everyone flips.
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    Should anyone need a refresher
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    I have no idea if Adam reads this or not. But he did an outstanding job and was a great person to work with. Part of his role included dealing with Student Government, so I was in many meetings with him over SG issues. One thing I remember fondly was the value he placed on making the games accessible to students. When SG's budget reduced the number of shuttle buses that offered free rides for students to football games, he stepped up and got athletics to offer to pay for an extra bus for many games. I think a lot of people are rushing to judgement without knowing what his responsibility was and what tools (budget) he had to work with to accomplish his goals. While I am happy for him (the new job is a nice step up, and moves him back home), I know this is a loss for USF Athletics. Once again, if you are unhappy with USF's Marketing output, that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. It isn't fair to take armchair quarterback knowledge of a person you have never met and call their departure an upgrade.
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    That’s why Busch Gardens and the like offer things like, “Buy a ticket for today, come back all year!”
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    I guess if you see butts in seats as being the most important thing to the program then it could conceivably make sense. To me it’s the Groupon paradox in that it seems like a good way to reach a broader audience but it costs too much and the customers aren’t looking for a new place to be loyal to because they are loyal to Groupon and getting a deal. I know this will be an unpopular take but the single worst groups in my opinion to target with deals are the typical feel good groups. Sure it sounds nice but a good portion of the subgroups of the the subgroups that actually use these deals are much like the Groupon customer just going from deal to deal that is typically offered to them, they have no interest in becoming USF customers and constantly appealing to them would have paid off by now if it ever would have. Alumni, other season ticket holders, former season ticket holders these are groups that maybe can convert but someone that just happens to be a teacher, probably not so much. Like you said it’s a step above cardboard and probably has the same likelihood of becoming a paying customer or contributing to the environment.
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    Change our name from bulls to bowls, proffit.
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    If this theory works then why do people buy the 50 dollar tickets instead of the 25 dollar tickets? It’s seems business 101 to me. If a product isn’t selling, you have to lower the price.
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    So the solution is to keep charging prices that people clearly won’t pay? I mean the definition on insanity comes to mind.
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    Exactly. How many kids are just going to sit there and watch the game? I don’t have kids but I’m assuming they would want at least a hot dog and coke.
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    Forget the last 3 years and you've done another masterful job of analyzing the situation ....
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    I need to fix something. When I said USF uses that as a crutch, I really mean our fan base on here. The school hasn't blamed attendance figures on the lack of an OCS.
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    I will point out two elephants in the room: 1. Building on OCS will not magically solve our attendance problems. 2. The Rays moving to Tampa will not magically solve their attendance problems. I think both USF and the Rays use those things as a crutch too often. Both those moves will help attendance, but there are many more components. How about viable mass transit, when we talk about the hassle of driving and paying to park at sporting events, how could clean, safe, efficient, affordable mass transit impact that. I grew up in South Florida, going to Canes football games in the Orange Bowl, we had season tickets for a couple years. Anyone care to guess how many times my dad drove us to the Orange Bowl - 0. We would drive to park and ride, free parking, $5 bus round trip. Why isn't there options like that in Tampa?
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    I think we can all pretty much agree that he is the weakest beat writer the program has ever had. He doesn't come anywhere near measuring up to guys like Greg Auman, Brett McMurphy or Joey Johnston.
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    I get that times may indeed be changing for attendance but whenever I see a P5 game on tv it is, with a few exceptions, sold out or well attended. We are not. We are a program that wants a P5 conference. Thus, this is a story as fan attendance is one metric. Now, is it the only one? Absolutely not. Is it an important one? yes...if you believe this is a reflection of our popularity and fandom. I believe it is important and our optics look terrible for home games. And don’t give me “we will get more people when we get to a better conference line” as that is not the way this is going to work. We need 38-40k for our games and we need it now.
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    If not for this message board I wouldn’t know he existed, it could be the biggest drawback of membership.
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    It's his job to be unbiased, he isn't. He continually bashes USF's attendance without comparing it to reported and butts in seats from other schools. He further refuses to admit that USF is one of only a handfull of division 1 teams that report actual attendance.
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    Some others piled on, too. It's amazing that he compares attendance to non-TV, fireworks included local minor league games where the cost of admission is probably $10, to the televised MLB Miami Marlins game. One game of the year, it's a sellout opportunity. It's not "news" that average families cannot afford to attend many "big time" sporting events including MLB and NCAA football - it's better to watch on TV. He can't understand that the disconnect is Television/Cost - not pure fan apathy (which he seems to thrive on). And it always brings me to reader apathy for the TBT and newspapers in general. Unless you're a certain segment of the political spectrum or an old hand like my dad, you've pretty much dumped papers by now. Going to games is based on discretionary income. Only those that have enough DI can attend. Most of them attend when a team is winning, not losers like Miami - they remain fans (some do) and catch it on TV. TV is where the money is made Joey. It's been speculated before and written on by few of your colleagues - there may one day come a time where teams play without live fans. Economics, baby. Made for Television. Ok, my coffee fueled tirade is over.
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    This is an excellent point. I remember going to the Birmingham Bowl two years ago and I heard this from two vendors...one was even a major sponsor of the game. Let me add a few more: (1) Get the students excited on game week. Are there any promotions on campus in the past few years? If not do something, if so, change them. (2) Spruce Up the social media by making it stand out. Just saying there is a game this week or restating the results from the game that was played is not enough...add something that stands out, even if it has a touch of controversy. (3) clean up the mistakes with dates, spelling, etc. we have seen with media in the past. This has not been a problem lately.
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    I guess I am not sure what more people want from marketing. Billboards, newspapers, radio, facebook and twitter. Besides free tickets, which they did I believe for first responders, what else can be done? You can lead a horse to water.......
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    I really could care less if CCS is out on the town pressing palms. Sure, he may need to do a little of that during the off-season but CCS gets paid to win games. It’s the Athletic Dept and marketing’s job to get people to the game. I give CCS two more years at USF then he is gone. It better be with one a conference championship.
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    The program hasn’t exactly been something to write home about during his tenure.
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