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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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    If we have an accurate QB (who's not laid out flat on his back), we can be pretty dangerous. We've never had more than one go-to receiver who will catch clutch balls for us. This year is going to be different. RBs? I'll wait and see... Mack made his own yards. The O-line, let's see how that goes.
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    They ain't never funny when you gotta 'splain'em But the irony is awesome!
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    As I look at the schedule a few games have me worried (@HOU, playing in Philly in Nov. and obviously UCF), but no game has me legitimately scared. The WR group is arguably the most talented we have had. I trust the coaches to pick the best QB for the job whether it's Barnett, Chris O, or Kean. The HBs: Mack Attack 2.0? and Cronkite. As stated above the O-Line is always important but I believe in the guys we have. I think the defense will be the X-Factor, many important players leaving, but everyone knows how good a defensive coach CCS is and the team is still very talented. I am very optimistic for this season.
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    Down Voting is considered a Micro Aggression on TBP.
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    Game day performance will dictate our ceiling every year.
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    I think Houston gets in, Wichita St needs a strong conference tourney showing.
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    Yeah Wichita State match-up is the worst possible match-up for us. May I ask you to access the, most likely now, never to be accessed files in your brain for the date of May 11th. If you already deleted those files, and who could blame you, let me reinstate them for you. USF was playing WS in Kansas and it was close for about 2.5 innings with the Bulls down 3-1 going into the bottom of the 3rd. Sugar was on the mound and you can probably already guess what happened, literal meltdown mode. BY the end of the 3rd Shane was done and WS had a 6-1 lead and it never got any better. USF trotted out Hoffman, Burns and Holmes and when all was said and done the Bulls would have needed the football team to come on and get 2 tds and a FG to win the game. All 17 runs were earned. That in itself is nearly unheard of. Additionally, 17-2 has got to be the worst conference beat down I can remember. I remember a worse game against FSU in Tally where we lost like 22-1 or something like that but OOC games really mean nothing in our world. That loss, at minimum, shows what WS can do offensively and defensively. How the Bulls handle that is the unknown, well they be out for revenge? Or well they pretend this is just another strong conference foe and we have no personal feelings one way or another about this team and blah, blah, blah....I guess we'll find out on Wednesday
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    We’ll see how many FSU transfers he sends our way in the next couple years.
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    4th and 24 was really, really dumb and inexcusable. 11 football players need to make a play.
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    4-0 is the stomp. Gave them the four losses and considered the deal done, forever.
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    Fair enough. But, would you accept mediocrity?
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    Imagine a world where Barnett wins a Heisman but Flowers doesn’t.
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    ucf doing well actually increases the rivalry in my eyes. I am not a big cheerleader of ucf proclaiming they are champions but I do support that they...and most importantly "any" G5 school...sticking it to the P5 at "any" chance they get. Does this mean that I have to smile when I hear ucf "national champions'? Yes it does, but again not because it is ucf but because they are sticking it to the man. This could have been Tulane, Temple, Marshall, etc. I would not care about the school but about the message to those jerks (ESPN, Alabama, SEC, ACC, etc.) who have created this (in my mind) illegal system while all we can do is just smile and nod. In terms of the school...ucf...I hate them with a passion and "most" of their fans (a few who come to our board are for the most part decent). I have a dude from my work whose daughter went to ucf and that's all he talks about. It was so nice to throw our preeminent status at him last fall. The fact that they are on a high right now makes it even sweeter when we bring them down next year (to my point in the first sentence).
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    In case anyone forgot http://www.winsipedia.com/south-florida/vs/ucf We have more head to head wins. A higher overall win %, a higher bowl win %, as many bowl games & all americans, twice as many weeks ranked in AP top 25, & almost as many draft picks. All despite many fewer games and seasons played. They have a decided lead in conference championships. Nothing else. That said, they've won 3 of the last 5 that we've been in the same conference and sports is a "what have you done for me lately" genre. They have some reason to gloat. I'd rather that they had zero reason. Under CJL that was true. Since then it has not been.
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    It's no longer a rivalry, UCF owns USF, CJL would never have let this happen
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    Nah, but apparently an inane comment by our resident troll about how this Barnett thing is a huge improvement over CWT by CCS has triggered a critique of both coaches based on a pretty weak example of comparing their way of handling a player thinking about transferring ...
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