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    Here's the table of contents to that thread: Pages 1-8: Cupcake City Pages 9-22: OMG, what are we watching? Our eyes are bleeding. Pages 22-23: Well USF still sucks and we're a better second half team Pages 24-40: OMG, we're losing to freaking USF. We suck, everyone sucks, fire Tubby!
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    I just remember this board being pretty excited about it. I remain happy. Also for your viewing pleasure: https://247sports.com/college/southern-methodist/Board/SMU-Basketball-Recruiting-Message-Board-Forums-105958
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    Yet has a better chance of making the NFL than QF.
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    The fact this team didn’t quit and kept fighting is something we can build on. The non quit attitude will go a long way next year.
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    Flowers combine numbers are not going to get him drafted. He showed mediocre speed in comparison to his WR and RB peers. And has no shot as a QB. That's been a pipedream. I'm honestly shocked his times weren't a lot better than they were. Sad for him. He has great game speed, but I worry nobody will take a flyer in him since his measurables were just okay.
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    Isn't 5/3 Bank where Brian Lamb is employed?
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    At least these show a consistent brand:
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    The University of South Florida is just fine for me. We are the Bulls and never ever change that for someone else's perception. If they don't like it then just don't.
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    UCF fan here so obviously our fan bases like seeing each other melt down. But Memphis meltdowns hold a special place for me. My 2 favorites are probably the first UCF vs Memphis football game this year when they got mopped and the melt down after they didn't make the top 10/11 cut for the Big 12 expansion despite being so confident about FedEx buying their way in.
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