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    B12 refuses to admit winter is coming, they don't believe in the white walkers. Does Bowlsby think UT and OK are gonna take him along for the ride when the conference dies and they move on? Or is it just the bane of capitalism where he only cares about the next quarterly balance sheet and not anything sustainable?
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    This is marketing. Need to keep our brand fresh in the minds of all P5.
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    His official was at Magic city
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    Hate to say it but it looks like the Big 12 is on a death path as long as Bowlsby with them. Come 2025, I will be shocked if they survive.
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    On 1/30,they are still writing articles and UCF continues to sell 100 new season tickets per day. Call it trolling,delusion,it doesn't matter, Danny Whites job is to graduate players, raise money and hire outstanding coaches. https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2018/1/29/16945656/ucf-knights-the-most-talked-about-team-around-the-sec-alabama-national-championship-undefeated-aac
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    First 300 non-renewals get game worn jock straps
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    As usual, CBS is kissing some Bama behind. As usual, they mention a beef and leave out the meat. Click bait:
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    Please respect my opinion. Marshall sucks.
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    Of course they are open to be. They've always wanted to be in the "P5" The only reason they are independent is because Utah went to the Pac10, but no "P5" wanted BYU. They aren't independent just because they wanted to be independent. BYU was too arrogant to have Utah move up and leave them behind.
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    Cost is not the attendance issue. We have free tickets with a top 25 team and a stellar playmaker. Tampa does not support the team. USF has just devalued their product. Go Bulls!
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    From the Times today: TWEETABLE We see UCF making the tournament in 19 % of our simulations, most often as a 12 seed. If they don't they can still claim themselves National Champions anyway. ESPN Stats & Info, to a Twitter question about UCF basketball's odds of making the NCAA Tournament
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    Maybe the Bucs leave town sooner rather than later....that RayJay thing is getting old.
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    It’s slang for “know what I’m saying.” Lol
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    You still think about Richard Gere and the gerbil? HHmm
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    It's been 20 years and we're still talking about Richard Gere and the gerbil. Just because people are talking doesn't mean it's a good thing.
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    Smart move. Now just make sure that the home games are on Saturdays.
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    Not sure what's more pathetic, the Bama fans that are letting themselves get trolled by Kanigit fans or the Kanigit fans thinking they really have some sort of claim to a national championship ..... it's like watching a war of wits with both combatants being unarmed.
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    Bama player made a fool out of himself. Just goes to show that UCF got under his skin. So I say UCF is the winner here.
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