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    http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/2018/01/25/bulls-ad-program-wants-to-get-away-from-playing-i-aa-schools/ BREAKING NEWS: Joey Knight reporting that UMass has been downgraded to FCS.
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    This is just simply not true. Pulling for other teams is just simply dumb, but stupid people wouldn’t have you believe that.
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    I got 7. The four who went, plus Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State. Sorry, the Big Ten is a tougher conference.
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    But their body of work was deemed unimpressive by the “powers that be” Memphis should have been ranked higher, we should have been ranked higher, etc... Thier body of work was unimpressive because those in power downgraded the whole AAC. Everyone can feel how they want about ucfs silly National title claim, but they have been setting the narrative instead of having it set for them. Thier fight benefits us as current members of the G5 (another narrative that is now accepted). Not all the pub they are getting is negative, not by a long shot. We are three weeks removed from the National Championship game and people are still talking about it. From a marketing standpoint, it has been impressive.
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    This has nothing to do with cheering for UCF and hoping they get credit for their fake national championship. And by the way, growing up a FSU fan, I completely enjoyed every whooping we put on the gaytors. And as a Bulls fan, I was ecstatic about each and everyone of those first 4 whippings we put on ucf.
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    UCF's 13-0 season got the Bulls all the way to the 99th ranked schedule this year. UCF's 13-0 record and 73rd ranked schedule got them to the Peach Bowl and a fake national championship. So much for that theory. Proceed with your thumbs down now ....
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    Zombie thread alert!
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    Well wouldn't have been so bad top 20 team. Sure looks good to me about now
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    Things seemed more interesting without UCF in our life, we don’t need them to do anything beyond die. That a few more people found the bore on I-4 interesting this year does not mean it’s needed that undefeated team could have been replaced with anyone (and almost anyone would have been a bigger name).
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    Or they can go 0-12 with that only loss being to everyone.
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    "Mr. Flutie, you got this message from something called TheBullsPen. They wanted to let you know that Quinton Flowers will not make it as a quarterback in the NFL -- he needs to play another position."
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    Would UCF leave for the P5 without us? Does improving their brand increase their likelihood of moving into the P5? Is anyone’s end game to improve the G5 or is it to move onto the P5? Are you sure that their success is mutually beneficial and it’s really not every man for themselves as it has been in every other round of expansion? This isn’t a brotherhood it’s a den of thieves and every team would be willing to **** their “brothers” throat in order to advance, we aren’t a team what’s good for us is good for us and what’s bad for them is good for us (until someone actually makes it into the ark lined up in twos).
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    Q will not make it as a QB in the NFL. He needs to play another position.
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    Go ahead and list 126 teams that deserved a shot over UCF.
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    Lol the OCS is our only hope. We need UCF to keep wining so that it moves USF closer to that all important OCS. We may have lost a lot is season tickets by not having an OCS. You have to believe.
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    But let me stress. USF must beat UCF every year from here on out. UCF can go 11-1 as long as that loss is to USF while we go 13-0
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    I'd ask if you're serious about not knowing how the CFP works, but I'd guess that's a 50/50 prop, at best.
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    You nailed it in your last sentence. No, I think USF got lazy while we were in BCS. Seems like USF felt entitled to a lot when we actually got a gift invite. Look at the fan base now and tell me that they are not spoiled by it ? We needed UCF to pass us up so that changes can be made. All UCF’s success does now is make USF get more on the ball!! Think Coke vs Pepsi. Both those companies make each other better. You actually think people would have been interested in watching War on I4 if UCF was not good ?? Wake up!! Both USF and UCF took steps forward this season as both are on the upswing. We need this.
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    Nah as then it would make War on I4 less interesting. We need both doing well to move forward. Grow interest. Grow fanbases. People were right about both UCF & USF need to be the game of the AAC
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    You nailed it! One of the few that get it.
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    Can’t call BS on something that you are flat out wrong about. UF fans were pulling for UGA over GT and also to win all their out of conference games. It helps their SOS and conference perception. Since UCF is in same conference as USF, they are conference brothers. Sorry, but I could feel nothing but happy when they beat Auburn as I know it made USF game against them look better and brings in more respect. I guess you will never get it much like you will never get having an OCS. It must be above your head which is cool cause not many would understand.
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    That is actually false. Know a lot of UF fans that pull for UGA when they are not playing each other. They do it for strength of the conference and also to make their rivalry more interesting.
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