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    ... but this one's a little tougher having met Charlie (charsibb) for the first time last December, and then had a blast watching our latest defense of that Vulcan trophy with him. Charlie PM'd me in July that he was going in for surgery on a huge tumor in the groin area and wasn't sure he was coming out then. He was setting me up at that time for notifying the board and the spreading of a portion of his ashes in the Bull fountain on campus. He came thru but was pretty certain he wouldn't see Christmas. Got the call last Thursday from him saying his vital organs were shutting down and he probably wouldn't make it thru the weekend. He sounded awesome (said it was the Percocet) and we had a great 20 minute conversation .... but it was also one of the most surreal, most uplifting and most depressing conversations that I've ever had, triggering a flood of emotions when I hung up. His nephew's email arrived this afternoon.
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    Matt Baker asked CCS if he believed USF should be ranked and this is how Charlie responded to Baker!
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    This past Saturday was the annual USF Fan Fest which is essentially an opportunity to meet each of the USF Football players...frankly a poor event that consisted of waiting in lines for a few hours to get an autograph from the players. I did see Derrick Brooks and Rodney Adams (I think). Not a great 'family' event like the Spring Game is (IMHO). On the way into the Sun Dome, my family and I were standing about 50 yards away from a line of players entering. My middle son, Remy, who is three, waived to all of the players as they walked by. At the end of the line was a player who took note of Remy and jogged over, high fived my son and told him is name was Jordan and asked my son for his name. The player was Jordan Cronkrite, who will be in the NFL next year (I think best prospect outside of Wilcox?). A few hours later, after my three-year-old son met nearly 100 other players and had them 'color' on his paper (i.e. sign their autographs), he came across Jordan again and said to him 'I met you outside' and Jordan responded, "I remember Remy. Are you having fun?" This is how you build a lifelong fan base and is a huge testament to Jordan and the USF Football program. I will never forget the day when an overworked student athlete who will likely make millions of dollars regardless of his demeanor at USF decided he was going to take time out his day to make an impact on my little boy.
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    Without Brad and the creation of the Bullspen it’s hard to get the entire family out to see a game. Especially paying over $2000 a month for daycare. We were fortunate enough to win the 4-ticket raffle and got to witness the future of USF football! Go bulls!
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    Miss you all I think scott is a great hire but I thought the same thing of strong
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    My daughter throws up the bulls horns yesterday at her graduation from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Bradenton. She starts at USF in the fall in the Honors College as a Provost Scholar. So proud of her, AND her SAT/ACT scores offset the entire football signing class this year.
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    If you're no longer a fan you can stay, but Stop your whining Don't insult others that are fans Have something intelligent to add Thank you. Management
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    GOT MY FOOTBALL stuff caught up. hospitals are boring
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    My lady and kids surprised me with trip to Cinncy for the game and my birthday!!! The only Big East stadium i hadnt been to, so excited and stoked to cheer our Bulls on to victory at Nippert!!!
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    They poop more than the average USF fan at a game, but surprisingly cry much less.
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    At this point my number 1 reason I want sleepy Strong fired is so you quit posting about how great he is.
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    Apparently you missed the WVU game in 2007. Was about 20,000 fans louder than the Tin Can.
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    Thanks for all the kind words. I recently underwent hip replacement surgery and am now rehabilitating at home . As a result, we will be watching the FB game tomorrow on TV. Both of us have some other health issues we are dealing with.
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    I think "war flamingo" is among the most idiotic ideas anyone in our fan base has ever come up with. It ranks just minimally worse than the new academic logo. But that isn't what is important. It is important that the fan supporting that idea Long after that beaten horse died was waving hot pink items seemingly to distract our kicker for the extra point. WTF
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    Put Martin Fennelly back under the rock.
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    Good game guys, it went WAY different than I exspected with the high score and crazy special teams. I think y’all actually have a chance to win out, Houston and UCF will be y’all big test imo. Wish y’all the best! I’ll think about coming on next year to talk some trash lol. USF definitely gained more respect from me.
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    Payback McNeese State.
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    Overheard from every single adult on Monday morning on their way to work...
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    Long ago, when sailing ships ruled the waves, a pirate captain and his crew were in danger of being boarded by a Navy ship. As the crew became frantic, the captain bellowed to his First Mate, "Bring me my red shirt!". The First Mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, which the captain put on and lead the crew to battle the Navy boarding party. Although some casualties occurred among the crew, the Navy was repelled. Later that day, the lookout screamed that there were two Navy vessels sending boarding parties. The crew cowered in fear, but the captain calm as ever bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!". The battle was on, and once again the Captain and his crew repelled both boarding parties, although this time more casualties occurred. Weary from the battles, the men sat around on deck that night recounting the day's occurrences when an ensign looked to the Captain and asked, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before the battle?". The Captain, giving the ensign a look that only a captain can give, exhorted, "If I am wounded in battle, the red shirt does not show the wound and thus, you men will continue to fight unafraid". The men sat in silence marveling at the courage of such a man. As dawn came the next morning, the lookout screamed that Tyre McCants was on his way. The men became silent and looked to their Captain for his usual command. The Captain, calm as ever, bellowed, "Bring me my brown pants!!
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    Well it certainly wasn't quick but I am getting out of the hospital for the first time this morning. It was hell living in this place (and the numerous other stays at various medical places) since September 21st-- the day I suffered from an aortic dissection (look it up-- it is nasty). I no longer have a sternum and I still have to deal with three times a week dialysis for my kidney issues but it will be so nice being home again after such a long hospital stay. Thanks again for all the kind words and thanks to Brad for visiting as much as he did- truly appreciated!
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    But this site has been around since the start of the 1999 season. It is the bellweather - not some other "what have you done for me lately" or fake insider site. The returning members, the increased page views and the general activity is pushing to levels seen in the Leavitt days. I mentioned a week or so ago the price for the server just went up. Love it! Members from 10 years ago and forward are returning and reading. There is a renewed interest in Bulls Football - that is undeniable. I think it is great to see the interest and hope for USF Football. Let's hope this is maintained. This program shouldn't have to earn support necessarily, but so many have left over the last decade, I hope we get them all back permanently. On the message board and in the stands. Go Bulls!
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    Texas fan and survivor of Charlie Strong here to share my empathy for your current situation. This too shall pass.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Unfortunately I used up my NCAA eligibility along time ago. My main purpose here is talking trash about UCF. Go Bulls!
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    to the game on Saturday. ZERO excuses. Perfect time and perfect weather. NO excuses. GO BULLS!
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    We are 26-4 over our last 30 and 5-0 this season. Yet to read this board you would think the numbers are reversed. It seems half our posters fully expect us to lose as many games at the end of this season as we have lost in the past three years. I think our fanbase has simply become tired of all this winning.
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    It would be great to be the worst 12-0 team in football something to shoot for I guess.
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    Twitter Guy #1 breaks story on BB getting the starting job. Twitter Guy #2 tweets he’ll have a story up tonight about BB winning the job and makes comment in jest about #1 getting the scoop. Twitter Guy #3 has retweet up from this morning about Lynyrd Skynyrd. Which of these guys is Joey?
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    I predict: * 10 or more mentions of us missing Q per tv broadcast * 9 new UCF trolls on the boards * 8 different friends I bring to their 1st game * 7 hours of fun each Saturday * 6 JK articles about attendance * 5 Fennelly melt downs about how we ain't big league ready * 4 excuses why the students didn't show up in force for Elon * 3 different qb starters * 2 road games for me * 1 awesome season
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    Board of Governors‏ @FLBOG Congratulations to @USouthFlorida for achieving its goal of reaching preeminent status, as designated by the Florida Legislature. Go Bulls! 11:00 AM - 27 Jun 2018
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    Our long time board member @MikeG has been absent from the board for at least a couple weeks. I have recently learned he remains in the hospital for treatment. At risk of sharing info that is not mine to share, I'll leave it at that. Please say a prayer for Mike. Keep him in your thoughts. We need him back here.
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    Better than a spiking the ball and hitting yourself in the nuts video
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    I’m a HUGE Clemson fan and IPTAY donor. My family and I recently moved to Jacksonville and have been looking for a shorter trip for tailgating and football games (although we still frequent Clemson). Once Coach Scott was announced, I knew it was a sign! He’s a great coach, better guy, and I think he’ll do great things in Tampa! I’m hoping to raise my 2 boys pulling for the program that he builds over the next 5-10 years! (Deandre McDaniel is a solid first hire as well!)
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    New member here and while I've visited and read the board for a long time, and have seen what I call "TheBullspen Grumpy Old Men", I'm still shocked at some of the negativity around Jeff Scott. If you look around the Twitterverse and fansites, this guy is at the onset, a great hire. Clemson insiders and fans alike are lauding this hire for us if it is indeed what unfolds. For everyone pining for Leavitt, stop and go get some help. You all sound like jilted lovers who just can't seem to get over that first love. As a kid, going to USF games, I was in awe of The Jim and how he built this program. His passion on the sidelines is what made me fall in love with USF Football and later attend and graduate from USF. As much as we'd all like to dream of this triumphant return and applaud his 8-9 win seasons, it wasn't going to happen. That ship has sailed and the sooner we as fanbase move on, the better. My point is, lets get behind the new leader. All we can do as fans is show the new HC that we're ready to support. And for anyone trashing the fact that Scott has never been a HC, so what?! A lot of coaches who came into programs and found abundant success had never been HC's before. It's a silly way of measuring what you think will be his future success. The guy is coming from a 1st class program, mentored by a FL football family and groomed under Dabo, recruits FL, AND is an offensive-minded coach. LOL, the guy literally checks all the boxes. Also of note, you know this guy wants to make a mark and I'd be willing to bet he won't be outworked when it comes to shmoozing donors and injecting life into this program we all love. Thanks for having me. Go Bulls!
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    If anyone is still debating the wisdom of hiring Jeff - just stop it. You guys got the real deal. He will excel in ways you never thought. Congrats and GO BULLS!
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    I just dont see how improving the facilities will improve Charlie. he had way better facilities at Texas and still couldn't do anything with it.
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    Flying with my four-year old from Texas to see us take on Wisconsin. Looking forward to seeing some old faces as it's been quite a few years since I've been back in Tampa. Go Bulls!
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    Let me premise this with the facts that I am both Alumni and have been holding 6 season tickets for several years now. That said every season I get excited about the upcoming season. I get eager to smell burgers on the grill at the tailgate, to hear the fight song played in the stadium, and to throw my horns up. Back when I was in college (the great years) we did not have this defeatist attitude as a fan base. We went to games because it was fun. If we lost we were still back the next week. I fought to catch any away game I could find on TV because more often than not it was **** near impossible. I was relegated to watching the updates on ESPN.com. Yet I still came back the next week. Yes we had some great wins but every season we had the slide at the end of the season. Yet I still came back. Now I read through this board and all I seem to see are people complaining about a lack of an OCS. People hating this coach or that coach. People refusing to go to a game until we have a perfect season or are in a P5 conference. When did we get too big for our britches? When did the fans of a scrappy young football team think we deserve to sit with Alabama every week. We are still climbing. Sometimes that is slow and sometimes it is leaps and bounds. Sometimes we take a step back just to take two more forward. My point is these storied programs didn't make it to the P5 in 20 years. These programs were around for 100 years or more. I guess my point is negativity is a cancer. Yes it is ok to be disappointed in a loss. It is fine to disagree with this coach or that coach. All that aside go to the games. Support these kids who are out there playing their heart out. The more full the stadium is the more exciting it is. The more exciting it is the more people will want to be apart of it. In conclusion don't wait for the program to be a top tier team before supporting them. Be there now.
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    I’ve shared this with Jordan and his parents. His dad said he was super proud and he’s happy that Jordan made that day for the family. I’ve known Jordan and his family forever and can tell you this is just how they are everyday of the week. I will share Jordan’s response once he gets back to me.
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    They’re ****** UCiF. They’re always mad. That’s what they do in Mickey Mouse town.
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    We are building a wall between us and Orlando and UCF is going to pay for it!!
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    ..... you are watching the LA Chargers play, there is a quick scan of the sideline and your wife picks out Phil McGeoghan in about 1.4 seconds. Had to look him up to be sure as he is a few years older but, yep, he is the WR coach for the SuperChargers. Quick story. We had invited him for dinner and he asked if he could bring someone - a player. Said it was okay by us but asked him to check if it was okay with the NCAA. It was not so we didn't get to have Evan Landi to the house for dinner - just Phil. I love my wife.
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    I am a proud Florida Gator Alum. I love college football, but I never really was a Gator fan. The only reason I ever became a Gator fan is b/c I had several friends on the team and simply was supporting them. Hell, I still am friends with a few ex-players. One reason why I never was a true Gator fan was simply b/c I can’t stand the fans. They are arrogant and think the world should evolve around the Gators. The final straw for me was during the Ron Zook era in which there was a website made called “FireRonZook.com’. Maaaan this was the meanest website ever made. The Website moderator and all the fans went to that website to ridicule Ron Zook, who to me was simply trying his best. He got crapped on hard and then fired. Urban Meyer came in and took ZOOK’s players and won a national title. Then Urban Meyer retired from football and we sucked ever since. I can’t think of one team that has ever fired a coach with a winning record and had sustainable success afterwards. That being said, I am noticing the same kind of vibes that made me HATE Gator fans in USF. If many of you can be this negative when we aren’t at the top, some of you will become str8 doosh-bags once we start having the success we desire. To be honest, I became a USF fan for selfish reasons. I am of Haitian descent and at one point this team had like 14-15 Haitian players (Around the time we beat Auburn). Hell I followed the team simply for that. But as soon as I started checking out the espn USF blog, I fell in love with the movement. I loved the fans desire for success. But now, I don’t know what to make about the current USF fan atmosphere. I understand that there are many years of disappointment, but the negativity is at an all time high. We are freakin 7-1 and calling for the coach to be fired, predicting we will lose 4 our of the 5 last games remaining. I mean what kind of fan predicts their team will lose the remaining games for the season? When it comes to the NFL, my favorite team is the Saints. So trust me when I say I know a thing or two about loving a bad team. We have been losers for pretty much most of our existence, but I looove my team and will always root for them and assume we will win, even when we are not favored. I was called the “ain’ts” by my friends when I moved from N.O to Miami as a kid. They found it funny I love my “sorry a$$ team”. But I never wore a paper bag over my head and remained proud. When we finally won a title, I didn’t even bother to talk smack to the nay sayers, I was simply grateful to the football gods for giving my team a championship. That being said - win or lose, your love for the Bulls should never waiver nor should you chit on the coaches or players every time we lose. A true fan will love and SUPPORT his team regardless. You can hate CCS all you want, but b4 calling for his job, at least let them man “NOT WIN” first…b/c since he has been here we have been WIINNING. If we don’t win the AAC title this year, then we will win it next year. Either way, the future is looking freakin awesome for USF. Next year, everybody will have at least one season under their belt and we also have a special player called McDoom who will kick ******* a.$.$ next year in addition to the many other players. My goal is to simply win an AAC title or finish the season ranked this year. Either way, I’m beyond confident that we will have the desired success next year. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's about that time this year I give my annual Green and Gold goggles speech…but this ain’t it. I’ll save that “IF” we lose a game this year. In the words of Lennox (the Jamaican gangster) from the movie “Belly” (Many of you guys probably have never seen it) – “Don't you ever bring scared business to me. You lookin at the toughest rasclat Jamaican in the United States of America.” I’m trying to understand the great fear we have of upcoming Houston. Their defense is ranked 116th. They do have the 4th ranked offense, I’ll give them that. But besides that, but South Florida has the 14th ranked offense and 80th ranked defense. We are36 spots ahead of them on defense and they are 10 spots ahead of us on offense. I REFUSE 2 fear them or any other remaining teams! These stats don’t include this past weekend, but I don’t think much will change. There are only 2 teams that blow us out in both categories – Cinci and C. Every other team we blow out in either offense of defense. Truth be told, I think we are much better than our stats and have better athletes than all the teams we face. That being said, if you scared go ahead and tuck your tail b/w your legs, but if you have faith in the football Gods, beat your chest and let’s get ready to close out this season undefeated!!! USF – Offense - #14th, Defense #80 Houston – Offense – #4th, Defense #116 Tulane – Offense -#91st, Defense #111th Temple – Offence – #89th, Defense – #65th Cincinnati – Offense - #27th, Defense – 4th C. – Offense - #3rd, Defense- #65th https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22
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    Cronk was gracious enough to take a few pics post game with my girls. What a night! Go Bulls!
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    The adds are often times based on your searches
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    Most of you having been around in the last few years of Woolard's tenure, I'm surprised you're down on this guy. He's a far better AD & rep for the school IMO.
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    Thanks for thinking about me. I'm recovering nicely from the total hip replacement surgery. I am still reading to keep up with the board, but haven't been posting lately. I'm still around.
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