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    ... but this one's a little tougher having met Charlie (charsibb) for the first time last December, and then had a blast watching our latest defense of that Vulcan trophy with him. Charlie PM'd me in July that he was going in for surgery on a huge tumor in the groin area and wasn't sure he was coming out then. He was setting me up at that time for notifying the board and the spreading of a portion of his ashes in the Bull fountain on campus. He came thru but was pretty certain he wouldn't see Christmas. Got the call last Thursday from him saying his vital organs were shutting down and he probably wouldn't make it thru the weekend. He sounded awesome (said it was the Percocet) and we had a great 20 minute conversation .... but it was also one of the most surreal, most uplifting and most depressing conversations that I've ever had, triggering a flood of emotions when I hung up. His nephew's email arrived this afternoon.
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    Matt Baker asked CCS if he believed USF should be ranked and this is how Charlie responded to Baker!
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    My daughter throws up the bulls horns yesterday at her graduation from Saint Stephen's Episcopal School in Bradenton. She starts at USF in the fall in the Honors College as a Provost Scholar. So proud of her, AND her SAT/ACT scores offset the entire football signing class this year.
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    If you're no longer a fan you can stay, but Stop your whining Don't insult others that are fans Have something intelligent to add Thank you. Management
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    My lady and kids surprised me with trip to Cinncy for the game and my birthday!!! The only Big East stadium i hadnt been to, so excited and stoked to cheer our Bulls on to victory at Nippert!!!
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    Apparently you missed the WVU game in 2007. Was about 20,000 fans louder than the Tin Can.
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    Thanks for all the kind words. I recently underwent hip replacement surgery and am now rehabilitating at home . As a result, we will be watching the FB game tomorrow on TV. Both of us have some other health issues we are dealing with.
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    I think "war flamingo" is among the most idiotic ideas anyone in our fan base has ever come up with. It ranks just minimally worse than the new academic logo. But that isn't what is important. It is important that the fan supporting that idea Long after that beaten horse died was waving hot pink items seemingly to distract our kicker for the extra point. WTF
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    Put Martin Fennelly back under the rock.
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    Good game guys, it went WAY different than I exspected with the high score and crazy special teams. I think y’all actually have a chance to win out, Houston and UCF will be y’all big test imo. Wish y’all the best! I’ll think about coming on next year to talk some trash lol. USF definitely gained more respect from me.
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    Payback McNeese State.
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    Overheard from every single adult on Monday morning on their way to work...
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    Long ago, when sailing ships ruled the waves, a pirate captain and his crew were in danger of being boarded by a Navy ship. As the crew became frantic, the captain bellowed to his First Mate, "Bring me my red shirt!". The First Mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, which the captain put on and lead the crew to battle the Navy boarding party. Although some casualties occurred among the crew, the Navy was repelled. Later that day, the lookout screamed that there were two Navy vessels sending boarding parties. The crew cowered in fear, but the captain calm as ever bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!". The battle was on, and once again the Captain and his crew repelled both boarding parties, although this time more casualties occurred. Weary from the battles, the men sat around on deck that night recounting the day's occurrences when an ensign looked to the Captain and asked, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before the battle?". The Captain, giving the ensign a look that only a captain can give, exhorted, "If I am wounded in battle, the red shirt does not show the wound and thus, you men will continue to fight unafraid". The men sat in silence marveling at the courage of such a man. As dawn came the next morning, the lookout screamed that Tyre McCants was on his way. The men became silent and looked to their Captain for his usual command. The Captain, calm as ever, bellowed, "Bring me my brown pants!!
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    to the game on Saturday. ZERO excuses. Perfect time and perfect weather. NO excuses. GO BULLS!
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    We are 26-4 over our last 30 and 5-0 this season. Yet to read this board you would think the numbers are reversed. It seems half our posters fully expect us to lose as many games at the end of this season as we have lost in the past three years. I think our fanbase has simply become tired of all this winning.
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    It would be great to be the worst 12-0 team in football something to shoot for I guess.
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    Twitter Guy #1 breaks story on BB getting the starting job. Twitter Guy #2 tweets he’ll have a story up tonight about BB winning the job and makes comment in jest about #1 getting the scoop. Twitter Guy #3 has retweet up from this morning about Lynyrd Skynyrd. Which of these guys is Joey?
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    I predict: * 10 or more mentions of us missing Q per tv broadcast * 9 new UCF trolls on the boards * 8 different friends I bring to their 1st game * 7 hours of fun each Saturday * 6 JK articles about attendance * 5 Fennelly melt downs about how we ain't big league ready * 4 excuses why the students didn't show up in force for Elon * 3 different qb starters * 2 road games for me * 1 awesome season
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    Board of Governors‏ @FLBOG Congratulations to @USouthFlorida for achieving its goal of reaching preeminent status, as designated by the Florida Legislature. Go Bulls! 11:00 AM - 27 Jun 2018
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    They’re ****** UCiF. They’re always mad. That’s what they do in Mickey Mouse town.
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    We are building a wall between us and Orlando and UCF is going to pay for it!!
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    ..... you are watching the LA Chargers play, there is a quick scan of the sideline and your wife picks out Phil McGeoghan in about 1.4 seconds. Had to look him up to be sure as he is a few years older but, yep, he is the WR coach for the SuperChargers. Quick story. We had invited him for dinner and he asked if he could bring someone - a player. Said it was okay by us but asked him to check if it was okay with the NCAA. It was not so we didn't get to have Evan Landi to the house for dinner - just Phil. I love my wife.
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    I am a proud Florida Gator Alum. I love college football, but I never really was a Gator fan. The only reason I ever became a Gator fan is b/c I had several friends on the team and simply was supporting them. Hell, I still am friends with a few ex-players. One reason why I never was a true Gator fan was simply b/c I can’t stand the fans. They are arrogant and think the world should evolve around the Gators. The final straw for me was during the Ron Zook era in which there was a website made called “FireRonZook.com’. Maaaan this was the meanest website ever made. The Website moderator and all the fans went to that website to ridicule Ron Zook, who to me was simply trying his best. He got crapped on hard and then fired. Urban Meyer came in and took ZOOK’s players and won a national title. Then Urban Meyer retired from football and we sucked ever since. I can’t think of one team that has ever fired a coach with a winning record and had sustainable success afterwards. That being said, I am noticing the same kind of vibes that made me HATE Gator fans in USF. If many of you can be this negative when we aren’t at the top, some of you will become str8 doosh-bags once we start having the success we desire. To be honest, I became a USF fan for selfish reasons. I am of Haitian descent and at one point this team had like 14-15 Haitian players (Around the time we beat Auburn). Hell I followed the team simply for that. But as soon as I started checking out the espn USF blog, I fell in love with the movement. I loved the fans desire for success. But now, I don’t know what to make about the current USF fan atmosphere. I understand that there are many years of disappointment, but the negativity is at an all time high. We are freakin 7-1 and calling for the coach to be fired, predicting we will lose 4 our of the 5 last games remaining. I mean what kind of fan predicts their team will lose the remaining games for the season? When it comes to the NFL, my favorite team is the Saints. So trust me when I say I know a thing or two about loving a bad team. We have been losers for pretty much most of our existence, but I looove my team and will always root for them and assume we will win, even when we are not favored. I was called the “ain’ts” by my friends when I moved from N.O to Miami as a kid. They found it funny I love my “sorry a$$ team”. But I never wore a paper bag over my head and remained proud. When we finally won a title, I didn’t even bother to talk smack to the nay sayers, I was simply grateful to the football gods for giving my team a championship. That being said - win or lose, your love for the Bulls should never waiver nor should you chit on the coaches or players every time we lose. A true fan will love and SUPPORT his team regardless. You can hate CCS all you want, but b4 calling for his job, at least let them man “NOT WIN” first…b/c since he has been here we have been WIINNING. If we don’t win the AAC title this year, then we will win it next year. Either way, the future is looking freakin awesome for USF. Next year, everybody will have at least one season under their belt and we also have a special player called McDoom who will kick ******* a.$.$ next year in addition to the many other players. My goal is to simply win an AAC title or finish the season ranked this year. Either way, I’m beyond confident that we will have the desired success next year. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!
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    It's about that time this year I give my annual Green and Gold goggles speech…but this ain’t it. I’ll save that “IF” we lose a game this year. In the words of Lennox (the Jamaican gangster) from the movie “Belly” (Many of you guys probably have never seen it) – “Don't you ever bring scared business to me. You lookin at the toughest rasclat Jamaican in the United States of America.” I’m trying to understand the great fear we have of upcoming Houston. Their defense is ranked 116th. They do have the 4th ranked offense, I’ll give them that. But besides that, but South Florida has the 14th ranked offense and 80th ranked defense. We are36 spots ahead of them on defense and they are 10 spots ahead of us on offense. I REFUSE 2 fear them or any other remaining teams! These stats don’t include this past weekend, but I don’t think much will change. There are only 2 teams that blow us out in both categories – Cinci and C. Every other team we blow out in either offense of defense. Truth be told, I think we are much better than our stats and have better athletes than all the teams we face. That being said, if you scared go ahead and tuck your tail b/w your legs, but if you have faith in the football Gods, beat your chest and let’s get ready to close out this season undefeated!!! USF – Offense - #14th, Defense #80 Houston – Offense – #4th, Defense #116 Tulane – Offense -#91st, Defense #111th Temple – Offence – #89th, Defense – #65th Cincinnati – Offense - #27th, Defense – 4th C. – Offense - #3rd, Defense- #65th https://www.ncaa.com/stats/football/fbs/current/team/22
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    Cronk was gracious enough to take a few pics post game with my girls. What a night! Go Bulls!
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    The adds are often times based on your searches
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    Most of you having been around in the last few years of Woolard's tenure, I'm surprised you're down on this guy. He's a far better AD & rep for the school IMO.
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    As a fellow Bulls fan, I get your frustration, but understand that a big percentage of Americans don’t even know far more important, basic things about U.S. or world history, or their own form of government. But they can tell you who got kicked off Dancing with the Stars last week. Instead of getting angry or indignant, educate them. Just explain that USF is a different school in a different town, and how our favorite play on offense is the halfback dive.
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    If we end up in the Boca Raton Bowl and Brenda Snipes is running the scoreboard, we might win!
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    I am disgusted with a lot of USF fans where did this false sense of entitlement come from? Why would the Football Gods bless us? When we were 7-0 “fans” were already making posts that we will lose the last 4 of 5 games. We crap on our A.D, crap on our coaches, crap on our players, and pretty much crap of our team. Why would the Football Gods bless us with success? We are ungrateful, have a false sense of entitlement, and lack ANY kind of FAITH in this team. I don’t care what religion you are. You can be Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish Muslim, or even an atheist. In the end, the energy you put out in the world is ALWAYS going to be the energy you receive. Many of you spoke/typed the negativity into existence. We were undefeated and yet we still was pissed off. Grant it- many of us, including myself thought we would have more success and were wrong. Those things happen. But what will predicting losing the rest of the games for the season, crying for coaches to get fired and crapping on the players do? Rather than simply getting over it and still enjoying the season, you just pumped sooooo much negativity into the “spirit” of the rest of this season. Regardless of wins/losses you should still love and support your team. This has to be hands down the most emotionally draining year as a USF football fan ever! How do you handle disappointment in real life? Do you give up when you don’t get that job after the interview or do you keep searching and find a better job? Did you give up when you got sick or did you fight the sickness? When your kids have bad days, do you tell them it will get better or do you tell them life sucks and don’t bother to have hope? Many of you who are crying about UCF’s success don’t realize that, they went 0-6, then 6-6 Scott Frost 1st season and then went 12-0. It didn’t happen overnight. The past 2 seasons we won at least 10 games and then lost the foundation of that team to graduation. We are starting over and already at 7 wins with 3 games left. Have some patience. I’m a Saints fan and our last Superbowl was 2011. Since then our coach was suspended for a year, a beloved player was murdered, we missed the playoffs a few times and had many heart breaking losses. This year, we have a chance to go back to the Superbowl. We just signed Dez Bryant and he suffered a season ended injury in his 1st practice. I still feel my Saints will win the Superbowl. But if they don’t win it, I will still love my team. Believe it or not, USF is NOT the only team underachieving or not winning conference titles. Anyways in closing - 1. USF will get better. We have tons of talent that will grow bigger, stronger and are more seasoned. 2. CCS will be fine. I would love if Gilbert leaves and Shaun king becomes the offensive coordinator. If Gilbert stays then I hope the players learn to be successful in his system and keep it moving. 3. BJM had great success his first year here. He lost a ton of talent and needs time to rebuild the defense. 4. We have a great recruiting class, several transfers either playing for the first time or playing their 2nd year year. McDoom mutha*****, McDoom baby! He will be lights out next year in addition to Horne when he comes back from injury. We will have way more speed next year. 5. The undersized “youngins” on our team will have all summer to add bulk, add muscle, and will have physically grown by the start of next year. 6. As for this year, if we can finish out with 9-10 wins including a bowl victory I will be happy. If not, I hope the disappointing season provides enough motivation and determination to make the players step it up. Hell I hope it pisses them off. 7. I will still watch USF football this year, so that I can see which players will have a bigger impact next year. I will also simply enjoy whatever “highlights” our players produce and the journey to greatness since it will take longer than I expected. P.S if you are going to “stop” buying season tickets, going to the games or watching USF football please keep it to yourself. It’s not a “man-law”, but it’s just not that “manly” to announce it. What do you want us to do? Do you want us to beg you to change your mind? Do what you feel you have to do buddy we don’t care.
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    Thanks for thinking about me. I'm recovering nicely from the total hip replacement surgery. I am still reading to keep up with the board, but haven't been posting lately. I'm still around.
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    Why would they go after Charlie when Taggs will be available in 4 more weeks
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    OK guys so I was sitting in section 114 row 4 yesterday and I was standing for a couple plays in the very first series. Some older Bull’s fan behind me (about 4 rows back) screamed “hey are you going to stand for the whole **** game.” I turned around looked at him and I thought what a **** BUT I sat down down . But fortunately for me there about 20 other Bulls Fans that stood up in front of me on the next play when we were backed up in our own End-zone and we started screaming . I then turned around and gave that guy the death stare. Man I don't get it. I don’t ever want to hear that crap again. Hey Old alumn, if you don’t want to stand up and cheer get the hell out of the stands that’s my final word . Sick of this ****. I love my Bulls and those that were there, were a factor of noise. Rant over.
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    Good god what is wrong with you people????????? I want ucf to get crushed, beaten, smashed. I wish nothing but pain and humiliation to them each and every week. If a game is Evil in Hell vs. ucf, give me Evil in Hell every time. I hope they get rolled. Impact on NYD bid? Please. Boise will lose to BYU and we are still good.
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    I will enjoy this game a little more knowing that there is a bar full of UCF fans watching us win.
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    The back 3 rows in our section were standing the last 5 minutes or so of the game. My meek and mild wife was screaming at the people in front of us to STAND UP. THIS IS YOUR TEAM. So proud of her.
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    1 - I will NOT attend ANYTHING past 11am on Saturdays unless you have NCAA football on your television. Televisions must be a minimum of 50" diagonal with a minimum resolution of something clear enough to see. Events containing ultra-high definition televisions and seating with direct line of sight of said television will take priority over those events that do not. Events broadcasting USF football take priority over all other events, regardless of TV size and definition. Events broadcasting USF football will take priority over all other events except the above. 2 - I will be high strung, loud, and extremely obnoxious if you are around me while USF is playing. Things may/may not be thrown. If any of your belongings are damaged I will repair/replace them, but I will not care until after the post-game analysis. 3 - I will wear Green and Gold on Friday and Saturday. *No exceptions* 4 - If you somehow coerce me into attending an event by having all of the prerequisites listed in (#1) above, be aware that I will chant GO BULLS wherever I am and anytime I want. Chanting GO BULLS is a must on the weekends especially during games. 4a - In the event that USF begins during a prayer, I will reverently and respectfully wait until the prayer is complete before picking up the chant. After all, Jesus is a USF fan too. 5 - My attendance at weddings, wedding showers, and baby showers are for bye weeks ONLY. It's not my fault you are starting your married/family life and proving to everyone that you are a horrible planner. I won't be there but I will wish you the best of luck as soon as the game is over. 5b - *Or as soon as the game and the post game show are over* 6 - In the event that we are watching a game together, and you are not a USF fan, you will not cheer against the BULLS, but I will cheer against your crappy team. Any negative statement about my BULLS will not be fine, and could result in your injury. Thanks for understanding everyone. * I had a friend send me this for her team; modified it for mine and wanted to share
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    I saw our crew is all decked out in Adidas gear for the AAC media days in Rhode Island, but I have a confession to make...I didn’t know where Rhode Island was. I asked a friend if it was near Hawaii, since it’s an island, too, and he called me an idiot and told me it was in New England. But then I couldn’t find Rhode Island anywhere in North Carolina or Virginia, where the English set up their first new American colonies. Finally, he pulled up a map and pointed to the small RI on it. It never occurred to me Rhode Island and RI were the same place since I always see it abbreviated on maps, mail, and such.
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    So I'm a regular Sirius XM ESPNU radio listener. This morning The First Team (Taylor Zarzour and Greg McElroy) had Dan Orlovsky on the phone talking about UCF and the CFB Playoff. They touched on their matchup with us on Friday and then Taylor asked Dan about the Bulls and what's happened to us. Dan provided a pretty solid hot take IMO and I transcribed it below to share with you all: Taylor Zarzour - Speaking of USF Dan, what happened to this team? This was a team that early in the season, they knocked off Georgia Tech, they beat Illinois, I know that they had a lot of roster turnover in Strong’s 2nd year, Blake Barnett’s thrown a bunch of INT’s, the defense has struggled. What’s going on with the Bulls right now? Dan Orlovsky - Yeah so offensively, they’re just, they’re in my opinion, in watching them on tape, they’re still stuck in 8 years ago. I mean ALL they do is tempo, and they just, there’s no emphasis offensively to be just like “ok let’s get Barnett a couple of completions, let’s get him an easy throw.” “Ok how can we help some of our receivers Salomon and McCants, how can we help those guys in man coverage?” Because all they do, the great majority of all they do is just take go routes, whether they’re inside fades from the slot or go routes on the outside… kind of those switch release concepts. You know it’s just very simplified and defenses have gone “ok these are the 3 or 4 things they do in their pass game and we are just going to force them to do 45 yard completions down the field on a constant basis,” and they haven’t been able to hit them so that’s been a big part about what’s gone on with their offense. They just get themselves, you know on 1st down they’ll take a go shot, and on 2nd down they’ll run the ball and get 2 or 3 yards and then its 3rd and 7. They live in 3rd and long, I mean they live in 3rd and long and then they’ll just go throw deep balls again and that’s really what’s hindered their offense and they don’t get into any kind of rhythm, they don’t open their playbook up because they don’t get 1st downs. You know defensively, they’ve really been hampered by the loss of the MLB Sawtelle. You know he got hurt so they moved a DE in to the MLB position. I watched them early, I had them against Tulsa and I was like “this defense is pretty good, they can run to the football, they play coverage well.” It just seems like they miss the MLB Sawtelle so much with their communication because guys get out of position. But they do some things well, guys just get out of position and it just doesn’t look like a team that is in tune with what they are doing defensively. But I will say this, they are asked to do a ton because of the offensive inefficiency. I mean there’s a lot of pressure on them to play well. You know they’ve lost 4 in a row, but 3 out of those 4, excluding the handling by Houston a month ago, they were up 17 last week on the road in Temple, they went into Cincinnati and were up against Cincinnati, it’s just they get into the 2nd half and have played so many plays on defense because their offense is struggling so much and they get kind of worn out.
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    Or, setting their expectations low because they have watched the games and understand that this team/coaching staff/whatever you want to blame it on is not good enough to win every game, so, some fans are realists and manage their expectations accordingly.
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    Teams left in the nation that is undefeated.....it is until it isnt, thats why they play the games. Is cougar edible? Cuz these young bulls bout to eat!!!
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    Have to admit it... I laughed out loud at this one.
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    The PC police have finally come to the Bullspen. Remember the days when random members of this board would make various road trips to USF games and then end up banging random broads vice sleeping in their car those nights, providing some well written narratives for the members on here when they got back to Tampa? My, have things changed for the worse (and I have two daughters). When millennials started wearing skinny jeans, I think it cut off blood to both their nuts and their brains. #MTBGA (Make The Bullspen Great Again)
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    He's no Brett Sean, that's for sure.
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    Time to strike was 10 years ago. In 10 years from now the time to strike would have been now. The OCS would build Alumni support. The tinmen did it right. There are many... FSU included, TCU, that went the aluminum route and built it up over time. I have been at every ucf vs USF game and that stadium has gotten better over the years. Yes, you build a decent stadium now and remodel over time. This will build alumni - ucf is an example. The whole "do it right" narrative is nauseating.
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    Man, you kind of have a little unhealthy distaste for a very mild and in all honesty pretty tolerable beer. I mean I like lots of beers out there, and really don't care for some, but to say you'd turn a Yuengling down if offered is a little ridiculous. It's not like it's Bud Light for god's sake.
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    Charlie Strong redemption tour.
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