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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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    We recently purchased a condo in downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk (our condo is located on the 27th floor above the Grand Hyatt - the Grand Hyatt goes to the 24th floor). The other day, I received a piece of mail from USF asking for money... except, it wasn't for me - it was inadvertently placed in my mailbox. I thought maybe, just maybe, there might be another USF graduate in our building. This morning, my wife gets out to the garage and there's a note left on our car: "USF Alumnis here - Reza - 310-xxx-xxxx Go Bulls!". I have a USF Bulls plate holder on the front of the car. I sent the individual a text and it turns out we are neighbors. He was the class of 1996. He was also a resident and faculty at the USF College of Medicine. You might say football season will be a little bit louder on the Riverwalk in San Antonio this year when USF plays.
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    This was a fine article. It's amusing to me that some of you guys are so consumed with your hatred of all-things UCF that you flip out about a benign article like this.
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    I was going for speed!
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    Here's my statement after much thought and deliberation over the offseason. I believe this year has the workings of something extraordinary. It's very rare that you see a team blossom the way they did in 2015 and build all of that over the next two years. It's also very rare you lose a coaching staff in Taggart be replace them with a virtual power five staff in what Strong has brought in. A talking point that rarely gets brought up is the positives for that staff change. With a similar, but not identical offensive philosophy, that means the tape from last year is moot. Coordinators can't hone in over the knee on tape from last year because the schemes are different. That'll help significantly with gameplanning. Also, this coaching staff has a chip on their shoulder after what happened at Texas; they will keep the players focused knowing what the goal is. This all feels unreal ror USF, whom always seemed to disappoint in the past; but this will be the best year in the program's history.
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    Assuming we're healthy, we'll be undefeated going into the Peach Bowl. Anything less this season based on our schedule and talent level would be a disappointment/missed opportunity. You have to take care of the cupcakes when they are placed in front of you.
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    I think they were just referring to the offense as a whole. Can still see a situation where the defense takes two steps forward and the offense takes one step back and still being undefeated.
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    Scott Frost! Scott Frost!
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    I met Auman once at a sandwich shop in Vero (after the final Holtz ill advised camp in Dodger Town). He was very friendly, talked openly about USF and other sports and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I hated when he left. I mostly like JK, though at times he gets a little snarky, without great reason. Still, the coverage is pretty good, but frankly, I get most of my USF news from Twitter. Tito Benach is the best in many ways, as far as breaking news and not being combative. Jeff Odom is a JK mentee, but often does good work. Frankly, I'm just glad there is more positive news to report than ever, and enough media out there (Twitter, here, blogs, etc.).
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    I like Colin at times, but he's the king of snark, and takes joy in trying to come off as the Dennis Miller of USF Bloggers. He's the classic case of a guy would say 1/10th of the stuff to you in person as he does on Twitter.
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    Big difference, though. Collin is a blogger vs. a paid journalist. I have lower expectations. Also, Collin actually likes USF.
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    Brett Venebles or Lane Kiffin (because he just fits the sliminess of this situation so well) - considering the hassles Charlie had to deal with at Texas with the boosters, I'm not sure if he's too keen on going into an environment where there is a lot of pressure because of a delusional fan and booster base as well as the uncertainty with NCAA sanctions (I don't think the self imposed bans will be enough, especially with the Freeze misconduct and the lawsuit from Nutt). Not to mention that the SEC west is great at kicking the **** out each other every year - it's an uphill battle if you're not Bama. Also, I heard that Charlie had to deal with some racism with boosters at UT...you think he wants to deal with an even more backwards situation at Ole Miss?? And with far fewer resources than UT?
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    Growing fan support for USF is like beating your head against a brick wall. Everyone remembers the power conference Big East days. I try and invite people to come to games weekly, for FREE, it's darn near impossible. I remember telling people to buy season tickets last year to help boost our chances at getting into the big 12. And that was WITH FSU, Navy, and UCF on the home schedule. I suspect that even with an amazing year this year, people will make their excuses. I know two or three people who will go, but not sure how to cover the rest. Got to keep working on the alumni population, but a lot of people aren't listening in my age group.
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    Best Arkansas fan I know is on the board!
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    "Something Positive About The Upcoming Season"
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    I'd look forward to Batesville, AR a lot more than meeting any of us.
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    CJL would have crushed Stony Brook 80-0
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    I was at that game. I remember in the first quarter thinking 'What kinda crap show is this?' Did not use the word crap though. We scored first and they ran off back to back TD drives. I remember looking at my boy Sig and saying "I don't think Holtz is the answer." We did run off a bunch of points and I was happy we won but I was like... Then drove up to Gainesville the next week and watch us bumble and stumble through a game we should have won. Then went to the next game at RayJay where we barely... yes barely... because they held us to 1 score in the first half... good think it was Taggart's ****** west coast offense and the defense didn't give up a score. We did win that game 24-12... but I knew Holtz was not the answer. I knew we'd be like for the next few years. It was around that time I joined the "Fire Skip Holtz" crowed. Yes... in his first season.
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    I don't know about the best, but when I was last on campus from 2004-2008 for grad school, I did some irreparable damage to anything within walking distance of the History Department. You should probably avoid anything in red at all costs. Orange is medium threat level, but not worth the gamble. Yellow is still a crapshoot, literally.
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    I didn't bother reading through all the comments, but it's good to hear the original poster came off the hissy fit. I predict more such UCF hissy fits in the days ahead, though.
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    He is still a blowhard
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