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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

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    No, but the impoverished and obscure seem to like the place. And remember kids, What are the two best things to come out of Alabama? I-10 and I-20. What is the Alabama Dept of Education Motto? Thank God for Mississippi. What's twenty feet long and has five teeth? The funnel cake line at the Alabama State Fair. What's the Alabama term for genius? Visitor! and of course...What's the definition of safe sex in Alabama? Placing signs on the animals that kick. That's it boys and girls, enjoy your trip, enjoy the bowl game and remember, the only reason they sell button-fly jeans in Alabama is 'cause the sheep can hear zippers a mile away. Y'all come back, ya heah.
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    I got some South Carolina toilet paper!!!
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    Got my wife this shirt, from FanPrint, to go with a lot of other USF gear over the years. This one hit home.
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    AAC is a group of misfit toys.... Stepping stone for coaches
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    Maybe <gulp>, we actually are the 6th best conference.
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    40K seat OCS with room for expansion makes the most sense to me. We need to build our season ticket holder base and a reduced supply of seats should help move in that direction. I don't foresee USF getting new contracts to play UF, FSU, Texas, Miami, etc. as long as the G5/P5 divide remains. A smaller OCS stadium will help build a more constant fan base, provide a point of pride on-campus, and will allow USF to get greater bulk of parking and concession revenue. Ray Jay will work if somehow the size of USF's venue becomes a sticking point to signing new contracts with P5 foes. If the money is too good to pass up, then admins will have to make the choice of whether to momentarily move a game to Ray Jay or force the opposing school to play at the OCS (if we can even do that). Hopefully, our fanbase steps up more at that point and makes that choice easier for admins. Our fan base needs to buy season tickets.
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    I expect a four star or two will sign most years, but they will be downgraded by most services as soon as they commit to us.
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    CCS will be the next CSH, losing while competing in the high humidity.
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    Thought a bright spot in defense would warrant its own thread...Auggie has been carrying a heavy load this season, and it might pay off for him in Birmingham.
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    Out of Houston,#3 player in country.....usf and strong made his final 5 with the likes of ohio state, lsu, oklahoma
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    Matt Rhule in the box tonight at the bowl and saying he didn't call a single Temple recruit since coming to Baylor. Says its not fair to them or his old school.
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    Who was the other guy there to make those tackles?
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    1-5 is a large enough sample size... our conference sucks
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    For this program, and this defense, if he signs it would be a coup on Pinochet proportions.
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    Time for acceptance. The American is a weak conference.
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    Well ****, I doubt this kid even knows where USF is without Strong. See if we can get him in for a visit now. Good publicity regardless.
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    So Temple wins the conference and gets to play a 6-6 Wake Forest? I feel like we got the better bowl game. Sucks for the AAC though.
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    As long as TJ stays I am good.
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    Exactly. Key thing to look at is that 16 number. This was long thought of as a small class, but with the some defections with the coaching change that number opens up. Curious to see if CCS is keying in on some new guys in the JUCO rank during the dead period. He has his work cut out for him, but can foresee a strong finish much like Frost last year.
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    Also, for those going through Atlanta, traffic on northbound I-75 around the McDonough area (south of ATL) has been a bit dicey since there has been construction going on there for a while. Georgia highway construction lasts FOREVER. Check Google Maps routinely after you get through Macon. If the traffic is bad there, my advice, unless you hear differently on the radio or Google, is to stick it out ... it usually moves faster than trying to look for an alternate route.
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    It probably should. You'll still have a ways to go on 285 north towards I-20 that will have heavy traffic but I think the downtown junction gets much, much worse. I'd get on Google Maps around 4 pm today to see what the traffic looks like on that road at that time- chances are it will be the same tomorrow as today. I live in the northeast suburbs so I never really have a reason to be down in south ATL too often, but I always avoid the downtown connector (75/85) like the plague after 3 pm on weekdays. Also, when you start getting into McDonough or so, tune in your radio to AM 750. They have the best traffic updates of any radio station in Atlanta.
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    We have a few that aren't "Game" but fit the rest of the description.
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    After this bowl game, we'll have a much better idea of who stays, who goes.
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    I imagine this game doesn't move the needle for them. A disappointing season capped with a potential loss to a G5 team probably doesn't get the competitive juices flowing for a fan base with an inflated opinion of their program....
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    16th Street Baptist Church and the Civil Rights Museum
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    bb- i feel the same way about holtz and wife.the move to replace him was the right move for usf.It worked out for holtz also
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    They never recovered from losing The Commish.
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    Seems like our attendance won't be too bad to be a few states away
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    I'm bring my jersey, in case we get up big, and they open the stands for scrubs.
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    if you are into motorcycles or cars in general, I saw some pictures of the team visiting here: http://www.barbermuseum.org/
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    What's going to happen with that trophy and tradition he started with the gnats???? ----------- BTW, anybody who makes over a million dollars gets no sympathy from me about not getting paid enough... The minimum wage for a lot of folks is what? (rhetorical!)
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    Filled with typos and poorly written sentences, but hadn't seen here do thought I'd share. http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2016/12/24/south-florida-quinton-flowers-birmingham-bowl/95655158/
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    Please provide facts, not assumptions. Do you have a list of players whose father left them?
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    Publicly it's because he's respecting the coaches that got this team to the bowl game and letting them finish their work. Privately he's trying not to get too attached to the staff he's about to clear out.
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    I can get behind this. Not once has he shown any sign of being anything less than a stand up guy. I'm proud to have him on the field representing the university but most importantly, I'm proud of how he represents himself.
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    Football field aside, you have to admire this young man. He's really an amazingly strong person. And on the football field, other schools didn't want him play QB. He said no. It was no cakewalk as QB at USF but he stuck with it (could have transferred out), and look at him now... And you know what? He's been a class act as our QB. He's my favorite USF player of all time.
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    My wife bought me a really classy long sleeve Bulls pullover.....sorta like a hoodie without the hood. Then she had a shirt made for me to give to her that said "Bulls Fans are Better Kissers" with the Bulls logo on it.
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    Rudolph asks DJ for directions
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    Anyone in the Palm Beach Area?
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    DJ will deliver presents to all of the nice people in the world and still play in a Bowl game four days later.
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    D'Earnest skipped Christmas and already scored a touchdown in Birmingham
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    I think they are one major player away. I like the Bibby pick up. Sometimes losing a player makes other players better. Let's see who steps up.
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    where does this Texas was a mess myth come from? They had just gone 7-2 in their conference the year before. He inherited 5 guys on his defense that were drafted into the NFL. He had the doak walker award winning RB on his roster and he couldn't win more than 6 games........
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    D'Ernest has adopted an unconventional rushing style: when he gets the ball, the end zone runs to him.
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    i have been saying for decades our ooc is terrible why we play 1aaaaa teams is beyond me
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