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    I'll say it again, 30 points is enough to beat temple. While not their best night at all, QF and the offense did their job and put up solid points. The run defense could not have stopped an old lady on a walker trying to escape the nursing home. THAT is why we lost.
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    Ohio State fell, Houston is down, and its another blessed morning.... Looking/hoping to hear some defensive changes soon It's Sunday, so Phins up!
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    His numbers say otherwise. He has willed this team to victory plenty of times. Some of y'all Crack me up with how quick y'all are to heap coals on QF when we lose. He didn't get the punt blocked. He didn't let the other team score 30+ points. He led all of the under 2 min touchdown drives. He threw catchable balls with the exception of like 2 skip passes. He didn't throw any interceptions and he created plays with his legs... what more was he supposed to do?
  4. 3 points
    He would be growing on me more if he had recognized this earlier in the season and done something about it. It's been obvious to us all that there was a problem that needed to be corrected.
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    That was mostly in response to the usuals who started bashing him like he cost us the game. I feel like we play who we play though. Competition or lack there of didn't matter when Matt White was on the field. It didn't matter with Bobby or Bench. They couldn't put up the numbers. I remember hearing the Big East called the "Big Least" plenty of times because it paled in comparison to the other conferences. Now we talk as if those were the glory days and we were in the SEC or something... Those teams had history and name recognition, but none of them were know for dominating on the football field when we played them. QFs will not get an asterisk next to his name saying he only holds the records because we played crappy teams. He's a baller, he would be just that on anyone's team. I'd never argue with QF being a baller, he's outstanding and usually takes very good care of the ball. He may be a better decision-maker than BJ or MG. But as far as the league comparison goes, I don't think there is one. Our marquee teams in the AAC seem to be Houston, Temple, and Navy, with us being close now. But comparing those teams to a WVU or Louisville or even Pitt? Rutgers & SU may help your point, but AAC's lower-tier teams are lower, and in the BE we routinely had top 15 teams on the schedule. It was clearly a stronger conference IMO. I did have to smile at your combination QB "Matt White". Your point is made with either one though.
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    The players are not the problem. Its a scheme and coaching issue. Look at Air Force which dominated Navy. They are not bigger or more talented. They run a 3-4 defense with smaller players than ours.
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    We sitting over here falling apart because we lost to a good team. We were down by a touchdown driving in the fourth. Houston got beat down and you know they have out recruited SMU!
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    Grothe is more knowledgable abut the game that anyone on this board and led the greatest season in USF football history, so his opinion carries some weight. Just because you don't like the message doesn't mean he's wrong.
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    No, it's actually a very bad thing for the AAC. In order to be taken seriously as a P6 conference, we need 4 teams at 12-0, 11-1, and 10-2, with 8 teams at 3-9,4-8, etc A whole conference of 6-6 teams makes for great nail-biting drama of who will play the CCG, but the only people watching will be the insiders To get the outsiders to care, we need those flagship teams. USF and Houston were supposed to have that role, and both crapped the bed this weekend. Dark days for the AAC
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    QF is not the problem and, for those of you who blame the offensive on-field personnel, you're wrong to do so.
  11. 2 points
    Weekends are tough when the bulls lose. I'm a hopeless Jags fan so every Sunday is a period of mourning.
  12. 2 points
    Like many have already pointed out, its a personnel/scheme problem. Teams know we cant stop the run and we haven't made any adjustments to fix it. If we start the Navy game in a dime base defense, I'm done.
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    I think it's a little easier to triick yourself (CWT) into thinking the defense will eventually gel when you are winning games. Winning is a great deodorant.
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    Stack the box and let them try and beat us with the past. Even if they do that, our offense still gets more touches.
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    But then they would've been leading the division, undefeated in the American?
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    Still wishing UCF would have beaten Temple. My how that would have helped us.
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    Quite enjoyed the Penn State blocked field goal. That crowd was ripped up. I am hoping Harbaugh can finish off Ohio State so the love affair can end for a little while.
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    Goes to show you that conference road games are tough. Doesn't mean the sky is falling.
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    How many conference championships did he win? ZERO. Little conference? BCS conference? ZERO. How many times did he even win more than 4 games in conference play? Enough of the Memberberries over Leavitt. USF would have eventually fired him over lack of progress. If he actually made progress, then some school with deeper pockets would have lured him away with double or triple of what USF could have or would have offered him. The broken record on this is just frigging tiring.
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    No way USF is favored. That's crazy talk. Navy is the known commodity to the public AND ranked AND have the marquee win. We suck against the run and that's what Navy is best at.
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    You probably don't get kudos often enough... but it's nice to have a logical UCF fan here that's educated and realistic about their program. I agree... they're definitely on the upswing and this year isn't going to be a cakewalk game.
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    What Navy will do to our defense...
  23. 2 points
    Maybe they won't be ready for our style of arm tackling
  24. 2 points
    Get outta here with that. Grothe had a BIG TIME defense behind him that kept us in close with the big boys.
  25. 2 points
    umm no, Willie was just trying to run up the score. He has done a ton of good, but that was not a good moment for him.
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    And maturity IMO,as well as a lack of respect for the current participants.
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  28. 1 point
    Maybe Tom Herman forgot to kiss some of his players. One of the more creepy things I've seen in athletics.
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    It almost seems as if we're trying to get by purely on athleticism and talent rather than having a game plan along with those things.
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    It has taken me more than a day ... and the loss was perplexing Friday night as well. I am not going to rehash the past, but let's look at the future. The reality is, we're in the same boat we were last year, USF can win the East -- although we need Temple to lose one more game. I get that people are looking at the sieve of a rush defense and then looking at our next opponent's rush offense. Yes, that is downright depressing. I am expecting the team to make adjustments this week -- and prepare for that. For some, it may be too much of a stretch to give the coaching staff some benefit of the doubt... but I think we can hold our own against the triple option. After that we have Memphis, SMU, and UCF Yes, I admit that if the defense does not improve, USF could just as easily lose all four remaining games. And many here might even predict that. I don't think so. The Temple defense was the best AAC defense we will face all year. In fact, the ESPN FPI (updated already) has us favored to win all of our remaining games. FPI also gives Temple the edge in their remaining games vs Cincy, @ U Conn, @ Tulane, vs ECU. If USF wins out - I think that is still reasonable to expect - and Temple stumbles once, then USF wins the division. Looking west, Navy holds all the cards there. They have already beaten Memphis. Houston has two losses, so they're out of commission. Only Tulsa stands in the way of the Middies winning the West. IF USF wins out... and Temple loses just one time (and in this crazy conference, that seems like a possibility)... then the Bulls will be seeing the Navy in Tampa Bay again on Dec 3rd... unless Tulsa beats Navy, then we might actually see a Golden Hurricane at RayJay.
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    Big big bearcat fan terrified of Navy
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    Feeling like a huge Bearcats fan this week.
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    Just goes to show you that it's hard to win any road game against a conference foe. One game does not a season make.
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    I'm hoping QF is ok and Coach T is still ripping Coach Woddie a new a$$hole. Can we bring in Butch Davis to fix the defense. Is he available?
  35. 1 point
    Navy dropping 500+ on the ground against our sorry ass D.
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    are the other 5 teams going to just lay down. I have watched Memphis, Navy, and SMU play today. we will not beat them and doubtful if we beat ucf. Take off the green and gold goggles. SMU has held Houston to 14 points tonight
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    For years prior to the AAC, USF never recognized UCF as a rival. What if during that time, UCF made a trophy without the consent or knowledge of USF and brought it to one of our games and left it in the UCF bench. After USF won, what would've USF do? Actually, what if Tulsa declared USF a rivalry, made a trophy and left it on their bench? Would USF care? The trophy was left on the UConn bench. According to some UCF staff, nobody knew what to do with it. UConn contrived the trophy. They can keep it, we'll just take the "W".
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  39. 1 point
    Navy will smash our defense.
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    Several things stood out to me last night that I would had done differently. 1. I would had taken the opening kickoff. We have one of the best offenses in the nation, playing a run heavy clock eating team on the road. So why not take the ball, hope to score and make them play catch up all night? 2. Speaking of run heavy offense(Temple's) why didn't we stack the box most of the game? The defensive play calling was atrocious and the players were out of position. 3.We also didn't make in game adjustments, their full back was opening up massive holes knocking our defensive players on their Butts all night, so why didn't we dbl team him, or do something to slow him down or make him think twice about being the one to deliver the blows?(be the aggressor not the receiver of the punishment) 4. When Flowers went down, and Keen came in, (why call a pass play on 3rd down from your own 1 yard line)????? Nothing good comes from it. 5. The 3 and 4 bunch receiver sets were working than we switched to the run up the middle to NO WHERE to have too many 3 and outs. That was horrible play calling by Willy. 6There were too many dumb penalties and mistakes as well, You can blame the players but it is also on the coaching for not having them ready to play , in the right mindset or in position to make the plays. There were a few other things that had me screaming last night but cant remember them right now. Thoughts?
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    I don't think the changes would happen fast enough
  42. 1 point
    I have seen him post very positive stuff about this team. Last night was an embarrassment, I am glad he called them out.
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    +1000 We are 6-2 because of QF not in spite of
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    Willie was hot! Mentioned how we failed in all aspects of the game. Finally putting most of the blame on "coaching", which he followed by accepting the coaching issues start with him. He said it was a piss poor effort. I did not hear Woodie.
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    So we aren't that far from out. We are down and kinda close to being out. This thread is a lie.
  46. 1 point
    short of giving our defense guns I don't see them stopping Navy at all.
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    Sure way to make money on the Bulls is to bet against them on games in late October on the road that matter. This team folds like a cheap tent.
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  49. 1 point
    We lose when it matters most every single time and wonder why we can't get fans, It's masochism being a Bull!
  50. 1 point
    Needs a demotion. That unit went from solid to one of the worst in the nation in one season.
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