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    Found this on the hillbilly board. Not too shabby and last night Cinci and UConn had around 28-29k announced attendance. This season is setting up nicely. mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=159&f=4582&t=1487547310-Year Average1. BYU 61,0363. South Florida 40,7144. UCF 37,1735. UConn 35,0917. Cincinnati 31,0758. Memphis 28,7479. Houston 26,68811. Temple 24,27912. Colorado State 22,42413. Tulane 22,167 5-Year Average 1. BYU 59,665 3. South Florida 36,131 4. UCF 35,770 6. Cincinnati 31,828 7. UConn 31,591 8. Memphis 30,128 9. Temple 29,928 10. Houston 29,105 12. Colorado State 22,242 13. Tulane 21,100 Top Season 1. BYU 64,497 (2007) 2. South Florida 53,170 (2007) 4. Temple 44,159 (2015) 5. UCF 44,018 (2007) 6. Memphis 43,802 (2015) 7. UConn 39,331 (2008) 8. Cincinnati 37,096 (2015) 10. Houston 33,980 (2015) 12. Colorado State 26,575 (2014) 13. Tulane 26,112 (2007)
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    We really need a DC with a solid resume. Check this guy out. We should give him a look. Here is a link to his wiki page: 1983 Navy (GA) 1986–1987 Navy (WR/TE/ST) 1988 Georgia Tech (TE) 1889–1991 Georgia Tech (ILB) 1992–1993 Maine (DC/LB) 1994–1995 Cleveland Browns (LB/QC) 1996–1997 Indianapolis Colts (LB) 1998–1999 Oakland Raiders (DB) 2000–2003 Oakland Raiders (DC) 2004 Cincinnati Bengals (DA) 2005–2007 Cincinnati Bengals (DC) 2009 Florida Tuskers (LB) 2010 Florida Tuskers (DC) 2011 Oakland Raiders (DC)
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    Odds on TigerJay never showing up here again? May be a bet I'd be willing to take.
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    I wouldn't get too carried away with attendance smack.
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    You're in impressed that a Big Ten school beat FIU? Wow, that is some result right there! From what I saw it wasn't that impressive of a performance. Indiana is expected to have that result. Check back with me after October 1, 2016. You know since they don't play anyone until then. Would you be happy trialing FIU 13-12 heading into the fourth? Taggart's resume is blah with nothing impressive on it either. But somehow he will the best coach the program has ever had. Already is in my opinion, but that's up for debate. I'm so tired of talking about this offense and how it's going to function. Over the summer they took trips just to add WRINKLES to the offense. CWT is all in with this thing, he had his hand in the pot last season. He tasted what this thing can be and won't stop until its perfected. We'll be just fine. I expect improvement like we saw last year. Everyone is in love with Houston and I can't wait for y'all to eat your words. This staff has always had Western Kentucky coaches on it and no seemed to care before. Now all of a sudden we're expect to have a staff filled with Blue Blood failures lol. I'd rather have a staff that gets results and develops players over a Texas failure looking for new stepping stone. We aren't mediocre do we have guys that need to prove themselves? Yes, but this is not Skippy Idiot's Merry Friends world. Taggart may know some of these guys personally, but if you don't produce you're gone. New expectations here boys. Get with it or get out! All Tom Allen did was do the opposite of what Chuck did. It's easy to improve when you let your fast players blitz and attack. I also saw many times when Tom Allen's defense could have cost us some close games. Sometimes attacking with terrible coverage alignment that had me shaking my head. We neglected to bring that up though. If I can see it from my seat I would hope he could as well. Woodie needs to find the balance and I expect him to. These assistants seem to want it and not just be there knowing they won't get fired like under Skippy Love All. Give me a hug, get'm next year champ! #putonforyourcity #baymade #baystayed #isitseptemberthirdyet #overit #letsplayball #whiptowsonsass
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    We really shouldn't be so hard on TigerJay. His presence is probably responsible for a dozen pages or so.
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    Maybe OCs are like chicks. We can't all have a 10, but two 5's is still a fun night.
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    It's a fair point...always tough to tell how coaching turnover might affect a team. I think promoting from within will help with that transition, though. And the scheme is pretty much the same too. One thing to remember about guys who used to be at Texas, etc....if they were really good they'd still be there.
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    Even the Bucs would wait until deep into the second round to draft him.
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    "I do not think the scheme is anything special. If there was a special scheme, everybody would be teaching the same thing. It is way more important to coach a mentality. I think it is more important to teach these kids to believe in themselves and the people around them. They have got to make plays. I have not tackled anyone in 24 years, not legally anyway." - Tom Allen
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    And Orlando Antigua was John Caliper's right hand man at Kentucky. Pretty impressive, right? How far did that get us?
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    Oh boy. Can't wait to see the responses on this one
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    Memphis thought a big wad of cash from FedEx would wash out the stains
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    I think there will be a lot of disappointment tomorrow about our attendance. I don't want to line up the excuses but I go to enough games to know the ebbs and flows. Tomorrow night is a AA game, over the holiday weekend and it rained a lot. I will be there and so will my group but the conditions are not right for a packed house. I hope I am wrong.
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    I want Houston to win for the AAC. But I want them to get pounded and crushed for both any possible B12 implications... and because of their fan base. FSU then USF crushes them!
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    For the most part our coaching staff seems to have been in the game a long time and appear to be good teachers. With Taggart calling the plays, good teachers on offense is what is needed. Although we don't have that "big name" coordinator, I like the experience on the staff. Don't sell Weist's experience short. He was a co offensive coordinator on Butch Jones' U of Cinci teams. The jury is still out on what Woodie can do as a DC, but he does have a pretty experienced guy on his defensive staff that, no one really talks about. Jancek was a DC at Georgia, U of Cinci and at Tennessee. Let's face it, unless a coordinator is part of a championship team, the hot commodity of the day, or gets his shot at being a head coach, the vast majority of fans never know their names until after they have done something big. Before becoming a DC at USF, Tom Allen's only other DC gig was at Drake not known as a defensive powerhouse in any league. As we start the season I feel good about the coaching staff. My concern will be how well they can make adjustments in close games. We shall see
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    I think this is exactly what I have been seeing in the games as well. Don't get me wrong, I like Allen and he was an upgrade over Meatloaf but he had a lot of talent to work with. They needed to have a fire lit under them and he did that but he was no X's and O's genius. Our D needs to play with a chip on their shoulder and I think Woodie can make that happen.
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    I'm in no way a football guru but I don't think Tom Allen was that hot. He looked a lot better than what he was because of who he took over after. We went from a sit back and wait defense (which was on display at Ucif this past year), to an aggressive one. That's it... As long as we stay aggressive I don't see a drop off at all. These young men know how to play the game. As long as they are put in a position to succeed, they will. As a result, everyone around then we'll look like geniuses. As for resumes, you don't know how great someone is until they're finished. Every coach was a nobody at some point in their career. I don't need/want a pedigree, I want results. That's when we will know what our coaches and players are made of. Some of the worst coaches brush elbows with the best... IJS
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    And funny enough, the site's 17th birthday was yesterday and I forgot to say anything. But I will now. Thanks to all who have helped things stay interesting enough to keep the site going. I appreciate the help provided and the conversations we've had. Go Bulls!
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    Mike was a good kid it's nice to see him doing well at WKU
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    Throwback helmets you say? Just finished painting these earlier this week.
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