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Hi Guest,

Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


Go Bulls!

Thank you,

Brad Brad


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    One more in the USF family.
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    Congratulations...organic fan base growth. Takes longer but it's clear he's on the right path. I don't know if it is your first or not, but being a dad is the greatest thing ever. Congratulations!
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    Looks like a Linebacker to me. Look at that grip on the camera. Congratulations, Go Bulls!
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    Just praying no one takes Borders so we get him one more year.
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    Usually it's just lip service when I say this but that really is a cute baby .... Congrats!
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    Congrats to Chase Koepka on winning in his professional debut. Chase Koepka shoots 64 to win in his professional debut Jordan Elsen 2nd with 67 followed by Anthony Tocco in 3rd with 68 Thursday, June 9, 2016 ATLANTIS, Fla. – Chase Koepka from West Palm Beach, FL, took advantage of his home course when he turned his first start as a professional golfer into a victory Thursday when he won on the Minor League Golf Tour at Atlantis Country Club. http://www.minorleaguegolf.com/result-beta.asp?Id=1611
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    It's ok. The NFL is kind enough to give him a shot.
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    That's a ******** excuse. Your mom doesn't even have FCS talent and her home attendance numbers are staggering.
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    Season ticket holder since graduating in 08, haven't been to a game let alone back in FL since the 09 season. I switch between the Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers and big Sisters of America for my donations of tickets so I agree on the donating thing obviously. It's great to give kids that wouldn't normally able to go otherwise and incase I ever am able to move back to FL I have my seats that I picked out 8 years ago.
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    Just the good luck charm we need this year! Congrats!
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    We had about 60 tonight for the South Florida leg of the tour. Thanks to Alan Steinberg, Carlos Rodriguez, Bill McCausland, and all who helped to put it together! I agree with above comments. It is clear the fan base needs to help more than we have recently with positioning the school as best it can be. The RayJay needs to sell out for every game, not just for FSU. CWT mentioned that tonight and he's right. Win and they will come, but we need to be there no matter what. Not everyone may be able to buy expensive sideline seats... but USF gives us some really affordable options for season tickets and we need to be there to support the team. Tickets to games anyone can't make it to can be listed on the website for sale or can be donated to a lot of good causes. We need to get more friends to come out for games... this year may be a crucial springboard.
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    Jim Louk is about the last connection the program has to the early days.... I love reading his stuff. He's a walking encyclopedia. Hope he has a lot more time at USF.
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    high expectations will destroy us!!!
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    The hype will destroy us!!!!!!!!! You're welcome, lotsofbull.
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    Kevin Smith scored more points for USF in the head to head matchups.
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    Will do. I've been to a Syracuse/USF basketball game up there when I was up visiting a client near Utica (Clinton). I may have a need to visit them that will happen to coincide with the football game.
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    You joke but I definitely had a buddy periscope an away game from the bar cause I was at work for the first half. And let me tell you, outside of audio it wasn't half bad!
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    I don't blame you. I'm in the same camp. Until I see consistency and a return to giant killer status, USF has beaten me down enough that enough that im going to continue to expect the worst and hope to be surprised. Losing Hope and Allen and some experience on the line, and a scary bad start to last season leaves me nervous for this one.
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    It is a point of emphasis for sure. I know the overwhelming majority of our new season ticket members/Bulls Club donors this year have had tickets in the past and recently dropped out. We have also renewed over 90% of last years football season ticket members, which is a percentage I do not believe we've ever hit before.
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    He didn't run him off. He wasn't a good QB prospect. He was a good baseball prospect... he was pretty good in high school... nobody thought he'd be a QB we would see in a game. He was a walk-on who wanted to play with his older brother, Bobby (who sucked at QB).
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