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    Just wanted to say even though it's not full me and my GF both '14 alums purchased flex 3-game plans. Not full season ticket members yet but definitely will be when we can afford it. Looking forward to watching my bulls this year.
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    Well, we were the host school last year and, as a result, were expected to do well. Here we were playing in a much more unfamiliar surrounding. The two east coast southern teams we were paired with, FSU (+28) and WF (+31), seeded ahead of us, also didn't fare so well. Koepka (+5) and Correa (+4) played well enough to advance. Surpringingly, DiMarco (+11) performed much better than both Olsen (+19) and Fernandez (22). We needed three players doing well, or four players doing decent to make the final fifteen teams and we didn't have that in this tourney. The 15 team cut is +27. Five teams will be playing off for two spots. Houston bogeyed the last hole to finish at +28. FSU made a run with a hole in one near the end, but still came up short. We finished at +36 (26th place). 8th place is +18. Obviously, this has been a tough course for just about every team. Hopefully, we can make it to the dance again next year. Correa, Fernandez and DiMarco will return with another year of major college golf competition under their belt and will form the foundation for the team. I'm looking forward in seeing how the incoming guys perform in the fall. One of them recently won a fairly big tourney. Also, we have guys currently on the bench who will compete for a spot in the starting line-up. Too bad, that Fr Oskar B from Sweden who did well in the fall, but left school in the spring to turn pro won't be here and, his compatriot who also signed with us, at the same time, never made it to USF. As such, we lost our freshman class from last year and that makes it tougher starting out.
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    College Athletics today is inherently the problem
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    Thanks Mama Bull for all of the updates this year. Looking forward to another run next year!
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    Every Bulls Fan in the stands counts! I have 4 friends who are getting the flex pack also. I think the attendance and atmosphere in the stadium will be greatly improved this year.
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    OK, I'll bite. Employed within a year, in the NCAA, I'll bet not. He is not a spring chicken. He is 60. He doesn't have enough time to launder his reputation. NFL maybe, but very few NFL teams run an applicable offense. I would suggest, that he is already toxic. If and when the full story comes out, how he lied for several years, transferred players to avoid accountability, ignored his players abusing college coeds, recruited equally disgusting known rapists, he will be toast. Add in some civil suits, some Title 9 suits against Baylor, and he well be cooked. But for Smazza, this just adds to his street cred. Briles is a disgusting human in my opinion.
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    I say we go 7-5 with a trip to the St. Pete Bowl. The two biggest variables will be if our defense will continue to be suseptible in the second half of games, and if the conference can remain as competitive as it was last year or if USF can take advantage of a potential down year for the conference.
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    maybe no one will notice since our colors are similar
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    I have loved (American) football since 1985 when it was first broadcast here in the UK, in 1996 i started playing and in 1997 was lucky enough to be in the british championship final and won. I can't get enough of the game. I went to every London Monarchs game in NFL Europe. I have been to Miami, Dublin and have seen all the nfl games in London. Last year BT Sport in the UK picked up NCAA coverage and the first game i caught was a little game against UCF on thanksgiving. I loved the passion of the players, you could see these guys loved the game and wanted to carve out a career for themselves. I knew i was coming to Florida this year and my wife surprised me with a ticket to a game of my choice. I've seen salute to service games in London and can't think of a better one to go to than Navy.
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    And thanks to alumni like you, odds are we stay there ...
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    We're a lock for the Big 12 once they realize that with Great Britian, the sun never sets on our media market
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    Getting away from the playoff talk, and more about perception, and getting us that higher ranking, we start the season out with Towson, Northern Illinois, and Syracuse before we play Florida St. We should start the season looked at being around #32, so I think the goal is to be ranked before we play a hopefully top 5 Florida St so that the perception isn't that we came onto the scene ONLY from a Florida St win (this is hypothetical obviously). We have to get noticed before we play them
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    I'll chime in, just because it is an interesting hypothetical. I think there are only 2 scenarios in which USF could possibly make it to the CFP. First, Houston would have to be undefeated in the AAC title game as well, which would mean that they would have knocked off Oklahoma and Louisville. Given Houston's performance last season, this would have them somewhere in the top 6 or so by the time we would play them. Additionally, we would need FSU to have only lost to us, beating Ole Miss, Louisville, and Clemson in the process. That would most likely place FSU in the top 6 as well. In that scenario, there would be a chance the USF (who could be ranked in the top 12 or so at that point) could leapfrog a few one and two loss teams, but that would definitely be an intriguing situation. The second scenario I can imagine is a weird season in which 4 of the P5 champions have 2+ losses each. This scenario is probably less likely than the first, but still a possibility. In that case, an undefeated USF with big wins over a one-loss Houston and 2 loss FSU could make the case for inclusion in the CFP. The reality is that the system is rigged. As other posters have alluded to, you really have to have 2 incredible seasons in a row or 3 or 4 consistent seasons (top 15 to top 20 finishes) in order to have a chance. The disheartening part is that, without conference realignment, our 2017 OOC schedule is too weak to make the CFP regardless of how well we perform this season (short of going 14-0). Likewise, our 2018 OOC schedule lacks a marquee program (albeit we do have 1 open date left to fill). As of right now 2019 only has Wisconsin scheduled and 2020 we have our first of 3 games against Texas.
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    Let's win 10 games in a season for once before we start having an opinion on getting screwed in a playoff.
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    If we go undefeated we better be in the playoff. We have a strong strength of schedule (7 bowl teams) and a top 10 in FSU and likely another top 10 in Houston in the AAC Championship game. I don't see how they could keep us out unless they just basically say screw you G5 you can't ever make the playoffs.
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    I think with the emergence of Flowers, Mack will have more running lanes this season. I've rewatched that game a few times and they completely stacked the line. This year Flowers is experienced enough to make them pay. We gotta shot...
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    . . . and our next offensive consultant, after Kinnan decides to truly retire . . .
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    I'd be happy if we can replicate this past season. Thinking National Championship presently is like thinking Bernie Sanders has a realistic chance of becoming President (thank God he doesn't). Two landmark achievements would be Coach Taggart allowing Q to throw a pass more than eight yards but less than 18 yards consistently. Q actually completing these mid-range passes would dictate how successful we can be as a team.
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    I totally understand where that girl is coming from job wise after graduating from USF (I had pretty good grades as well). It appears the value of my USF degree hasn't changed much over the past 12 years... yet people keep saying the academic standards have risen. Tomfoolery I say. I feel very fortunate that I enjoyed my time fully at USF. I can only imagine how upset someone would be that didn't enjoy their time at USF, has sizable student loans and failed to get a degree in a critical field where real jobs aren't such slim pickings (real fields IMO include engineering, mathematics, accounting, pre-med). My finance degree from USF and $1.99 will get you a hot dog and pepsi at the local 7-11. I wish I could say my degree has opened millions of doors for me - it really hasn't. I wonder though what people consider a good financial ceiling? Prior to getting married, my wife stated three years ago that I needed to make $150K a year in my current sales job or I need to be searching for an office job with more stability (401K, medical, etc). If that wasn't acceptable, then I need to go to law school (even tougher IMO). She's not a spender - she's very conservative. However to adequately save for retirement, we need to be putting close to $60K a year in the bank. She's a MD - however the Army doesn't pay as well as the civilian world (although she has NO student loans). The last two years have been a roller coaster - in 2014, I just cleared the mark. Last year though, I fell $54K short of $150K. I changed companies in September after seeing the huge drop in pay was imminent (I was railroaded by the owner of the prior company lacking foresight on our competition even though I gave him ample warning). This year, trying to make up for last year's poor performance. Any thoughts from the board on where a graduate from USF with a non-technical degree should be sitting when they graduate? What about a decade later? I try to measure myself up against my peers, but I feel like I have plateaued financially to a certain point. I do have my MBA - but wondering what type of transition one would expect working in a sales field versus taking a desk job for a large company. I've literally worked from my house for the last 10 years and the money has been a roller coaster. I do have job security with my current employer (they are happy with what I bring to the table) - but they also realize I want to make even more money - who doesn't. Sorry for rambling on... it seems like the rat race never ends. Now that we have a daughter, she has become the sole focus. Somehow, I have to ensure she becomes an academic and athletic superstar. Nothing less seems acceptable with respect to the standards my wife and I hope to maintain in our house. We figure it's the only way to ensure our daughter has a more prosperous future than my wife or myself (and therefore she won't have to rely on a guy). Go Bulls!
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    When a university takes chances on questionable character issues (and that's saying it too easily -too convenient ) for the sake of winning 10 plus games per season it has placed more value in football success then the safety of the student body and or anyone else for that matter. I would love to win 10 or more a season. but I don't want to be a Baylor at the cost of this. Anyone else feel this way?
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    Pretty much nailed it I guess. My boy Mazza has always been someone I found to provide good life advice... I think seeing how well his son turned out shows that people can definitely be different from their internet personas. For those that have met him and taken time to get to know him, he's a Bulls fan as much as the rest of us. He's an even better friend.
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    Always room for one more on the CWT Bus, welcome Coach Briles
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