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    Since no one else will say it... CWT is a racist. Only reason AW isn't starting.
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    They're not 5 sizes too large anymore...so no.
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    Do you now wear those basketball shorts over your head, like the Great Cornholio because they're 5 sizes too large?
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    With the type of number Byrd put up last year, I thought he could have been gone as high as the 2-3rd round. Unfortunately, he didn't have as good of a senior season, but I think he has 3-5th round potential. I can see Thor and Price being potential 6-7th round guys.
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    Mike had some great utility and was an athletic specimen. Towards the end, he might have become known just as much for his ability to block kicks as run at TE. Pretty sure Whitehurst did some coverage, too, so maybe that and his pro-day measurables get him a look for ST if not for LB.
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    Ford showed flashes but very little consistency. I will fight tooth and nail for Andre even if he is eclipsed. Who was our QB when we had Hall? Banks? Julmiste? He was all alone back there and seem to be good for 4 yards a carry even though they knew he was coming. I think he even had a cup of coffee in the NFL. Imagine what he could have accomplished with the offensive line we have today and Flowers (against the AAC).
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    Indeed it is. http://awfulannouncing.com/2014/your-white-guy-code-word-power-rankings.html
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    Here. I had no idea this thread was still kicking and for this reason. It is not against state law for an employee of a store to buy lottery tickets. However, it very well might be against Publix policy, specifically while on the clock, which presumably is in their employee handbook. Florida is essentially a right-to-work state which means in the big scheme you can be fired for any or no reason with the caveat they cannot fire you for the "wrong" reason. The wrong reasons being you are part of a "protected class." Also, if the employer has codes of conduct, a handbook or has an employment contract with the employee the employer will be expected to follow those or may subject itself to a "breach of contract" type claim. My guess is that there was something in a Publix employment handbook into which the lottery purchase fit.
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    Bro. Leave because we are already photoshoping Papa John's Cardinal Field @ Papa John Stadium there.
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    The more I read, the more it's clear that whenever USF decides to build an OCS, it will have to come on that big square bordered by Fowler, Fletcher, Bruce B. Downs and 50th streets.
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    Sure, the county is going to parley is proximity to USF to sell this, but scoffs at the idea of USF actually getting any benefit from it.
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    You are talking about the race to a conference crown... right?
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    Dude, UCF is fast now ....... I mean really fast. They even had a fastival and everything.
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    Maybe we should just create a virtual stadium for use with VR goggles for the game day experience without leaving home. Make it 190,000 seats. No traffic jams, no land needed. Season tickets could be lower priced, and some of the rowdy people here could even get into virtual fights when they refuse to sit down. Maybe even a few of us would get plastered during the virtual tailgate, or make a virtual ass of ourselves with virtual rude behavior, or even cheer like they never would in a more traditional setting. Hey, some may even pick up a virtual Sun Doll to join them in celebrating after the team's big victory on the field. Maybe USF will even win the conference and then the National championship. There is no need to physically attend a noisy, sweaty event with a bunch of rabid, yelling people in various states of inebriation. Tomorrow's kids and their parents want ease and convenience, and safety is always of paramount concern. We can make it happen! Go Bulls!
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    Uconn will have a solid team this year
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    Even if that was true, which it's not, there are many who were in all aspects of the system coming forward and saying what's been done is unjust. What is very obvious are large number of college sports fans who could care less about the student athlete and anything done to them physically or financially as long as the sport isn't threatened. That's nailing it.
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    I bought a lotto ticket on the clock at 9:45 at night, while no one had come through my line in at least 15 minutes mind you, at one of those little machines and they said it was illegal, and I should not have done that. Fired. I **** you not. And it probably had nothing to do with it being the same manager who fired my brother who was a produce manager for 10 years just 3 months before.... Hmm... I was there 5 years and they did me wrong. But that is A okay, I am going to be physician assistant making a ton more money, and spending it at other stores. Again, Publix blows Bring on more negative votes
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    This is the beggining of it all. A rise back to the elite, if you will.
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