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    Again not that I am disagreeing w/QF having the nod or that on field performance weighs heavily into the decision, but using that logic QF performance in 2014 was atrocious and he would have never seen the field in 2015 if on field performance was the only metric. The idealist in me thinks QF got the nods in 2015 bc CWT thought he gave the team the best shot to win. I think QF has earned the starting job and it's his to lose. Hopefully CWT puts the best QB that gives the Bulls the best shot at winning in 2016!
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    I couldn't get admitted now either, and that's not a bad thing. Our alumni are doing big things. Here's an interesting one, no matter your political affiliation. There's a gentleman by the name of Omar Khan, who was USF's first Muslim student body president. Omar Khan went on to be a key staffer for Nancy Pelosi, and because of his work with her he became the first Muslim campaign manager for Charlie Crist when Crist ran for governor as a Democrat. Whether or not you feel Crist should have won, imagine the power we would have had with a former USF student body president whispering in the ear of the Governor of the State of Florida-nothing UF or FSU could do would have changed that. I saw him at the Maryland game last year and asked him what he was up to these days-he's helping implement the TPP. Regardless of people's views on the TPP, there's no doubt that this is an incredible thing for a USF alumni to be doing. The only thing I'll say now is this-if people want to have a great university athletics program, and they want USF to be in the big 12-then we need to make the monetary investments. That can't all come from USF-people have to give donations and show that the donor pool is there to make the improvements necessary to be in the Big 12. I hope UCF gets back to prominence too. I remember the mid 2000 games and how remarkably well they were attended. The big 12 will take notice if a G5 rivalry is putting 50k-60k in the stands. I just want them to keep losing to us every year :).
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    you spent way too much time on this...
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    Too much spring attention. Got me nervous. Much prefer the underdog role.
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    In recent years, one of the prime things we've seen are kickoff classic games in other countries. You've seen teams go abroad, mainly to Europe, but on occasion to other countries. So this is the question, and I'll poll it out by city to get a relative approximation of distance. Just select the furthest you'd be willing to go in early September. A basic breakdown of the cities London: Pros: Direct flights from most of the US East Coast and midwest. Relatively low cost of flights given the circumstances. English is main language. Cons: London is expensive. Lowest flight cost, assuming we were playing there this year on opening weekend and you're just staying there for the night of the game and maybe a day afterwards and flying from Tampa: $1349 Hotel Cost for 3 days: $165 Food cost: up to you Jerusalem: Pros: Historic city with a lot of things to do. Excellent opportunities for religious tourism. Strong English-speaking community. Israelis are generally friendly to American visitors. Cons: Potential political instability due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Certain parts of town you should avoid. Restrictive security entering and exiting Israel. no direct flights Lowest flight cost: $910 Hotel cost for 3 days: 327 Dubai: Pros: American-friendly. Significant English speaking population. Emirates offers direct flights from Orlando, NYC, Washington DC, and other cities, and other carriers may offer reasonably priced flights given the distance. Lots of things to do, including indoor skiing and dining underwater Cons: High cost of shopping and food. UAE government is overly legalistic. Extremely long flights. Dubai is 7-8 hours ahead of the US East coast. Lowest flight cost (orlando): $1000 Hotel cost for three days: $294 Mumbai, India Pros: India is generally receptive to foreigners. Extremely favorable exchange rate. most flights involve a layover in Dubai, Doha, or a European airport. Lots of things to do if you know where to go. Cons: Limited English speaking population. Extreme poverty right alongside wealth. Crime rate. women at risk because Indians have a **** problem. You could be scammed easily.Mumbai is 10-11 hours ahead of the US East coast. Lowest flight cost: $1226 Lowest hotel cost for 3 days: $420: note: I selected a Hyatt Regency. It's not necessarily advisable to select lower grade hotels in Mumbai or other 3rd world countries. Tokyo, Japan Pros: Receptive to foreigners, especially Americans. Extremely safe. Strong public transit, and a variety of tourism opportunities, from history to culture to shopping. Japan actually has some history with American football, and 40k show up annually for their national championship, the Rice Bowl. The NFL has held games in Tokyo in the past. Cons: Flights are very expensive and extremely long. Tokyo itself is expensive, and Tokyo Narita is far outside the city. Tokyo is also 13-14 hours ahead of the US East coast. Lowest flight cost: $1,509 Hotel cost for 3 days: $390
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    I had a few losses so far but the teams I chose I rise were getting to the sweet 16.... The MSU one is killer, had them in the championship but losing to Kansas. Tough break for MSU fans and the postseason!
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    I'm highly offended by that. I don't distort what people say. I just make them realize what they said and they tend not like that.
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    I picked Hawaii to win that game! But I also had Michigan state winning it all so...
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    Wow, easy way to make a quick $100 if you have $900 just sitting there waiting to be wagered.
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    Yeah it was great; my significant other's parents' friends had two tickets and didn't want to go so we decided to make a night out of it. So many UConn fans, but it was great to see the Arena turned into a basketball court (I didn't see any games when the Men's Team played there In '13) I also went to the two games USF hosted and got some pics with the trophy; never thought I'd be as excited about WBB as I have been over the last few seasons.
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    So does the winner get some swag ala the football contests? I was really diggin the USF mousepad.
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    Bet that was a fun game to go to even though I hate UCONN lol if there ever was an exciting game in women's college basketball, it would be the championship game.
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    I chose UConn/ND in the championship. I actually went to the title game last year at Amalie and even watching them against the second best team in the nation didn't look fair. ND hung around but it was clear UConn had control. Geno is a heckuva coach.
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    Every time a mediocre team makes a bowl game I think about our 2002 team that was robbed of that experience. 9-2, win over a top 25 team, only losses were at Oklahoma and at Arkansas.
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    Literally not one poster has even remotely implied QF shouldn't have competition. Smazza gone read wut smazza gone read.
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    Yes, the guy who threw for 22 TDs and ran for 12 more isn't good enough...
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    obama has been such a great president man i would like to thank him personally
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    2 or 3 undefeated seasons??? Even that wont mean anything because we don't play anyone (sans FSU this season) 2016 09/03 - Towson 09/10 - Northern Illinois 09/17 - at Syracuse 09/24 - Florida State 2017 09/02 - Stony Brook 09/09 - at Northern Illinois 09/16 - Illinois 10/14 - UMass 2018 09/01 - Elon 09/15 - at Illinois 10/06 - at UMass
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    You guys are overreacting, All his saying is that of the G5 teams out there, these are the ones that have the best shot this season. No where does he state that it will happen.
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    so true after wku beat our brains out i dont see how anyone can be so optimistic
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    Quinton Flowers is the bestest So that makes him better than the best and you can't get any better than that .
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    maybe coach T knows something that we don't.
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    Donald Trump is gonna announce plans for an OCS, and UCF is going to pay for it.
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    Oh wait I know whats changing... where getting rid of the down rep thing... YAY!!!
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    I think if USF could string together 2 or 3 undefeated seasons, we would have a shot at a playoff birth. That is the only way that I see a "mid-major" crashing the party.
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    For screwing up everything in this country.
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