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    Heath had clearly lost the team and was clueless on how to run an offense not predicated on one-on-one play. He was terrible with halftime adjustments and I can't think of any player that every improved between their freshman and senior year. Doug has run this program into the ground and the stench that is DW will linger over USF for years.
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    It is unbelievable how much money Woolard has cost this University by giving extensions to both ex-CSHs. He has cost us millions with his bad decisions. Someone on another thread mentioned Woolard should give up his remaining salary and put it toward the buyout of Stan Heath's contract. Fantastic idea! So glad there is a new Sheriff in town.
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    My vote is for Bruce Pearl.
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    Yeah it's nice that a team who beat USF 3 times in the conference got beat by 61 today. Just another nail for Heath, one he doesn't need right now.
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    620 reports he was just fired.
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    Once again, the lost $$$ from horrendous performance is incalculable. Yes we are writing checks to fired coaches but I'll take that any day over keeping us buried at the bottom of the conference. We can see the checks we write. We can't see the money we never got. It will be more expensive to stay where we are.
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    Child please, One of the older ones in here, Prob old enough to be ur father, You don't know me so to enlighten you a little, Ill fill you in , a little about me. Not to brag but to put Jr in his/ her place. Not only have I Led people but did so for many years in multiple hospital settings. Worked my way up thru my profession and currently work part time by choice (semi retired)(didn't make my goal of retiring at 40 but came close). As far as work goes, I still work but not near as much as I used too. (semi retired) Don't hate, You too can get there with hard work, education and a skill set. I was the Director of Critical Care for a local hospital in the area.(about 3 years), Was also Lead Admin Supervisor for another local hospital for about 5 years. Got burned out as healthcare continues to change (all about the money not the patients) Used to work for a hospital chain as a "trouble shooter" would basically go to hospitals and fix messes(clean house),(or fill in while managers were out of work for maternity leave, or to fill vacant positions. Did that for about 10 years or so. Prior to that I worked as a employee for a company that supplied healthcare professionals for 8 to 13 week contracts. Traveled all over the country and banked some nice coin. (free housing, Great pay, bonuses , 401k, license reimbursement, company car ect...) I continue to travel ( here in Tampa about 2 weeks a month) rest of time up in NY/ NJ area) (working part time Since Im semi retired ) Work from computer now doing staffing for a Healthcare company that supplies Nurses , Resp Therapist to hospital's. ( prob will retire full time within a few years). I support the Bulls and plan my Part time work around the Bulls Schedule when I can. ( Unlike you Im sure) I actually donate, and buy season tickets to multiple sports. I also support them on the road, most home games, and ALL bowl games and usually BB tourney as well. If you need a job , have a degree in the healthcare field and a license let me know , We are always hiring. If not Than learn before you attempt to run off the trap . If you need info about jobs Ill be glad to help a Bulls Brother out. Spare me the "I live in Philly Crap so cant support the school" I own a home in NW NJ and in Tampa and get on one of those things they call "Planes" and fly to Tampa or where USF is playing to support in person.
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    Bullscast needs to be fired also
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    No more participation trophies. No more process-driven evaluation. Time for actual trophies. Time for results-driven evaluation.
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    Just got home from Softball game vs Baylor, Stan was the talk of the game. (Glad he is gone) Now lets hope the new coach can keep the players we have(no defections) (they would have to sit out a year if they transfer anyway per NCAA rules). New coach can come in and win right away with the talent we have currently. First thing I did as soon as I heard Stan was fired at the game was find my ticket rep, told him to pay my invoice for this upcoming year. USF has shown me that Losing is not acceptable, They hired a new AD(Seems like a good hire) and Fired an underperforming BB coach. Glad to see people at USF are doing the right things. Prado better wake up, He is the next one on the Hot seat (Men's Baseball coach). On a side note John Lewis Is the best in the dept and at what he does. (Thanks John for everything you do and have done for years at USF).
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    We can't afford to be in last place in both revenue sports 2 years in a row. THAT'S what we can't afford.
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    Stan Heath has always been a very nice man, but he simply is not a head coach. He makes a great assistant coach and somebody will pick him up for that role I'm sure of it. Two stops and two firings, Heath is likely done as a head coach. I know he still believes he can still do it, but it will be a hard sell to any administration and fan base for any AD to bring Heath in.
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    I feel like USF's new fight song should be, "hey big spenda...
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    Are you serious? Did I take the bait? Thanks to CSH for his efforts as well, but CJL is hands down the most successful coach this athletic department as seen. From zero to #2. 5 straight bowls. 6 straight with his recruits. Didn't want to hijack the thread, but come on. Stan had one good year in a down BE season. Did we even have any NIT invites during his tenure?
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    Guarantee the same ones calling for Bruce Pearl wanted Bobby Petrino at USF coaching football. Just an observation.
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    We're not power-5. Doesn't matter to him.
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    You liked the guy who led us to the bottom of the league, again. Probably a good thing.
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    You're acting like we've canned John Wooden. Stop it
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    all over twitter. kudos to paying 4 coaches
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    CBS sports also reporting it
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    Looks to be more of the same or even a step backward from Heath. Heath was national rookie head coach of the year, and 2 time conference coach of the year, including once in the BE. Either you bring in a big name, proven successful coach like Howland or Pearl or you stay the course. We aren't rebuilding here we are at a point where we are trying to get over the hump. the foundation is already set. If we make a change you need it to be to someone that has an understanding of what needs to be done to win at the highest level.
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    I don't know anything else about him, but this part I like.
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    Got the hotel booked, Hampton Downtown, but haven't decided on whether we will be flying or driving. Lots of family along the way, especially around Louisville and Indianapolis. I'm also looking at making the South Carolina/Kentucky game in Lexington the following weekend, on the way home. We've been talking about going to Notre Dame at Florida State on October 18, when USF is at Tulsa, and we will definitely be attending the Cincinnati game up there. After the Houston game, we will have attended 11 football games in as many weeks. If this works out, I should be either broke or dead by then.
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    I thought this thread was going to be about Stan.
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    What are the odds Josh stays here and graduates?
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    Stan Heath should be thanked for his time at the University. He was always a class act and although I wish he had won a few more games, he is in my opinion the most successful coach in USF Athletics history. (Big Money sports FB or MBB) That may not be saying much but he is the only coach in the history of the program to win a NCAAT game and brought us there for the first time in 20 years. I wish him nothing but the best. Time to make a good hire and get back to the Tourney. I understand the choice to move on.
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