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    Rankings are such BS. Its one guys excuse to sell his subjective view as being some authority on a topic. Look at his twitter, he ranks other things too; players, college baseball stadiums, etc. Has he been to these places? The fact youve never head of him until you read this tells you the only things he should be ranking are the failure rates of various hair loss treatments.
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    Atmosphere suffers tremendously at NFL turned college stadiums...UCF's actual building is terrible but their gameday experience is much better due to the OCS.
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    Based on one article? Let's see how this plays out first. No, it's based on the fact that he wanted to make him a pocket passer from the outset.
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    Here you go: http://www.naplesnews.com/videos/detail/usfs-taggart-brings-bull-way-to-swfl/ camp pics.......smart idea. UM schedules a spring practice..a FULL practice in the 239 every year. It draws thousands....and gets ton of Pub. http://www.naplesnews.com/photos/galleries/2013/jun/11/local-football-players-willie-taggart-camp/
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    1st game with my wife; before she was my wife
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    You are not in the minority. If you were, we'd probably already have our own version of the P.O.S. BHNFP ....
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    Not to mention their drunk, douchebag fans. At least they have the water fountain issue fixed, though.
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    Wondering how much of those statements was him being on board with what Holtz wanted him to do and being a team guy.
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    Then there should be no problem at all putting something like that south of the Dome, with a little road diversion and parking garages to offset lost spaces ...
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    Personally, I'm still pissed that Holtz got us into that war in Iraq, destroyed the economy, and got the series 24 canceled.
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    You don't understand. In the ****** up world of rating college stadiums, the more uncomfortable the better ... in their world, college football fan = masochist.
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    Maybe it is because I am a younger alum, that doesn't mind standing the whole game, but I would take just about any P.O.S. on campus that we could call our own over the Ray Jay experience. I can't imagine how cool it would be to walk by the old buildings on gameday and tailgate on campus near my old dorm...the atmosphere would be completely different and the experience would transcend "just a football game" which is what it is now...
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    Looks like it's just one guy's opinion with a pre-determined set of priorities. Doubt he's even been to some of them -- "plush greenery" at Rentschler? I've been to five on the list (UL/UC/UConn/USF & Temple for NFL) and while there is nothing wrong with Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, I don't see where it deserves such gushing praise (other than the fact that the school that happens to play there has quickly become the newest media darling). The gameday atmosphere there was hardly unique. If you go by amenities (which the author obviously didn't), then the NFL stadiums trump the others on the list. If you go by atmosphere, then it probably goes by who happens to have a winning team at the time.
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    Proof you're an old, rich, white guy. q.e.d
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    As a college stadium; ray jay blows.... As a football stadium... It's great
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    Don't you buy the new version of it every year anyway? The only year I haven't bought a version of it was when Tebow was on the cover of the PS3 version. I boycotted it on principle alone.
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    .... You obviously have a pre-teen girl. Yes, she is 4. The teen years were not covered in Mr. Grothe's story, nor have I gotten to that stage yet, so please let me enjoy the pre-teen years without having to think about the inevitable sleepless nights I'll have once she's a teenager.
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    That opinion will do a 180 when she hits her teens ...
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    Just shows what a failure we had in Skip Holtz and crew's ability to coach our players.
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    Good to see our Willie and Woodie rising to the occasion
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    I am not a UCF fan, I appreciate the beat, and I believe that I was the original band member in this thread. For those of you under 30 that cling to bowls, you are fooling yourselves. I grew up watching all of the big bowl games on New Year's Day. It was over, the voters voted and the MNC was granted. There were no 6-7 teams with waivers, there were no 8-5 teams, you had to actually have a great season to get into a bowl game. The violation we have no is a shell of the "Bowl tradition".
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    Slick- I play PS3....I'm 7+ seasons into dynasty and USF has moved into the SEC and on its 4th Natl. Title in a row....I've moved a little past reality
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    "The facility is fairly new, good enough for an NFL team and the Bulls are third in the league in attendance. However, this means the building is not on campus and that roughly 20,000 seats go empty each Saturday. The building is adorned with Buccaneers logos and a tacky pirate ship caps the North end zone. At least, those in charge repaint the end zones with “Bulls†for home games unlike other NFL-turned-NCAA stadiums in the nation." I do not disagree with the assessment at all.
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    New Xbox sounds pretty amazing.
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