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    As a longtime donor and someone interested in building the donor support base I have a simple and serious question: Other than winning, what kind of things could the Bulls Club do that would convince you to increase your donations?
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    I really think putting USF and UCF in the same division is idiotic. The truth of the matter here is that USF and UCF will probably end up being one of the pinnacle match ups that will more than likely bring in the most money for TV viewership and fan participation (ticket sales). If going to 12 teams and going to have a championship game, one would assume the Big East officials would want to rake in as much possible (money and viewership) and have USF and UCF go head to head for a conference title. Similar to what the ACC did with Miami and FSU. Just my thoughts.
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    smazza plus one hot brazilian
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    I think the incessant whining to the ref about THE play in that 2007 game is what endeared him to USF to us ... I would have to agree with you on this one True dat. Is that the same type whining that everyone many misses from our former coach and complain about not getting from our current coach? Better Mike? sure-- I was just joking around though
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