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    Pretty awesome morning. Stan Heath called my cell phone regarding USF basketball Season tickets. I had sent an inquiry to John Lewis about tickets a week or two back, but haven't made a decision about whether to get them or not. So, Stan Freaking Heath calls me and talks USF basketball with me and says, "We'd love to have your support and want to fill the dome." My response, "I'm in!" So, now I am a proud new owner of USF basketball tickets. Go Bulls!
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    Bill just Tweeted: "Looks like your #USF Homecoming plans can be built around 7:00 p.m. Kickoff. Lock it in"
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    Id like to know how much work they put in on the two minute drill in practice every day. We're always losing by a score in the final two minutes and often look the worst on the last drive. The whole system needs a shake up. Our players and coaches appear to be on their heels ever since Ray Gramm and the Pitt Panthers destroyed us last September. That was the turning point. Maybe they should start Price at TE and throw him a few passes. He didnt choose USF to play special teams.
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    Hopefully this includes the coaches. We need some depth at DC & HC.
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    Skip hired them and has the authority to dismiss them. Of course he takes the heat. Skip is the CEO... if his company fails, its his fault. Simple as that.
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    Funny that we have an all Big East performer NOT playing his natural position
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    Probably a good thing at this point.
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    Have no problem with it. It shows that he acknowledges that something is up. It is good that the players know their positions arent safe and if you dont put heart and blood into every snap you can sit your ass down on the bench. idgaf if we lose, I just want to see the guys who want to play for us, play for us. Didnt like what I saw against Temple.
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    Tap dance like Jim Carey in "Dumb and Dumber" on center of the field during half time.
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    He should donate the equivalent portion of his salary for the 8 wins mark. So say he finishes with 2 wins. He should donate 6/8 of his salary back to the school, which would be $1.5 million dollars this year. And retroactively give back 3/8 of his salary last year.
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    If only Black Ops 2 were to come out this week. Maybe we can pay Treyarch to give them a trial copy early?
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    I don't think you have to worry about the Techies. There's really not THAT many of them in Atlanta, and most of them that would be in the Pub 71 area of Atlanta would probably be at the game themselves. When I go to alumni watch parties, I usually go to Miller's Ale House in Alpharetta, it's closer to me. Won't be there this week though, will be in Louisville personally cheering on the BULLS.
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    Do the things we aren't doing: Creating turnovers Taking care of the ball Winning time of possession Sticking with an offensive game plan Blitzing on D
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
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    The arrogance, combined with ignorance, of some our fans is truly humorous at times .. You have no clue what the facilities at WSU are like ..... but here's a little hint: I guess I was taking the numerous PAC-12 writers who say WSU has the worst facilities in conference at their word while also putting too much weight behind the facilities here at USF that I've seen. No you weren't JTrue, you've been Trip'd but you must get back up. WSU's facilities cannot match ours right now and our "community" stadium is head and horns above their OCS. Sure, they have an indoor balloon field, big whoop! but other than that our facilities are newer and more extensive. You were right on the money but now you're trying to walk it back and you shouldn't. Don't let Trips ability to Google and find pretty pictures disuade your ability to toot the USF Athletics horn, since if you are a donor, a student, a tax payer, and/or a ticket buyer, you are helping to pay for them. There is no reason USF can't have a coach as good as Wazzou's and there is nothing, especially facilities, holding us back from getting one.
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    The State of Florida? If you are a Top 10 recruit in the State of Florida why would you choose USF over Florida, Florida State or Miami? Does USF have better facilities that these other schools have (including practice fields and OCS)? Does USF have more TV exposure? Does USF have a history of going to BCS Bowls? How many NC has USF won? Pay for assistants? I'll bet USF ranks pretty low in that category and below WSU. . . Who said anything about us competing with UF, FSU, Miami? My point was, imagine what a coach of Mike Leach's caliber, someone who turned a horsefeathers Texas Tech program into a a VERY competitive team against Texas, Oklahoma, and the rest of the Big 12. You don't think he could do more than Skip ******* Holtz has done with what he has here? And for the exact same pay. And from a admittedly simple google search, our assistants make the exact same as those at WSU, including Cosh's $325,000 for a DC. If you think what we're getting for our money is equal to what they are, I'd like to hear why.
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    People didn't give you a hard time for wanting Holtz gone. People gave you a hard time because you are loud and obnoxious as hell when things go wrong, and are nowhere to be found when the team wins. Where were you between the Nevada game and the Rutgers game? Nowhere, not one single post once USF beat Nevada, after running your mouth the entire Nevada game until the final USF drive. When you only enjoy the team when it is losing, why should anyone care what you have to say?
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    How bad are we when someone mentions the PUNTER as mvp?
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    Breakfast tailgates are tough. But in keeping with the L'ville theme we found a recipe for Bourbon French Toast. 8:30 seems early to be drinking bourbon but I'm a team player and will keep the tradition. Throw in some sausages and fruit and we should be fine.
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    LOL, I have been saying the same thing that Ramil said since the Nevada game and all you members gave me a hard time....now all of you have seen the light! Fire SKIP STAT!!!!!!!!!!
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    ugh...much too late for me. I <3 noon and 3:30 kickoffs!!!
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