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    Do you tell people going to a movie, how it ends, too?
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    The only way to make this thread 10000x better is with the link to Rebecca Manns (UL cheerleader gone bad - although I see nothing wrong with having a little fun in college)... Thanks Becca for a little lunch time visual. Please don't open this link at work or in front of your wife if she has no sense of sexual humor! http://www.totallynsfw.com/galleries/galleries_cheerleader_becca_manns_gone_bad/
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    The QB I played with at Wittenberg was clearly better than Ronnie Banks and Pat Julimeste. You'd be surprised the level of talent at certain D3 schools. I played with one receiver who would have started at USF had he elected to go the I-A route. Instead, he stayed close to home, his girlfriend, and the small school life. He pretty much rewrote the record books at Witt (and they were an extremely strong school historically in football). Just saying...
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