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    I am a student at USF, I have exams next week, and classes thursday but guess where I'll be? RAY JAY. LETS KNOCK WEST VIRGINIA's final tooth out of their mouth and send them packing !
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    I agree. VCU acts like they want to win. USF? Not sure, but it looks like they're going thru the motions. Collins has some fight in him tho.
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    The most disturbing thing about this game is you can tell which team wants it more. That's on coaching.
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    I'll be there. Screw cost accounting 2 and governmental accounting the next week! LOL.
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    Some folks are showing "newness". Those were circulated many years ago as rumors before we went to the iconic U.
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    At least it should be cool enough to keep the number of painted fat asses to a minimum.
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    The bull looks like he's saying, "Problem, alums?" =
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    Looks super nice. Looks like he is saying..Hey guys!!!!!
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    Why not make it the Bay University @ Tampa and then we'd be the BUT Pirates.
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    I concur, our D have gapping holes but playing some youth and inexperience appears to be helping along with doing this on our Oline. last time a WVU fan used D, Gaping holes, and youth in the same sentence was when he was being interviewed by Chris Hansen
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    Never going to have a college atmosphere playing rap/rock songs over the PA. It needs to be the band....and they need to be mic'd up for obvious reasons. Those of us who made the trips to Notre Dame, FSU, and Auburn can attest to this.
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    Doesn't look good for BJ on Thursday. He has no velocity right now. What that says about our #2 WR is that we don't have a #2 WR.
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    I am pretty pissed as well. At the game Friday, Rocky snubbed our whole group. Doesn't rocky know who I am?
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    USF Fresh, I do not blame you bud. I have been to real college football games, both basketball and football before, and there is no comparison. I would not expect it to change with the people who are in charge at USF either. South Carolina will be more exciting at every level. Best of luck to you.
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    i wouldnt cry about it as a whole usf's athletic dept has grossly underachieved for years
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    this thread illustrates the problem some have with accountability most are problem identifiers not problem solvers for too long usf has underachieved on the athletic field and the apologists line up to give their excuses
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