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  2. So Q leaves 2 years ago and the 2 bums behind him, who were recruited by the previous staff were beat out. The new staff brings in a serviceable qb and has McCloud and 2 incoming freshman. Just when I think people couldn't be any crazier!
  3. Thanks! Plan on doing that tour on Friday then hit up any USF bar crawls leading up to the Irish Pub
  4. The kid has bigger issues than that...not all together there...
  5. Hoping he is. Nothing else looked wrong about him, it was just that hand. Wish they had started running heavy earlier, it would have likely prevented the shoulder stinger as well. If he's able to throw well on Saturday then the heavy running game becomes very dangerous.
  6. We got more talking about a dude that left 10 years ago...
  7. Been saying that ever since Saturday. His injuries were what caused his dismal passing performance and what cause us to run the ball so much. Hopefully he can heal up 100% before Saturday.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Best of luck QF, go make your mark and get PAID!
  10. Maybe...I thought I was looking at the receivers Valdosta State had awhile ago and they were mostly small receivers also.
  11. Lol that’s good, but from my understanding it’s not football related, or at least not Strong related. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen his last down as a Bull come and the longer this suspension goes on the more it seems to be solidifying that. The kid seems to be all over the place on twitter and I hope he gets himself straightened out, but I just don’t see that fully happening at USF.
  12. He asked a question in the team meeting without raising his hand first?
  13. My opinion (and just my opinon) is the receivers we have don't fit the system Bell is trying to run. Mcdoom is barely 6'0-Slot Receiver Miller 5'10-Slot receiver Ford-5'5'-slot receiver Horne-5'7" slot receiver These guys could be good if we get the ball to them in space or while they are in motion. Unless they get big separation even they have a step on the defenders downfield they don't have the size to go up and get the ball or to battle on the 50-50 balls. Our receivers' skill set calls for the ball to be delivered on short quick throws and let them do their thing with the balls in their hand. So far, seems like a lot of our throws have been downfield and it is tough for them win the majority of those contests unless they are wide open. We have a couple of bigger guys on the roster, but for whatever reason haven't seen the field that much.
  14. With CCS, yes. With Spurrier he made QBs great. See Shane Matthews, Terry Dean, Danny Wuerffel, Eric Kresser, Doug Johnson, Noah Brindise, Jesse Palmer and Rex Grossman. That’s just with UF...didn’t bother to look up his QBs at duke and USC.
  15. C’mon you all can’t tell me that Blake isn’t on your lists.
  16. I'm sure Wilcox is disappointed, but he's not a disappointment. He catches whatever they throw at him. Unfortunately, the offensive line can't hold it's own so he's relegated to blocking duties this season. I hope he makes lots of money at the next level for sticking around another year when he could have left for greener pastures.
  17. There new DC is from fcs Kennesaw State. Think they were the best defense in the country last year in fcs.
  18. Just like I said it all comes down to recruiting. Last 3 years ucf has recruited good QBs and explosive players. We obviously haven’t. Defensively we don’t look very fast or explosive for a Florida school. Offensively this staff hasn’t found a Qb since Q left and our best player that puts fear into defenses is suspended. That’s why CKB was brought here. I think he can recruit and understands talent in this state. At Valdosta state last year he had 3 seniors go to the NFL at a d2 school and one was drafted. We had I think 1 as a free agent. All the offensive players that are still starting there and making plays we’re sophomores and freshman last year. The are 6 and 0 and on a 21 game win streak since last year. I believe if he gets the time here, he’s going to have us a Good Qb and explosive skill players. He already brought Latrell Williams in who they say is the best receiver on the team. Look at all the speed and lineman in this offensive class. Also ckb has offered a couple juco skill players so obviously he thinks we need help now. Plus 2 Qb commits that talent wise probably shouldn’t be committed to the same school.
  19. Why is the OP talking about a coach that left us over 3 seasons ago?
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