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  2. TCU was a panic add, and Louisville has been a doormat since joining the ACC. Just because they were added to a P5 conference doesn't make them marquee. See Rutgers as a perfect example. There are a myriad of p5 teams that simply are P5 in name, but not in program. Kansas, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Kentucky...the list goes on. Those are all examples of teams that when you beat them in football, there is little to zero buzz. A classic example is last year when you all beat GT, how much do you think ESPN praised you all and kept you in the news as the team to beat? Pretty much no one thought it was relevant because your team hasn't had a history of doing anything and neither has GT. The OCS was absolutely built from foresight. We built both the OCS and Bball arena at the same time on a CUSA budget. George O'Leary was instrumental in pushing for it since he was at previous programs that had them and knew that was how a proper foundation is built. If you look at all the Division I programs that do not have their own stadiums, you'll notice a large fluctuation in attendance based on team performance. Those with OCS have a much better chance to build a core fan base that will support the program (within reason) you guys can talk all you want about our stadium and 2015, but if you look at our average attendance for the last two decades, you'll notice 2015 was an outlier. The citrus bowl going under renovation didnt cause UCF's coffers to some how expand for a 50+ million dollar stadium and a $40m+. This was planned in advanced and took a considerable amount of planning in order to get both structures financed. The citrus bowl was just a launching pad to move forward. And say what you will about the stadium, if you attended the 2017 USF vs UCF game - that environment was a true testament of what a college football atmosphere is all about. You all can joke about it's design, that doesn't in anyway detract the atmosphere. And unless you've been to the stadium when UCF and the opponent competitive, you guys can't really judge anything about the stadium. Boise hasn't been picked up because their media market is non-existent. If USF had Boise's resume, you guys would have been picked up before Louisville and TCU. An invite to a P5 isnt just about one thing. It's a combination of Market, Academics, dedication to sports, performance and viewership. Boise lacks both Academics and Market so it's irrelevant if they won the National Championship several times over, ESPN isn't going to make a return on their investment.
  3. I suppose let's get bowl eligible first. Then we can complain about which of these crappy bowls we get.
  4. So now there isn't a reason to buy tickets through USF? Wonderful. We'll have our 1,500 fans interspersed throughout the stadium.
  5. Does that mean there is a signed copy option?
  6. Perfect! Now I have a TE and a slot guy that I'm going to force you to cover. I'll even let you choose between man and zone. BTW, I've got a guy outside that's kinda fast...
  7. Today
  8. Agree 100% I think right off the bat we move the ball pretty efficiently...I think it starts off good and just gets better from there...
  9. Someone that when a horrific accident happens in the dead of night blames the sun for bringing those horrors to light.
  10. Yeah, my donation of 4.6 million in Pub-Subs isn't exactly liquid.
  11. That's risky, because a jet sweep or quick hitter to the flats could turn from a 5 yard gain into a TD against an ill-timed blitz. If anything, as a DC I would stay at home and force the offense to function at all levels. Keep your guys in position to make a play and force the offense to be efficient, not explosive.
  12. So as the DC do you pull out all of your blitz packages hoping to not give the plays time to develop?
  13. While it may take awhile for the entire offense to start to function, I would say with the amount of athleticism we have, especially at the WR and RB positions, we will be able to mask some of the early deficiencies and the inevitable learning curve that will come with installing a new offense. I'm sure KB had some good athletes and play-makers on the field at Valdosta State, but I highly doubt many of them possessed the athleticism of a St. Felix/McDoom/Ford/Horne.
  14. From the article posted by BDYZR: "A conference puts the money it collects from bowls into a pool and draws from it to give each participating school a pre-determined amount to cover transportation, lodging, meals and entertainment. Cost overruns are covered by the schools, though conferences sometimes reimburse those that must overspend because of unforeseen circumstances. Any money left over in the pool is distributed to all schools in the league. Connecticut's horror story centered on ticket sales, or lack of sales. UConn was allotted 17,500 tickets for the 2011 Fiesta but sold only 2,771, largely because of the distance from the East Coast to Arizona. The Big East Conference, whose last season playing football was 2012, did not have a policy to help schools absorb the cost of unsold tickets. With UConn on the hook for the leftover tickets, its bowl expenses ballooned to $4.3 million, far over its $2.5 million Big East stipend. The American Athletic Conference, the football spinoff of the old Big East, is on track to have eight bowl teams this year. Spokesman Chuck Dunlap said each of those schools will have a ticket commitment — it varies by game — deducted from its allowance. Every ticket the school sells can go to paying expenses, but unsold tickets aren't an albatross. "The setup is designed so that a school would not lose money by playing in a bowl game," Dunlap said. Some conferences have negotiated a reduction in the number of tickets its bowl teams are required to sell. This change helps protect schools, and acknowledges that many fans choose to buy less expensive tickets on the secondary market rather than go through the school."
  15. I was waiting to add those, as the only game that week worth note is the UF/Miami game which would get added once the Top 25 rankings are announced.
  16. No, you did not. My understanding is that the conference divides bowl revenues exactly how you described it. There might be a slight bump for a team that makes the NY6, but that would be it.
  17. Each conference will receive $300,000 for each of its schools when the school's football team meets the NCAA's APR for participation in a post-season football game. The five conferences that do not have contacts for their champions to participate in the Orange, Rose or Sugar Bowls will receive approximately $90 million in aggregate (full academic pool plus base), There's also this - http://www.tlgnewspaper.com/conferences-protect-bowl-teams-from-taking-big-financial-hit
  18. I will sweeten the pot, the week following our advertisement I will only post positive things about the AAC and will not wax poetically about the past (which pretty much means I will take a week off from the board). I don't want any of our expansion to be soured by what can be misconstrued as negativity of the program by the novice reader.
  19. Wow. These bowls are so sad. Just for grins, I searched for SEC bowl affiliations and this came back (may be from last year--but still): https://www.secsports.com/article/18165241/bowl-selection-process You can see the HUUUUGGGGEEE dropoff between P5 and "P6". Our bowl affiliation with the SEC (Birmingham) is considered one of the SEC's consolation prizes. We basically need to go 13-0 to get in one of the big boy bowls. Simple as that.
  20. As we inch closer to the official kickoff of the new football season here are the games that will have or could have an impact on USF Football in week 1. Once the official rankings for week 1 come out, I will add the recap for them in a follow up post. AAC Schedule: Thursday Aug 29th UCLA at Cinci 7:00 ESPN Wagner at UConn 7:30 ESPN3 FAMU at UCF 7:30 CBSSN FIU at Tulane 8:00 ESPN3 Friday Aug 30th Tulsa at Mich St 7:00 FS1 Saturday Aug 31st ECU at NC St 12:00 ACCN Ole Miss at Memphis 12:00 ABC Bucknell at Temple 3:00 ESPN3 Holy Cross at Navy 3:00 CBSSN SMU at Arkansas St 7:00 ESPN+ Sunday Sept 1st Houston at Oklahoma 7:30 ABC OOC: Thursday Aug 29th Georgia Tech at Clemson 8:00 ACCN Utah at BYU 10:15 ESPN
  21. Did you open the link? https://collegefootballplayoff.com/sports/2017/9/20/revenue-distribution.aspx
  22. I thought the bowl teams get a stipend to cover expenses and then the proceeds are split among the conference. If so, should anyone gets a bad bowl bid from a payout perspective it doesn't necessarily matter if we get the low payout bowl or someone else does.
  23. The American Athletic Conference doesn’t have a true pecking order. The bowl matchups are based on best possible games and geography. Payouts are in BOLD. – Jared Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC - $1,650,000 – Bad Boy Mowers Gasparillia Bowl vs. Conference USA - $1,133,735 – Hawaii Bowl vs. BYU or Mountain West - $1,000,000 – Military Bowl presented by Northrup Grumman vs. ACC - $2,066,990 – Cheribundi Tart Cherry Bowl vs. Conference USA - $1,000,000 – AutoNation Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt - $751,115 – Frisco Bowl vs. At-Large - $750,000 The American Athletic has secondary partnerships with the AutoZone Liberty($4,294,681) and Walk-On’s Independence($1,248,280), to fill if the main affiliations can’t fill their slots. So with the payout possibilities I would hope for the Liberty followed by the Military and, God forbid, the Birmingham. Hawaii and Frisco, while being good road trips, would probably break the bank, right? MAYBE; https://collegefootballplayoff.com/sports/2017/9/20/revenue-distribution.aspx
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