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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  2. Looked him up yikes...great junior year top back in nation. Great..well no secret what Wisconsin is going to do this game for sure.
  3. Did anybody else think it was funny that it won't be built for "a few years". Maybe they're letting the IPF use it to get started and then move the funds back over once donations come in from seeing a physical product.
  4. I was actually all for the idea when CWT said that was the plan. But obviously it can’t work in Florida very well. Fortunately, he changed things up.
  5. I said this last year but got my ass chewed out by many on this board. But I still stand by my statement...you sir are correct.
  6. Heck if I know. What does Houston have to do with a this particular discussion?
  7. Just donated...not sure if it went through though...no confirmation?
  8. Hate to say it, but I've watched more than my share of baseball games over the past few years and CBM is not the answer. I don't think he can recruit and I'm not sure how great of an in game Manager he is. I like him with the Pitchers, but I just don't see it as the leader. That being said, he comes back for Year 3...and my prediction is another long, bad year with not much talent. And then he gets the axe.
  9. Cates will be announcing something soon per a source...he left on his own. Not convinced of anything with this staff, especially the Jeroloman brothers.
  10. Wonder if Cates' leaving paves the way to bring in that pitching coach. Jerolman brothers kind of replicate what Cates brings to the table from a baseball standpoint. Curious if his future endeavors involves coaching at another school or if there is some other avenue he is going to pursue.
  11. Terrible? They made it to the NCAA tournament 3 of 4 years prior to this one. This year they were a game under .500. They lost 5 guys to the MLB draft including their top 3 pitchers and probably top 2 hitters. They lost a top returning hitter to injury and 3 pitchers that were expected to contribute to injury as well. We are not FSU or UF. I don't think we are going to be able to reload like they do especially with that kind of turnover. We are going to have down years. It was a down year, definitely worse than most anticipated and probably should have been, but the team isn't terrible and there is some talent returning. Our top 2 pitchers comeback this time around and they looked pretty good down the stretch. Need some hitters to emerge, but there are some guys to be excited about.
  12. We should try to get bigger midwestern lineman and compete with the entire country for the recruits instead of focusing on quickness and speed that we have in excess within 30 miles of campus.
  13. good stuff, I still wake up in cold sweats thinking of all the hours lost watching CWT and his inept power scheme for those 2 years. All kinds of movement before the snap resulting in a 3 and out over and over and over
  14. C'mon Q did not have an NFL arm, maybe he could throw a duck a long way and win a punt pass and kick event however he lacked the accuracy necessary to even play QB in Canada and could never throw the deep out. USF beats UCF 2 years ago in Orlando if he hits Mitchell over the middle on an easy throw to go up 13 late (threw it 10 yards over his head). These 2 will be more accurate than Q ever was or KB will find another option.
  15. Thrilled to see the deranged clown go, need more emphasis on the athletic program and this was never going to happen under her leadership.
  16. But we had multiple threads over the past few years remarked on how QF could throw a ball 70 yards in the air! Are you telling me we now have two QBs who have better than NFL arms?
  17. Way too early, Q is a legendary QB that could not pass with accuracy but was elusive and the best athlete on the field most of the time. The other guys are unknown but I will guarantee a few things, they have stronger arms and will pass with more accuracy however will not be as elusive and are not as athletic, who will be better lays in KB's hands, who knows.
  18. Bobby Bonilla not playing is still better than Chris Davis's last two years.
  19. So... McCloud and Battle are or are not better than QF? What consensus did we come to?
  20. upper 30's and drizzled the whole game, Andre Davis had a nice non call push off for the winning 4 yd TD, DJ also had a circus catch, felt like they had 5-6 4th down conversions in the last 10 minutes. Q's 1/2 bro had was murdered earlier in the week and he played poorly due to the weather, tragedy and CWT's failed power offense which was absolutely awful. SMU was winless that year and under Q they put up a big goose egg in his 50 minutes of play. Q will always be the most athletic QB ever to play here but his arm strength and accuracy were average at best. Hard to compare the QB'S at this stage due to completely different offensive schemes, AD Harlan had to threaten to fire CWT to get him to spread the ball after that season and the main reason why Taggert is basking in millions, great one year recruiter (Flowers, Mack, Johnson, Senate , McCants etc...and key transfers (Wr's) but not much of a coach which is coming to light now.
  21. 13 games 307 yards per average game, totaling 2147 yards,16 touchdowns .
  22. Nah just last years Doak Walker award. Shouldn’t be a problem.
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