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  2. Hunt started and played a couple of series and then DJ took over the rest of first half and a series or two into the second. Also, first punt and KO returner ...... I think it'd be a real shock if he doesn't make it but if not, maybe opened eyes elsewhere. Would have liked to have heard the Cleveland broadcast to hear what they were saying about him. NFL Network had the Colts feed.
  3. I know the Evans news was posted here already but hadn't seen anything on Roland. Hopefully it works out. I was high on him at WR. St. Felix, Clerveaux, McDoom, Ford, Horne, B. Miller, Phillips, Joiner, ect. Seems like he was just a casualty of the great depth we now have at WR. In unrelated news, but not wanting to start a new topic for it; has there been any decision on KJ Sails yet? I'm fine with Hampton and McArtur but Sails is a talent and the depth would be extremely beneficial.
  4. That guy was a hoot .... and wasn't it Rueben_Horowitz
  5. One thing to look at, for whatever type of year he had last year, odds are if he had stayed healthy, he'd be the holder of the USF single season passing record ....
  6. Yea all 300lbs+ on Oline now. One area that concerns me a little is I wish we were bigger at SS and FS position.
  7. Literally any team on their schedule can say that. I don't think they're going to run it as good as some think.
  8. Agree with them hammering the run game, esp so early in the season. With their typical size on O-line, I have a bad feeling they'll wear our D down & out. Hoping for the offense to be able to put up some numbers, that's the only way I see us having any chance.
  9. This is his make or break year. He's had a year on the field with the offense now, so hopefully the down-slope stuff won't repeat this year. He's good enough, hoping the best for this kid to fire up!
  10. ^ Dude, bring your sunglasses to the game. You're gonna need them to keep the creep factor down--there will be staring. ...also you may want to bring a hand towel for the drool. Enjoy!
  11. Things that jump out at me is the Dline has some size and the Oline is massive.
  13. Did this have anything to do with: @Ari_HInkelberger, @Herman_Momart or @Rueben(can't find his acct)?
  14. That may be tough considering he was given a third day grade for this past draft.
  15. I always felt like if he got into a camp, he'd stick. He's a guy that 40's and verticals can't measure. He has just enough speed to go with the many skills he possesses as a RB
  16. Me and Cali will be running Oklahoma drills in lot 6 on the 30th. Let’s settle it then.
  17. yeah he has. I think Gilbert did know how to utilize the talent he had on offense. Bell comes in and starts moving guys around and adding to the playbook... and actually trusting his QB and you see guys literally and figuratively changing how they approach the game and it seems like guys are reaching their potential. I look for Barnett to have a great season... But Cronk and Ford are going to a headache for guys too. Then St Felix, Wilcox, McDoom... we got a squad.
  18. I agree. I think we’re about to see why he was considered a 5 star. I think he actually has a proper coach now on offense and the dude bulked up big time.
  19. Raffle Winners Nick Carroll Member 107 Joined in Raffle Friday at 07:49 PM Tickets 2 Odds 22.22% Joined September 12, 2008 Content Count 200 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
  20. I think Barnett is about to light it up. What's even better is all the extra work he's put in has shown our other QBs the way. I think we see some 5 Star talent this season.
  21. Screens to RBs... RBs catching passes out of the backfield by design. What is this madness?
  22. Yeah... last season saw him playing MLB which is not his forte... It also had us starting his backup at his end position. Was not ideal. I see so much athleticism in him. Takes good rushing angles and gets a low lean coming around the corner, with his speed and strength, he's going to be a problem.
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