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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  2. Q is an elite defender. He has a chance because of that. I am surprised though that the committee hasn't told him that he is not yet ready.
  3. You are correct that the attendance was better then. Winning is not enough. The average Tampa Bay fan wants name brand teams on the schedule. I think the AD is working to make these deals to try and recapture the tire kickers who left after the demise of the Big East.
  4. We need to be in a P5 and we are not. We need to make the best of our situation and we are, winning a conf championship is not going to solve our problems but without this goal what are we doing? I refuse to sit around and wait for a bs P5 conf to come knocking. Let’s win games and enjoy life and let the chips fall where they ma.
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  6. There is almost an obsession with them from the SEC fans, especially Alabama. The Birmingham paper seems to think the games were scheduled to spite UCF. If you have ever had the displeasure of reading SEC message boards or listened to that weasel Finebaum's show (I did when UCF fans on social media were getting out of control, you may call it a morbid curiosity) you would have heard worse things than most USF fans have ever said about them. I am sure some of you have seen them mock the Paper Champions:
  7. I think Puc has the best answer for that one (as far as the AAC goes)
  8. He was a blip on the radar and had no part in the championship, he was a great talent that did not have the goods to play at the next level. I watch enough hoops to know Q does not have what it takes, great guy, fantastic player that will still earn a living however it will be overseas.
  9. So what exactly are "they" trying to do? If it's not for financial reasons, and seeing how having a **** ooc schedule bit "them" in the ass, why wouldn't "they" want to play the best ooc competition possible, shouldn't matter where ...
  10. No, all the stuff you mentioned was included in the list in the article, specifically in the 18mil part. It wasn't forgotten, I just didn't feel like mentioning everything they did, just trying to be as succinct as possible. I already said how much they got from ticket sales and it isn't what you said either. I don't feel like lingering on this because the more digging I do the more it turns out they make. Bianchi just released an article that says they earned between 3-4 million a game last season. I appreciate what you're doing but the reality doesn't fit the narrative.
  11. I think UCF has a bad reputation for hosting other fanbases and it's coming full circle. USF is classy and we are seeing scheduling that's gonna raise our profile win or lose. I love the anytime anywhere philosophy.
  12. It does absolutely nothing relative the football world but does everything to my world. Like the Willy Wonka kid said: “I want one and I want it now.”
  13. Not belittling him at all...I would love to see the kid make millions...we all would. But if you think he is NBA material right now then you don’t know the game.
  14. DJ was a late first round pick who played 4 years in the league. He also left school a year early. Average "career" of an NBA player is only 4 1/2 years. He also won an NBA title. While not HOF stats a very solid run.
  15. Kind of curious myself. I'd love to finally get a conf title but I'm not sure what it does for our program's standing in the college football world. I doubt that many outside of 2 particular fan bases even know, or care, that we haven't actually already won one .....
  16. I trust that judgement comes from years of experience as a nba scout and isn't just big talk on the internet to belittle someone for following their passion.
  17. Respectively, he will see that no, he does not have a decision.
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  19. Would love to a series with Boston College for totally selfish reasons...
  20. I thought about getting the the TBT on line for Sunday only but then thought better. Tampa news does not interest me and they don’t cover USF enough to justify the $70 a year price.
  21. Agreed, the alternative is Stony Brook, will take Bama, UF, Um and even Louisville all day long
  22. Well, if you have to go "box" https://www.foodandwine.com/wine/tk-best-boxed-wines-serve-crowd
  23. I say less than 0, love Q as well however his future is overseas. If D Jones could not make a career in the NBA than Q has no chance.
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