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Just a note to point out our TBP-initiated drive to raise funds for the Bulls Football IPF - doing our share, and more.  Please consider donating at least $23 to the effort, and passing on to others as well.  You can read more about the project at the link above.  


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  2. The original charter says nothing about USF and sports. It was a decision by president John Allen. He hated sports. His idea was to make USF the Harvard of the south. He was a liberal arts kind of guy as he had zero understanding of the PR value athletics brings. Allen is no longer on this earth but my hatred over his ideology is still present in full force.
  3. Good question. If my memory serves me right during that run we were more focused up upgrading the Olympic sports, baseball/softball, and basketball facilities. We got those big capital projects off the ground so I imagine there was some kind of surge. What I do know though is it's easier to get people to open the wallet for large projects when you have that kind of excitement. It's also much easier to sell those projects to donors as well with that momentum. "You want us to get over the hump, Mr Donor? The dining hall/football facility/IPF will give our athletes the little bit extra they need to finish the season just as strong as they started it. Help us take the program to the next level, win the big East, and go to a BCS bowl!"
  4. YES that does help but that doesn't explain guys getting whipped 1 on 1 and Blake getting the crap beat out of him due to bad pass pro, especially from the tackles. If you think that was all Gilbert you weren't paying attention....
  5. The "Quote" isn't working on this page. But does this mean I only have to buy one ticket to go with my wife?
  6. Why do you assume we have friends? We spend all our spare time on here. Last time I left my house was July of 2017.
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  8. Let's blame Judy and Doug for that too. I wasn't a Floridian then but didn't this have to do with our first president and the people that approved USF's formation not wanting USF to have football to compete with UF?
  9. Just curious, how much did donations go up after 2007? I know applications went up but donations follow? How much did the number of donors change?
  10. SPEED. I don't think you can keep everything in front of you. Now my defense? Uh, maybe?
  11. Everyone has to enjoy being chastened on our board about how to be selected for a conference by people that have followed behind our wake since the birth of our program. Exactly how many times has UCF been selected for a conference ahead of us? I’m sure they finally found the secret sauce and just because they haven’t been selected as yet, this time they have it all figured out. We should now follow their lead even though we have gotten it right twice to their none and all evidence points to the fact we have done a better job of getting into better conferences than they have. Too bad they didn’t get their own message board to go with their POS so they wouldn’t have to come hangout here.
  12. There are only two real parallels in the situations, we both played in off campus stadiums and in lower level conferences. There are a multitude of differences in the situations that doesn't make an ocs as effective here as it apparently was there. Your ocs looks to have been exactly what y'all needed, combined, and maybe even more important, with a 3 time COY head coach falling into your lap ....... I, and Mike Kelly, both wish a cheap ass stadium would be the cure-all here that it may have been over there but it's not ...................... but thank you for your concern about the future of our program, though.
  13. Consider being “lucky” to play one P5 in course of season.
  14. https://admfin.ucf.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/13/FY18-Financial-Statements-Stadium-Corp.pdf
  15. The only way I care is if one G5 school is included in the playoff. Otherwise it’s all trash in my eyes. 2/3 of the pee 5 are a friggin joke. It makes me upset we did not start football in the early 1960s...we would more than likely be in the ACC.
  16. Also try blocking a bunch of defenders when they are running to the ball knowing exactly what is going to be ran...our prior dip#$it of an OC actually gave the defense an unfair advantage...
  17. It is...but when there are more defenders then Olineman well then...things tend to fall apart.. these aren't a bunch of talentless Freshman...this unit will be much improved
  18. That is just one piece of the puzzle. It was a culmination of everything. Citrus Sports basically thought little to nothing of UCF despite us being a tenant "There was a take-UCF-for-granted attitude" John Hitt. George O'Leary hated playing at the Citrus Bowl because A. It had too many seats to support a CUSA team B. It was a dump and C. "Every game was like an away game". I admit, we were fortunate that we had a huge booster that did his own research and found a solution to get a stadium we could afford (pre-engineered stadium). But the main thing is, we knew an OCS no matter how "cheap" would reap many benefits. George O'Leary was a huge proponent that an OCS was needed, just like Charlie Strong has voiced the same. Look at how the program exploded since opening in 2007. In fact, there are so many parallels between us building a stadium and the situation you guys are in right now. The Glazer's don't think anything of usf, the stadium is way too big for your fan base in the AAC, it's not an on campus so technically it's an away game and there is little to no financial advantage playing there. The difference is, we found a way to build the stadium and several renovations have been done to it since to maximize revenue with Loge seating, Cabana Club with premum food/alcohol, and field level suites that go for 25k per suite. So much so that, "UCF makes a ton of money on its home games — between $3 and $4 million and rising as the Knights continue to find creative ways to add premium seating to Spectrum Stadium — while USF doesn’t make much money at all on a typical home game." Michael Kelly would rather stand pat: "Its feasible (now) if we're willing to settle for a lesser product," said new USF Athletic Director Michael Kelly upon reviewing the report. "But the feedback says if we're going to do it, we do it right...go big or go home. Instead, the study suggested the Bulls remain at Raymond James Stadium until they had additional revenues to fund a state-of-the-art, 35,000-seat stadium with multiple premium-seating options, akin to Colorado State's $240 million football stadium" You guys are at a crossroad, instead of seeing us as the model to follow by building a stadium you can afford - which will help cultivate team pride, build a fan base, and in time, create revenue; you guys "want" (do nothing) a lavish Colorado State with only 35,000 seats. This is akin to sitting back and holding your hand out, except this time - there aren't anymore silver spoons. You all laugh at our "erector stadium" while you barely break even at Ray Jay - meanwhile, we are laughing all the way to the bank. You are going to see all these away games vs P5 that all scheduled 2:1 is eventually going to catch up to your athletic budget and that's going to cost you guys any coaches worth their salt since you won't be able to afford to keep them. It's not a sustainable model. Even if you over inflate the ticket prices for games like UF and Bama coming to Ray Jay, UCF's cheaper stadium is sling shotting us past by GENERATING 20+ million each year. As time goes by, the gap is just going to get wider and wider.
  19. Edsall is probably sweating out his opener already - then again, that may be the only game they win
  20. We started catching the **** football for the one thing. That made a huge difference. Adams was sooo unreliable when Hey first got here and Q made a big step forward with his accuracy. When you're grounded the highs are so much higher and lows aren't so bad. It's a pretty great place to be IMO
  21. I'm hopeful and pretty Bullish on Bell but I need to see some Improvement from the OL. I think we take a few weeks to get settled in. There's sure to be lots of growing pains with the offense going from no playbook to a very detail oriented offense with a big playbook. Also, keep in mind this may be the first real college playbook many of these guys have seen. I also think we don't end the year with the same OL that we start it with.
  22. One BCS and donations will go through the roof, don’t want to donate to a liberal arts honor college, athletics make the world go round, bowl game, alumni and championships is what we need , preeminence is nice but is a tough bragging right
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