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  2. I don’t think our defense is going to have the size needed to win this game. First game with a new offense and if last year was any indication, an undersized defense. We have speed and some play makers and maybe we have some big plays. But I think Wisconsin’s offense is going to control the game.
  3. that Board has some real nut jobs...certainly more than here
  4. Sadly, no, he's for real .... I think.
  5. Maybe a longer shot but he really came on late in his career. He has length, speed and I believe he can at least collect 4 yrs of practice squad money somewhere. Definitely rooting for the local kid to make it.
  6. I think you guys hired an actor to keep my attention and get a little vacation.
  7. Got to give Meeps mad props for keeping you so occupied over there ...
  8. I think all of us want this to be true, great dude, great player, big heart and we all believe would translate into a great coach and mentor, this is the way you build a program.
  9. 1995 was a losing season. Also Wisconsin had a losing season in 2001. Oddly enough the team won games at Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan State that year but lost to Indiana something like 63-32. Those are the only two losing seasons since 1992. Last season the defensive line suffered several key injuries and the offensive line did not perform nearly as well as a line with three potential All Americans on it should have. Team needed to win in three overtimes at Purdue to have a winning record. The 2019 is a mystery to me. For one thing there will be a quarterback competition. For another, the defensive front seven needs to be rebuilt. Even though the offensive line lost three starters (2 of 3 potential AA's), I have hopes for improvement in 2019. Obviously running back, Jonathon Taylor, is a star. If unhurt, he will almost certainly run for 2,000 yards again in 2019. The schedule is tougher. I have read the team has to play six games against other teams coming off byes. That's a good reason for predicting a poor season.
  10. I am glad you are keeping your skills sharp, and much respect the way you are taking on the bounce house clowns. I am just glad you are taking the OCS vs Ray Jay argument and the conf discussion vs independent and giving the pen a breather while you are fighting an adverse group during the dog days of summer. We will have something to talk about shortly, make us proud in the meantime.
  11. Didn't he say he wanted to be the first former player to become head coach? Auggie bleeds green and gold. Big fan of this move if true.
  12. Except you can turn around and sell your home and that’s where the profit comes from, who would UCF be able to sell their stadium to? Also if you could pay it off and do not have to upgrade or invest in repairs it could also conceivably be more profitable at that point but I don’t think anyone honestly believes that your stadium won’t need repair in 20 years because it took at less than a decade to need hefty repairs. There is obviously nonfiscal benefits to an OCS, no one debates that. The question is how valuable is it when compared to actual dollars? Your hand was forced and the dollars aligned to emotional argument, ours are at odds with one another so the answer isn’t necessarily the same.
  13. Agreed. 1.5 million in profit is not a game changer and it appears that the stadium won't be paid off for approximately 20 years. Then again, I suppose the same argument could be made with renting a home versus buying a home. In the end, owning the home is always going to be better. Does USF profit from Ray Jay at all minus expenses?
  14. It’s gotten so bad that I’ve even taken to fighting on the AAC board, I feel dirty but it’s almost entertaining.
  15. Except revenue isn’t profit, I have no doubt and haven’t I argued that UCF doesn’t bring in near that amount what I question is it’s drasticly larger and more profitable than renting if there is a viable option. When expenses are paid what is left for UCF is $1.5 million for the entire season which is still profit so that’s nice but hardly the drastic numbers that make a long term commitment the no brainer that was being presented. Having games in a stadium that you have either already paid for, are paying for or are paying rent for is more valuable than paying to not use it, I don’t see how that would be controversial.
  16. $20 Million, how many years of USF salary is she giving back? Incredibly selfless. She obviously cares about paying it forward. I was in the honors college, great experience. I didn’t know it was so important to Genshaft.
  17. After going through this whole board, I'm guessing football season cannot start soon enough.
  18. I would contact someone in Athletics tomorrow morning as soon as possible. The deposit should have had you picking before season tix were offered to the public.
  19. Ran across this, Biggest College Football Upset in Every State (2000-2018), on YouTube and it reminded me of this incredibly stupid statement ... shockingly, to almost no one, the AZ upset wasn't the Kanigits but the BSU over OU win JT mentioned and the MI upset was indeed the App State victory. Note to Bulls fans if you want to watch the whole video. First, for some reason they didn't have Indiana so no chance for our win to be there. Second, fast forward after Nebraska to New Mexico ...
  20. Yesterday
  21. No worries about the OLine. We had 3 freshman playing with one being the center. who makes the adjustments. Our O Line is huge and pretty athletic.
  22. First off, that was a direct quote from the Orlando Sentinel. I didn't make that up. It is an editorial that has no citation, the columnist made it up. Secondly, if you are getting hung up on the $4 million mark. Its the number you gave. The document you included does not go into detail on a per game analysis, however - it is safe to assume that the $3.571 million figure in the report is not the total revenue UCF made through the fiscal year of 2018. Gross does not equal net, it is possible to gross trillions of dollars and still net negative trillions of dollars, see the US government. A simple calculation of 44,000 seats x $100 dollars per seat (this is a rough average if you combined both seats that sell for $30 and seats that sell for $1000 and averaged them. That would amount to $4.4million for ONE game. A large portion of your stadium is student tickets that bring in zero dollars, the number of seats that would even be over $100 for a game is in the low thousands(not one seat is over $1K for a game). Roughly 2/3's of your stadium is between $0 -$15 a game, a truer blended average would maybe be around $30 (I am being generous). That doesn't include food/beverage sales and naming right income etc etc. If you combine our premium seating, (Cabana Club, Roth Tower, Loge suites and playing field level suites) you most certainly can get to the figure he is quoted saying. I would love to see the data, but once again grossing and making are way different and can still lose you money. Here is another direct quote: "It’s no wonder White doesn’t want to schedule two-for-ones and give up a home game and the $3 million in revenue that comes with it." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/mike-bianchi-commentary/os-sp-ucf-aac-scheduling-mike-bianchi-0519-20190518-ugmegu3u6raotgtuvzoq3br74u-story.html%3foutputType=amp This is once again an incited quote of a columnist and is no better than quoting a message-board. So to answer your question, yes it is entirely possible that UCF makes $3-4 million per home game after all is said and done and yes it is a cash cow.It is possible to make $1.5 million as provided by an actual audit of the actual numbers Why do you think most P5's covet home games so much? Because they have attendance that is 2x yours, in a stadium that they paid off decades ago, with a fan base paying 5x the amount and with boosters that write large checks that demand it Because they are trying to break even or need the home game advantage? We rent and we still tried to have 7 home games, as does Pitt, as does Miami as does a quarter of all FBS teams so certainly it must factor into the equation.
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