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  3. We're a long time removed from beating "better teams" than us. xCWT surely didn't do it and I haven't seen it yet from CCS.
  4. I never said he was a better coach, I said he was a good coach. And he does have a one game winning streak against Charlie Strong. I am willing to bet that Collins prepares his team for each and every game, something that Strong himself said he did not do for USF last season. Will Strong be a good enough coach to pull this team out of the seven game losing streak it will be coming into Atlanta with? Color me skeptical.
  5. Man, we beat both out of the gate that would be something.
  6. BASKETBALL SEASON TICKETS ON SALE NOW July 17, 2019 TAMPA, JULY 17, 2019 – USF men's and women's basketball season tickets are on sale now and are available for less than $6 per game. Fans can call or text 1-800-Go-Bulls or visit USFBullsTix.com to purchase season tickets and will have the opportunity to select the best seats at the best price, as well as exclusive benefits, for the full season before individual games go on sale to the public. Led by third-year head coach Brian Gregory, the men's team set a school record with 24 wins last season and notched the top turnaround in the NCAA by winning 14 more games than the season before. In addition, the Bulls captured the 2019 College Basketball Invitational championship to claim the program's first postseason championship since 1990. USF enters the season with all five starters back and a total of 92.4 percent of its scoring and 94.6 percent of its rebounding returning. The women's team was bitten by the injury bug in 2018-19, and still notched its eighth consecutive 19-win season, finishing 19-16 overall and 7-9 in American Athletic Conference play. Head coach Jose Fernandez earned his 350thcareer victory and two Bulls received all-conference honors before USF was selected to compete in the WNIT, extending its streak to 15 consecutive years in a postseason tournament. The Bulls fell in the second round to James Madison, which went on to the semifinals of the tournament. South Florida ended the season No. 6 in the country in rebound margin (+9.8), a consistent figure for the Bulls all season.
  7. I think we Beat both Whisky and GT. The only reason I feel good about Whisky is we have a had great success beating better teams then us early in the season. Are talent can match theirs with first line players and we won't be beat up. Plus Whisky will overlook us. We are just as talented and as deep as GT and they have to make much more changes on offense then we do. This is going to be a CJL type of year. we will lose to BYU and Cinci but beat UCiF this year.
  8. This idea that Geoff Collins is a better coach than CCS is silly. Strong was a better D-coordinator and that's not arguable. Strong is a way more accomplished head coach and head to head they are 1-1. The 1st time we blew Temple out 43-7 and they could barely move the ball. This was coming off a year in which they neat maybe our greatest team in 2016 with Rhuleas Head coach. In 2018 we were leading 17-0 at half time. They can back and beat us 27-17 . To do that we have up a punt return for a td. Threw 2 picks anf fumbled a punt. We outgained them in most statistical categories. With that being said Tech could very well beat us next year but you have nothing to base that on. They are changing systems from a freaking option system they have run for the past 5 yrs at least. Add to that we beat them just last year.
  9. Both games will be a challenge but atleast Gtech is getting away from the option that works in our favor. The power run teams we struggle against so unless our offense is clicking on all cylinders in game one I think we have a better shot vs Gtech
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  11. I realize what USF can use and how effective they will be early on will be reduced, just hoping they keep it simplified to a certain extent and execute those plays well, even though it will be a limited playbook, still probably more creative and new to UW and Ga Tech than anything Sterling had. I may be a$$ backwards but I like our chances more against UW at home than Tech on the road. They get 2 extra days to prepare for us vs our 1 extra day that we have and they will be well coached with some film, just hoping they don’t have the personnel.
  12. But walking fewer guys is definitely not a sign of him growing as a pitcher as opposed to a thrower?
  13. Welcome Daniel. So what's your USF linkage?
  14. Gulf Breeze's Brandon Schrepf earns place in German national baseball program Eric J. Wallace, Pensacola News Journal Published 3:39 p.m. CT July 19, 2019 Excerpt: University of South Florida outfielder Brandon Schrepf, a 2018 Gulf Breeze High grad, has found a place in the German national baseball program, which is preparing for international competitions this fall. Born into a military family from Penzing, a small municipality in southern Germany, Schrepf holds German citizenship and has long hoped for the chance to play baseball at the international level. ... Schrepf made the cut for Germany’s 70-man national team squad in May. Later in the summer, German national team head coach Steve Janssen, formerly a Chicago Cubs pitching coach, informed Schrepf that he’d made the final 20-man roster for the German U23 National Baseball Team. More
  15. My thinking on this is that the offense will be picking up more if the offense as the season rolls on. Word on the street is that we only have about 50% of the playbook learned and that is shaky due to low reps. I know the competition gets better but there is something to be said about the team jelling. Regardless, I think we do go 2-2 down the stretch.
  16. This is going to be a very tough game in week 2, I called it a loss in my season prediction and as of today , I will stand by that. Geoff Collins is a good coach and will have the team ready for week 2. We will be on a seven game losing streak at that point, but the positive is we will have one extra day to prepare for this game. This game should be a close one, much closer than the Wisconsin game the week before. Charlie better have this team focused and prepared or its going to be a long hot afternoon for our boys in Atlanta.
  17. I don’t as much, early conf schedule is soft, UW and GA Tech are not world beaters and are vulnerable. I realize a new offense will experience growing pains however could catch either UW or Tech off guard and by the time they really begin to click the schedule toughens. I don’t know what to expect but I feel a lot better going into this season than last, we don’t have as many glaring holes with the exception of our O line, that should get some relief with a spread quick hit approach where they will not be required to hold their blocks as long as the predictable play calling by Gilbert. And with more depth and experience they may not be as bad as we think.
  18. In sidebar of Main Forum topic listing and the Football page
  19. Might we have links to opponent message boards in a side panel again? Thanks Brad and mods. GO BULLS!
  20. Looks like he is throwing every 7 days so probably throwing against Jupiter and might miss the Clearwater series
  21. Almost like maturity and development is leading to a young hard throwing pitcher with lights out stuff to improve and grow ....
  22. The Stone Crabs will be in Clearwater to play the Threshers in a 4 game series, starting next Thursday. Mrs. S and I are going to try and get out there Thursday or Friday night. I hope he starts on of those games.
  23. Here is their spring game. Their defense is very soft in the 10 minutes that I watched.
  24. I could see the opposite of last year happening (though not six losses)...rough start but a pick up inthe end.
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