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  2. They were not 3 deep, CWT did not leave 3 deep, he had one terrific recruiting season and after CCS first year he was in a complete rebuild after that classes eligibility ended. CCS and CWT are not quality head coaches, both can or could recruit however without a Bridgewater or Flowers/Mack they are shat and we will continue to watch others pass us by.
  3. I'll be wearing mine proudly at the ECU and Navy games!
  4. Funny you should mention that guy...CJL is the epitome of working with what you have vs forcing a scheme that doesn't fit your skill set. Expecting your players to be something they're not = L. Working with them to maximize the existing skills leads to wins. I'm not sure Gilbert ever got that, but I'm glad CWT eventually did. For me, jury's still out on Strong but I like where it's going.
  5. It would be almost impossible for it not to be better than it sounds.
  6. You may want to just hold off and wait to see who does not receive it, no reason to go through all the work if everyone receives their shirt. I know we had some fun at your expense on the delay but we really do appreciate your work on this. Thank you
  7. It’s actually even better than it sounds.
  8. This is great. In before the AAC Championship game
  9. Today
  10. Sooner. Much sooner. I suggest the collard greens with bacon for a side and some fried pickles. Maybe a Bloody Mary with a BBQ dry rub on the rim of the glass instead of salt and a pork spare rib in it.
  11. Sounds great . Umm thank you I will check that out real soon.
  12. Never been for Soul Food Sunday. Gotta get there sooner than later
  14. Are you in Tampa? There is only one place in town for catfish. Ella’s for Soul Food Sunday.
  15. I mailed them two day priority, so everyone should have them well before SMU. I plan to send private messages with tracking numbers tomorrow. The receipt is literally 7 feet long though, and just lists the tracking numbers and cost. So bear with me cause it will take a hot minute to figure out what tracking number goes with what shipment haha.
  16. Are you serious.? Hell yes I ate there . chicken & beer stopped me in my tracks. However, I’ll tell you I ordered the catfish and it was banging. Some of the best since catfish cabin in AL. Oh how this thread has morphed.
  17. Do the Cheese Heads get this much heat? What’s the difference? Neither is the mascot. And “Packers” refers to meat packing - not cheese packing - I just checked. Both are representative of the their region. OK - team color. Not a show stopper in my book. I can’t believe people are bothered by a small, yes SMALL number of fans who want to do this. I say, “Party on - thanks for coming!”
  18. Agreed. Nothing wrong with looking forward to the season and the probability of this being a successful team. But lets slow the roll just a little bit on the huge expectations. Just sets everyone one up for dissapointment if it dont happen.
  19. And purveyor of Chicken + Beer at Atlanta airport (maybe some of y'all ate there).
  20. Viva, your summary of the O line. Is true. We have mass but concerning blocking technique , which is puzzling because we have two seniors with 4 years of experience and they are out there blocking ghosts. If you look at espn highlights from our game you will see the right guard pat the nose tackle on the asss while the center makes a really great block. Why can’t the guard chip block him. I mean look at it and tell me what you see?
  21. Except a winning record against UCF. But wait, they had their P5 amenities, P5 players and P5 fans that year, how ever could they have lost? Maybe they didn't have a P5 coach that year.
  22. Former US Poet Laureate Christopher Bryan Bridges.
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