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  2. Of course you ate that after consuming a handle of bourbon!
  3. https://www.columbiarestaurant.com/The-Columbia-Experience/Recipes/Sangria-de-Cava
  4. I can attest that @&rew Bull has some cooking skills. Whatever he brought to the tailgates this past year was great.
  5. Went to his left a couple of times in the first couple of minutes but didn't see him finish with it. Doesn't look that tall. Surprised.
  6. Real dynamic player - looks like he can create shots with and without the ball, which is something the team needs Hopefully CBG can help him understand that G-d gave him a left hand for a reason
  7. Best looking prospect USF basketball has seen in some time. Watch this highlight reel:
  8. Troll on Nick Roberts for being light and then do us a favor and go away. Your coach was a dried up turd, please join the Bama thread and rejoice that the midget intellectually challenged found a job.
  9. I remember thinking Quinton Flowers was bad in his first year. McCloud was a freshman, and supposedly was hurt. I wanted him off the field for Rygol, a high school player, or anybody for that matter. But this is a new year, and players improve and regress all the time. If he puts in the work right now, there is no reason he cant be great. Obviously that's a big IF, and I'm not banking on it
  10. Yesterday
  11. Last thing I want to do is knock the guy, I envy his ability and being able to play at that level with this much success. He is a good kid( from what I can tell) and he has the world by the balls, even a good chance to play for pay just not in the NBA. Nobody will be rooting more for him than me, he is a Bull and will always be one.
  12. Coaching is a tough way to make a living. You really need the passion for the job and lifestyle. For most of the guys that make a long term profession of coaching they really don't start out looking at the money. As one example, take a look at Leavitt's entire coaching career. Early on he spent time at places like powerhouse football programs like Dubuque college and Morningside college. Before getting into upper level schools, he spent almost 9 years in little towns of Iowa. Ed Orgeron has had 14 coaching jobs before rising to the top of the profession. Perseverance and passion is what it takes to survive in the coaching ranks. Good thing Augie is finding out it is not for him early in his life. Maybe a better road for him would be coaching t the high school level, but even that is a tenuous position nowadays.
  13. Stop, don't knock the guy. Have you never aspired to something? Ever sought feedback? Stop.
  14. Wish he could find something in the USF Athletics Department...it’s a shame to let that passion for the university coupled with his playing career go to waste. In many ways he is Mr. USF.
  15. Think of Laquincy, that guy is more solid than some of our running backs. But then, they both would prob try and dribble a football and that just results in groin injuries
  16. In all honesty he would have probably made a very good football player, he has the body, size and instincts, he would have been a force IMO however hoops have turned out well for him as well, I hope he is successful In whatever he decides to do, just can’t see him in the NBA.
  17. https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bulls/2020/04/03/why-usfs-auggie-sanchez-chose-to-walk-away-from-football/ Sounds like Auggies stint in coaching left a bad taste. I hated to see him let go from USF. That young man bleeds green and gold. Hopefully, he finds his path in life. Personally, I think guys like Auggie and Lamar are a plus to our program. Coaching is a tough business. Coach Scott is a good example of ex-players/grads being retained by their alma maters. Good luck Mr. Sanchez.
  18. This recipe has become part of my regular rotation. If you have a pressure cooker and like Indian, I recommend trying it out. It's easy to double for a larger group or to create leftovers while you hunker down. Some of the spices are hard to come by. You can make the garam masala yourself and I tend to skip the kasoori methi. https://pipingpotcurry.com/instant-pot-chicken-tikka-masala/#wprm-recipe-container-4476 I've been baking a lot more over the past couple weeks mostly to get a break from the kids. I've had the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook collecting dust for years and finally dove in. Their banana loaf is one of the best I've made. https://www.hummingbirdhigh.com/2012/06/hummingbird-bakery-banana-bread.html
  19. It's OUR middling basketball team, you ****** ********* !
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