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  2. From your lips to G-d’s ears I long for the day when I never have to weed through a jk or TDS post in order to get to the better coverage I receive on Thebullspen by people that aren’t pretending to be journalists and receiving unjust enrichment for the university I care about. If no one is getting paid to cover us I have no expectations of them but if they do they should provide something of value. It’s not your fault you think people with tenure shouldn’t have any expectations of them but that’s not how it works on the mean streets of the real world. He should do better but I fear he isn’t capable.
  3. https://247sports.com/college/south-florida/Article/USF-Bulls-welcome-5th-Tampa-Bay-made-member-in-Lennard-defensive-tackle-Jhalin-Hobbs-150013610/
  4. Actually...his job is to write for USF, high school football, the Rays, and FSU. LMAO you are comparing the Bucs with USF football? You go boy! . We are nothing more than a fart in the wind to most people in Tampa. The coverage is what the people in the community want. Again, you ingrates will not have to deal with it much longer as papers are going away anyway. But once it does our “media coverage” will be nothing more than a 45 word blip on Twitter once a week. Then I get to hear you all say “we don’t get no coverage” blah, blah, blah...
  5. His job is to write about USF and USF doesn’t have to do a thing in order for him to do a better job with it. The Bucs didn’t win for decades and yet there were dozens of people tasked with covering them and found a way. USF could win a dozen championships and JK would still find a way to write boring surface level reports on it and make not funny references because it is who he is. You choose to celebrate it but most people do not because mediocrity (I’m feeling nice today) is not to be celebrated. I think it’s because you live in New England so you expect no USF news. It’s like the weather in Florida if you cared about that and someone was able to give you a report on it at any given moment you would thing they are doing a good job but many of us could just go outside and we expect the report to be on something we don’t know like what’s it going to be like tomorrow, the 10 day forecast, the UV index and the tropical storm possibilities. You think it’s fine that he just shows up (in all fairness he and his paper agree) but there has been an expectation set for more than that and he does not deliver at all.
  6. Thus Danny got a HUGE raise.Dude can raise $$ like a Beast
  7. LMAO, the “Eats It” dude ragging on Jim not being able to recruit ... people were wanting more then.
  8. I am thinking we got one more week to be happy before it happens...
  9. I love seeing some of the names of bullspenners passed, that Ari showed up numerous times I found particularly amusing
  10. No effort? Hardly, if you don’t read him you don’t know. Our program has hit the ****** and only a few thousand in the Tampa community care. You act like that is the newspaper’s fault. They are only going to write about what people care about. Here is a novel idea...how about this program actually win something that does not take an almanac to look up so Brett can write something. USF fans...we always pass the buc...
  11. Found this. If anyone is curious and cares to flashback (Me and Puc for sure ): Transcript: log 2007-04-12 (Edited) 2007 Spring Football Chat with Greg_Auman Chat room #BullChat_Chat_Room [Thu Apr 12 2007] Greg_Auman joined Greg_Auman hey everybody Greg_Auman hey guys. going through the early questions now. i'll get things going in just a sec ... Astro not a problem greg. take your time Snake(Q) Greg, do you think the offense looks any better with the change in OC - or about the same? Greg_Auman(A) Snake, good question. The answer, especially as it relates to Saturday's game, is that it'll look the same. The only differences should be out of necessity -- there's only two tight ends total, so that's one per team. QBs won't be live for contact, so you won't see the same scrambling from Grothe and Gregory. Their main emphasis for spring was establishing a physical running game, so you might see more north-south running than in the past. Bulliever We are underway RJWGoBulls Do you think Ford is as good as advertised or is there still quite a bit of rust to be run off? Greg_Auman Rjw, I'll answer your live question on Mike Ford. Coaches have been sparing with the praise for him, reminding that he's still a true freshman, and unlike most true freshmen, he hasn't played football in a year and a half. I think he'll be a big part of Usf's football team this fall, but I don't know whether that will show Saturday or not. Still has a lot to learn (blocking, signals, etc.) to get confidence from his coaches. knightfan(Q) How does it impact your impartiality that your company is a paid sponsor of USF Athletics? Greg_Auman(A) Ah, Knightfan. I can't say enough how much this gets overblown on the boards sometimes. It's really a very rare occurence that I'm even aware of the Times' status as the official paper of USF athletics. The Times often gets a table at USF events, and sometimes I'm allowed to attend those events, but it's nothing I wouldn't have access to if I simply asked to attend. Aside from that, it really doesn't come up much in my job. My editors certainly have never said or done anything to ask me to alter my coverage one way or another as a result of the business relationship our paper has with USF. Bulliever Ucf fans... Bulliever ::rolleyes RJWGoBulls lol Greg_Auman just to follow up on myself, I think the biggest impact it has on me is just giving me another reason to not want to get beaten on stories -- if your paper is identified as being the official paper, you want to back that up with the best coverage you can. I don't think that makes it inherently more positive or negative though ... Astro cant live with them, cant rock them in the face with a 2x4 Greg_Auman i've got a bunch of questions in my queue, but can take them from the room here as well ... Astro how are the walk-ons doing? Any Ean Randolphs? Greg_Auman Astro, I was just asking Leavitt about the walk-ons yesterday. The easy answer is there probably isn't an Ean Randolph or Ben Williams of the new guys. Leavitt said he's going to keep three kids out of the new spring walk-ons, and one looks to be cornerback Micah Morgan, a transfer from Missouri State who has gotten a lot of reps in the secondary. Not sure who the other two are -- there's a Db named Lucas Darr, a transfer from N.c. State, and he might make the cut, or at least be among the first callbacks for fall two-a-days ... Velcro(Q) What are the chances of landing Janirro Bush? Greg_Auman(A) Good question, though I think it's Jenirro, and his high school coach (and second cousin) Herman Bush pronounces it almost like "Generio," for what that's worth. I think USF's chances are good, just because Stan Heath has already won Bush over once in getting a commitment to Arkansas. USF is farther from home and obviously not as successful a program, so Heath has some work to do, but if he can get Bush to Tampa for a visit, I think he can make a compelling case. He's up against some solid competition in his other five schools though ... RJWGoBulls Are there anyother recuits we should be listening for? Greg_Auman Heath has been busy on the recruiting end -- he was at a tournament in Vegas this weekend, and had people at a big tournament in Little Rock as well. He's got three scholarships to play with and is confident he'll be able to find three players he likes enough to use all three this spring. Greg_Auman Heath made another interesting point -- with all the coaching changes, there's a chance that a top prospect who is already signed may want to jump ship -- he referenced Oklahoma last year, where Scottie Reynolds wound up at Villanova as one of the league's best freshmen ... mattegunz We could sure use a Scottie Reynolds Astro i wouldnt mind it at all eltoro(Q) What's the running back situation look like? Who's going to be the #1 back? Greg_Auman(A) I don't think we'll know that until the season starts. Leavitt was noncommittal the other day, naming Aston Samuels, Ricky Ponton, Ben Williams and Mike Ford (in that order) but saying nobody had really emerged. That doesn't even count three talented freshmen who will come in this fall and could contribute at RB or other positions. The running game should be much improved, and I think Samuels will impress a lot of people, both with his quickness and his hands catching passes out of the backfield. I addressed Ford a little earlier as well ... mattegunz Do you think the offense will change much with Gregory calling the shots Greg_Auman matte, the easy answer is that the offense hasn't changed much at all. less reliance on the shotgun, more downfield direct running, but Saturday will be very vanilla, not much of a sneak preview so much as a scrimmage Astro(Q) How is the battle at center going? Do you think Schmidt, Griffin, or McCaskill will take over for Caponga? Greg_Auman(A) Another good question. Capogna is a senior and a leader, though Leavitt has mentioned competition from Schmidt and Griffin, who are both competing to start at guard as well. The interior of the line seems to be where the battles are right now. I'd be surprised if McCaskill were to jump right in -- he's basically a true freshman this fall, so he'd be making a statement just to avoid a redshirt. So my guess is Capogna, just because of his experience. Schmidt and Griffin are significantly bigger, and I don't want to discount that. Astro thanks, always gotta watch out for the big guys Greg_Auman I think Capogna is the Most Common Typo on the roster right now. Espn had his name wrong (though differently from Astro) when he got to announce the starting lineups in the bowl game ... Astro poor guy usfgrad84 Hey guys. Greg, How is the Tight End position shaping up? bwsdj So Amari is sitting out this Saturday? mattegunz apparently has a bum shoulder Astro(Q) will heath run up and down the court, or will he be methodical in the half court offense? Greg_Auman(A) I think you'll see a more uptempo, fluid basketball with Heath. The new assistant, Dan Hipsher, runs a motion offense that's much different than what USF ran last year. The team is already starting to work on a new skill set to adjust to that. I think they can be methodical when necessary, but in general, it's a lot more pushing the ball and harassing defensively. I liked what John Pelphrey called his defense at Arkansas the other day, though I really can't relate to the metaphor. He called it Mother-in-law defense, nonstop pressure and harassment. Again, I'm lucky in that department. Velcro Mother-in-law defense... not bad... i like the name 40 minutes of Hell a bit better, but that is pretty funny mattegunz This will be an attractive brand of Bball. I thought Mac was a good defensive coach, but his offensive sets were poor. Astro I think that is going to help Zeus and Solo a lot. Greg_Auman just to catch the loose ends in the room, Amarri is very likely sitting Saturday from his shoulder injury. And tight end is real limited this spring, with Andrew Ketchel (knee) and Ben Busbee (shoulder) limited. Shane Mcelwain's there now and wearing No. 40, but this fall, it should really be a Cedric Hill position, with Ketchel probably next if he's healthy. Usf's lost two senior tight ends in each of the last two years now ... nam37 I've always thought Te was under used here. RJWGoBulls Are we likley to ustilise the Te moreunder gregory? BasketBull we won the war. It's "utilize" in these parts. Greg_Auman Utilise. How British of you :). I think the position is down a bit, so I think they'll use tight end less, but only as a function of having less players there. Again, I think Ced Hill could have a big year, but I'm not sure what's there behind him ... Astro if only ced can catch Ari_Hinkelberger Greg -- Whats the insight on Ford at Rb..? Haven't really heard much - is he out of shape? Astro(Q) Who has suprised you the most at practice? Greg_Auman(A) I think linebacker Tyrone McKenzie has impressed me the most, but as far as surprising, I'm consistently impressed with what Colby Erskin is doing at receiver. Guy has great speed, but is showing a lot with his hands as well. Greg Gregory was saying the other day that he was running a simple curl and turned in his route so well he had an 8-yard cushion, in part because the DBs have to respect his speed on a potential fly pattern ... Bulliever But erskine is smaller than Mg, right? mattegunz Speed kills Astro i think he can be like Reynauld over at Wvu small, fast, and elusive bwsdj Speed is Good Greg_Auman Erskin's a little guy for sure. I think David Cozzo might be smaller, but that's about it ... Ari_Hinkelberger amazing that a guy with erksin's type of speed didn't get recruited by really anyone E.T. Randolph is about the same size, if not smaller ? Greg_Auman I nearly wrote Erskin for my spring game preview, but I'm doing the running game instead. Randolph is a good comparison -- was able to overcome a lot of doubters who judged him by his size ... bwsdj What is the average running back Height? E.T. Between 5'6" and 6'2" Astro 5'10-6'ish Greg_Auman i don't think there's a set average, but normally you think of a back being noticeably small if he's shorter than 5-11 or so ... again, Warrick Dunn's piled up a lot of yards despite being shorter than me ... E.T. I was going by our Rb's bwsdj less person to grab onto E.T. Bbq is smallest, but one of the best blockers. How is Samuels blocking been ? Velcro and less person to see behind those monster linemen bwsdj true E.T. Sounds like a Little Red Riding Hood set-up mattegunz Will Mckenzie erase some of our worries of losing Snake Astro had to think about the Bbq refrence for a minute mattegunz(Q) IS there a clear number 2 behind Grothe? Greg_Auman(A) Matte, I think Grant Gregory has clearly settled in as the top backup. There isn't much behind him, however -- Anthony Severino knows the offense well, and right now, it'd be Courtney Denson (after a year away from the position) or a walk-on like J.B. Bailey as the fourth-string. USF is thin at quarterback, so it's important that Matt Grothe stay healthy. Him not running so many QB draws should help in that department. Ari_Hinkelberger would be terrible if grothe got hurt KB Voss should help depth? bwsdj thats a deff on keeping Grothe healthy E.T. Don't expect Voss Ari_Hinkelberger yeah -- whats up with voss -- i guess we won't know much until summer on him Astro hope voss can make grades E.T. Grades. mattegunz Thanks. Is Gregory a Pj type player? Greg_Auman i've got plenty of questions here, but keep sending. Voss would help with depth, but he's one of the players that's uncertain in terms of having the grades/test scores to get in ... KB he was at practice the other day Ari_Hinkelberger Grades? Ari_Hinkelberger Man! mattegunz Voss looks like a big kid in the photo on Scout E.T. Gregory has a serious arm, with better accuracy and a true Qb RJWGoBulls Gotta hope the attendence at practice and such inpires/makes him get the scores Ari_Hinkelberger wasn't gregory like ohio state player of the year or something? bwsdj how close is he Greg_Auman Somebody had asked about Mckenzie -- I think you guys will be impressed with what you see Saturday. Guy has a knack for getting to the ball quickly. Not sure whether he'll be at Sam or Will, but he'll be a major factor in Usf's defense in the fall ... usffan Would Gregory Be Backup With Rodd Smith Here ?? Astro thats great to hear Astro i think Gregory would be backup no matter what E.T. Agree about Gregory. Bulliever Read Greg Auman's Usf Sports Blog at http://blogs.tampabay.com/usf/ Greg_Auman Gregory would be the backup regardless of the coordinator -- there's really nothing to that. He would have gotten much of Pat Julmiste's playing time last season, but the coaches held him out with the hopes of getting a medical redshirt. Gregory's a good runner, a smart passer. If there's a question mark, it's that he hasn't played much in the last three years ... Ari_Hinkelberger What's Gregorys background? E.T. I think he'll get the medical. usffan Severino Was Never Given A Chance -- He Sure Won Alot At Jesuit !! Greg_Auman Thanks for the blog plugs. Gregory prepped in Ohio, started out at Indiana, redshirted there then transferred to Usf. I can go a while past 9, I think ... bwsdj Thanks For your time Greg Ari_Hinkelberger i did ask greg about the poor old kicker Ari_Hinkelberger are getting better at that position? bwsdj nice to be able to chat with some one that has so much info E.T. Gregory also played the best of the Qb's in the Oh-pa All Star game. Astro i think he would do well if anything happened to Matt Ari_Hinkelberger yeah -- it will be interesting to see gregory on saturday dausfbulls11(Q) Has McElwain officially switched to tight end and could he see playing time there? I thought he looked great on defense in last years spring game. Greg_Auman(A) McElwain is back on offense, but he still has limited experience. He's a physical guy, and the sheer lack of bodies at TE gives him a better shot at playing time than he had at defensive end. Busbee and Ketchel are coming off injuries, and I'm not sure if either of the recruits who signed as tight ends will be here in the fall ... Astro i think we greyshirted one of the Te Ari_Hinkelberger seems like a lot of our recruits don't qualify -- is that me or what.. E.T. This really surprised me, especially after he did so well at De on the scout team in 2006, he looked great ! Greg_Auman Question about kicker -- it's the same candidates. Delbert Alvarado has had a lingering injury -- think it's a hamstring -- so the two kickers in a scrimmage Wednesday were Mike Benzer and Justin Teachey. They went a combined 2-for-8 from 42 yards and out. I think it'll be Alvarado in the fall unless somebody makes a real charge in two-a-days. Astro ouch Ari_Hinkelberger **** **** **** joshnewberg Alvarado has an on-going ankle problem Ari_Hinkelberger wy didn't we go out and get ourselves a kicker Ari_Hinkelberger in the fall Astro alvarado has a hell of a leg Astro that 56 yarder was a thing of beauty Greg_Auman hey, josh is here. thanks on the ankle catch dausfbulls11 how has Petrov looked at punter? joshnewberg You know Im here for ya! its hard when they fire off these questions like that mattegunz(Q) How is the DLINE looking despite losing Julmiste Greg_Auman(A) Both at end and tackle, seems like USF has about three good options but wants to solidify a fourth. At end, George Selvie is as reliable as they can ask for, with Jarriett Buie and Josh Smiley probably next, perhaps Woody George, who played primarily inside last year. Inside, Richard Clebert's had a good spring, and coaches continue to have praise for Aaron Harris and Allen Cray. Brandon Peguese, who came to USF as a linebacker, is strong enough that he's lining up at tackle as well. He could be a surprise star out of this bunch ... dausfbulls11 think Clebert is gonna blow up this year!!!!!!!! E.T. I feel great about the Dl also ... think it will be very deep ... the entire D also. mattegunz Good news Greg. I wish Julmiste would have had his act together Astro I am really excited about Peguese. That Rs year packed on a lot of muscle for him dausfbulls11 bring on Ray Rice!! E.T. Revenge !!! Astro Auburn is going to be a great time mattegunz(Q) How are we looking at CB behind Trae and Mike? Greg_Auman(A) Cornerback is as set as any position on the depth chart -- Williams and Jenkins are seniors, with Jerome Murphy and Ryan Gilliam right behind them as backups. They had intended to try Tyller Roberts there, but now he's back at safety, just because it's easier to crack the two-deep here. There's some solid freshman corner prospects coming in as well in Charlton Sinclair, Tyson Butler and others ... E.T. Allen !!! joshnewberg Greg, Trae missed half of practice today and Tyller filled in for him on the 1st team. E.T. Hear he's doing great ! Astro defense is going to be better this year than last E.T.(Q) Greg, what have you heard about Carleton Hill ? Greg_Auman(A) I meant to check up on Carlton Hill today and didn't get to. Leavitt told me Tuesday that if Hill is at USF this fall, he'll use his redshirt season, barring a barrage of injuries. I think there's a sense of wanting to make sure he's making good decisions before he's put in a position of importance, whatever position that is on the field. I've yet to see Hill hanging out at practice, which has struck me as odd since he's supposed to be here in Tampa. I would not expect him to be a relevant contributor to USF before 2008. dausfbulls11 I think it says something about Hill coming back to Usf, he could have moved on........seems to want to right the wrongs he made Bill96(Q) Really, how important is this dining hall to Coach Leavitt? What's on Coach's list after the dining hall? Greg_Auman(A) The dining hall is very, very important to Leavitt. Friday night is the team's big alumni gathering for former players, and I imagine they'll be passing the offering plate, so to speak, to help raise funds for what would likely cost $4-million. You still haven't seen any construction toward the new track facility that was announced last year, and you have to wonder whether a dining hall would take precedence over other upgrades to the Sun Dome. Leavitt wants the practice fields to be closer to the facility, and that would be part of the move when the new softball stadium is built, just east of Red McEwen Field. Not sure when that will happen either though ... Greg_Auman good crowd here. glad to see everybody turning out. i've got a lot of questions here, so i'm going to keep answering them ... E.T. Thanx so much Greg, we appreciate your time. MR._THUNDER_STICK I think the dining hall is a great idea. I think that we should start passing the hat too. Haha I got 500 KB can you specifically direct funds to the dining hall? dausfbulls11 come up with 4 mil and theyll call it Kb Hall E.T. I think so. bwsdj i agree if you cough up the 4 mil u get toname it E.T. People gave $50K plus to go to football when it started. KB if all 2000 board members give $2000, it can be Bullspen Hall dausfbulls11 Yeah!!!!!! KB(Q) What's your initial feel on Ford been? He seems to have his helmet on in a lot of pictures. Is he a reserved personality that gets it done on the field? Greg_Auman(A) I remember Ricky Williams would even keep his helmet on during interviews. Not so for Mike Ford at all -- TV crew got him coming off the field yesterday, and he was happy to talk. He's very grateful for the opportunity he has at USF, very understanding of the long path he's taken to get here. He just has a big transition to make. Greg Gregory was saying yesterday that you can rush for 3,000 yards in high school, but most of those games, you're only going up against one or two college football players. Now he's up against 11, so where he might have been able to simply outrun guys in the past, he has to think about moves, cuts, blocking, a lot of things he didn't need as much in the past. Basically, he's just reminding a lot of people with very high hopes for Ford that the kid is still just a college freshmen, so give him some time. I imagine people will be watching him as much as any player on the field Saturday ... Greg_Auman I imagine you can earmark a check for just about anything if you make it out to the right people. For instance, if you guys want to help me with my electric bill, or my cable bill, here's my Paypal address ... dausfbulls11 hope he stays focused on grades too Astro lol bwsdj lol RJWGoBulls lol E.T. Lol ... greg cracks me up Greg_Auman I can only imagine the conversations at Bullspen Hall. Smazza would always say the food is cold ... E.T. Lmfao !!! Lol Eats_It Leavitt can't cook Eats_It or recruit Bulliever classic quip Eats_It I wish he was in here right now nam37 I'll cook... I make a mean chilli! Eats_It lol Bulliever Leavitt can't recruit good cooks Astro cooks are underpaid E.T. Lol Eats_It We have to schedule better ingredients Astro usc has the greatest cooks in the usa KB Shoop would complain about the apron colors Eats_It The parsley isn't the right shade of green, either Greg_Auman Leavitt really gets into this dining hall. You laugh, but he'll talk about the current cafeteria, and he'll say "they're Aramark, and they do a good job ..." He really is scouting the woman making the sloppy joes. Seriously. joshnewberg Leavitt makes a great sloppy joe. Greg have you been over to the house for Sloppy Joe Sunday? Greg_Auman i've yet to go to Leavitt's house, not even to stalk him or anything. cpa_bull90(Q) Greg, I enjoy reading your articles and blog. With the current recruiting class, will a larger percentage qualify this fall? Who may be questionable as to qualifying? Greg_Auman(A) A larger percentage simply means less than nine fail to qualify. I'm not going to name any more names, just because it doesn't help the kids trying to improve their situations, but Leavitt has said he already has three or four of his signees lined up with junior colleges in anticipating they might not make grades. I don't like getting into "this kid needs two points" or "this kid is taking the ACT saturday" -- a little too much detail about a 17-year-old. It should be better than last year, for what that's worth. Greg_Auman Leavitt and Franks will tell you that signing an academically questionable player establishes the start of a relationship -- in two years, when they're deciding on a school out of junior college, they remember that Usf believed in them enough to sign them. I hear complaints about wasted resources on recruits that never make it to campus, so you can argue both sides of it ... E.T. Is Bulliever gonna be in Tampe for the game ? Bulliever Bulliever will not make the game, but does have Press Pass! RJWGoBulls can we watch on press pass? Velcro yes E.T. Press Pass saved me while in Rio Greg_Auman spring game will be on Press Pass, yes. RJWGoBulls hmm...will have to work out how they will sell it to an English man! RJWGoBulls from memory they don't like Uk addresses RJWGoBulls but I will find out verybullish what about leslie stirrups? Greg_Auman I haven't heard anything on Stirrups -- I'll have to call up to Pearl River and see if anything's changed. He's at least a year removed from Usf though, and it'll take a lot of strong academics to get him in a Bulls uniform for fall 2008 ... Velcro(Q) Greg, what are the chances of USF going into the season with only KG and Aris as forwards? Greg_Auman(A) Slim to none. The priority with these last three scholarships is the frontcourt. Realistically, they need a backup center and a starting power forward. They need rebounders to replace Mattis and Buckley. At least two of the three scholarships will address power forward and center, for sure ... Velcro great to hear greg... I'm crossing my fingers they can find some talented big men on short notice Bullsgobowling Did we at all tried to get Devine? dausfbulls11 no way devine qualifies biggamebulls(Q) dont know if this has been asked already but...What receiver do you think has a chance to step in a role like Ean Randolph had last season? Greg_Auman(A) Good question. The first name you'll hear from coaches is Jessie Hester, who redshirted last season and has a similar build/quickness to Ean. I think the big three at receiver will be Taurus Johnson, Marcus Edwards and Amarri Jackson, but there's a lot of buzz around Carlton Mitchell. There's a ton of depth there ... Having a solid running game should open things up for more downfield passing in the fall, too ... E.T. Lots of names at Wr ... it's a frekin' phone book ! dausfbulls11 Taurus is the man E.T. Greg, Mary Ann or Ginger ? Lol E.T. I think Tj might be going pro after 2007 mattegunz(Q) Wil the baseball team make the NCAAs? Greg_Auman(A) Want to get a baseball question in here. The best stat I'd seen this spring was that USF was 9-2 against teams from last year's NCAA Tournament. Now that was like two weeks ago, where I'm sure that number has changed. If they can continue as they've played, finish strong in the Big East, it's well within their reach ... dausfbulls11 cant wait til the Louisville series, Prado was an awesome hire SeaBull Greg. I don't think that stat has changed much since they haven't played any tourny teams since then (I think) E.T. My new boss is a big L'ville football fan. SeaBull Tino!!! dausfbulls11 Woolard the best thing to happen to Usf since Leavitt SeaBull(Q) What is the anticipated attendance for the spring game and what are season ticket sales looking like at this point? Greg_Auman(A) Wow. Spring game attendance. I don't even know if I can venture a guess there. Last I'd heard, season ticket sales were pretty much as expected -- not a huge gain, but improving. I'll get a new figure after the spring game, as it usually dies down for a few months after that ... SeaBull hopefully the whole "pick your seat" thing works E.T. Hoping we can get a hundred more at the Spring Game Bullsgobowling So what do you think of our Big East rival Rutgers womens basketball team? nam37 We could ask Imus? dausfbulls11 they made a great run, very well coached..........imus deserved what he got SeaBull uggg enough of Imus. Velcro after seeing how they dismantled our girls, i figured they'd make a good run in the tourney. cyberbull(Q) Greg -- what do you hear about a timetable for a couple facilities projects such as practice fields, nutrition, basketball facilities?? Greg_Auman(A) You really don't get timetables from USF on those things, just because it sets them up to look bad if a stadium or, um, salad bar, isn't completed as expected. The track money from the county is there, so that will be the first thing done, and the softball stadium got a huge boost from the Morsanis, so I'd think that's next. The Sun Dome practice facility would be expensive, but I'm sure basketball is probably the area most likely to pick up new interest from donors with a big hire and excitement around Stan Heath. Until I hear the bulldozers, it's all TBD for now ... cyberbull did the dorsey question already get asked? Greg_Auman It's coming up on three months since Keeley Dorsey passed away, and there's still no news from the county medical examiner's office. They've told me the delay is very unusual, but they've yet to get a conclusive cause, and they continue to wait on slides and test results. I imagine we'll hear something in the next week or two ... Bullsgobowling I keep hearing that Gunn Allen will buy the naming rights for the dome. Any truth? biggamebulls(Q) Thanks Greg...Does Sherman/Alcin have a shot this year? Greg_Auman(A) Sherman is a guy who is physically imposing -- looks like he's about 23, great size, big hands. He's just at a position where there's a ton of returning talent. I can't say I've heard Ed Alcin's name mentioned much. Honestly, I've seen more plays from Erskin than either of those this spring, so I have to put him ahead of both in my expectations for the fall right now ... SeaBull anyone asked about Bball recruits? Greg_Auman On basketball recruits, it's kind of the next thing on my list after spring game. Heath told me Tuesday he's comfortable introducing himself to a recruit one week and bringing him in the next week -- he's not limiting himself to kids he already has a relationship with, just trying to find the best three players he can find. Again, this is somebody who got Antonio Gates, who signed Al Jefferson with the Celtics. He'll go after the big ones, even under a time crunch like he's under right now ... Greg_Auman Gunnallen? Interesting. They've had the "logo Behind Leavitt's Head At Press Conference" rights for a few years now, so wouldn't surprise me, though the price tag for an arena is obviously a few more zeros than the backdrop ... dausfbulls11 what kind of company is it RJWGoBulls don't they also sponser the sundolls? Velcro The Gunallenfinancial Sun Dome? i don't like that... we need to pony up for the Bullspen Dome nam37 I've always hoped for the Hooter's Dome Windbane Hooter's Dome...i'd go for that BasketBull Hooter -no KB Outback Dome BasketBull Hooter -no 's'; I'd always feel like I'm missing something... cyberbull I like the Outback Dome E.T. Sullivan does a great job for Usf ! cyberbull free steak dinners everytime Usf scores over 100 pts Velcro we haven't scored 100 pts in the dome since the Tcu game under Seth E.T. The gator on the Outback ceiling in Lakeland was killed by Sullivan E.T. The ceiling over the bar. KB didn't know gators could climb Velcro gator with spiderman like abilities? sounds like a rare species Bullsgobowling my daughter plays softball and she was wondering how good do you think the softball team is this year Bulliever Read Greg Auman's Usf Sports Blog at http://blogs.tampabay.com/usf/ E.T. I always hit Greg's blog - Great Job ! dausfbulls11 check it nightly bulliever Windbane I got it on 30-min auto-reload (firefox tabs) cyberbull It's the only Bulls Blog in the market... Bullsgobowling how good do you think the girls softball team this year is i know we have the pitching but is everything else good enough USFlow(Q) was antonio gates highly recruited out of high school? Greg_Auman(A) Gates is a really fun story with Heath. One of his assistants -- who is close to joining him at USF -- Oronde Taliaferro, played for heath in college and was Gates' high school coach. Heath got him to Michigan State but he was focused on football, then he bounced to two junior colleges before making it to Kent State and playing two years then. Heath said Gates came by to see him at the SEC Tournament in Atlanta last month ... Bullsgobowling how about the softball is that good??? Greg_Auman bowling, softball has a ridiculous pitching staff, with three aces in Cristi Ecks, Bree Spence and Kristen Gordon. I had thought their record might be better than it is right now, but that kind of pitching can go a long way in the postseason for sure ... Bullsgobowling will anyone answer me about the softball Astro just gotta get the bats going dausfbulls11 Dani Hofer would have been nice dausfbulls11 gotta keep talent home in all sports Bullsgobowling yes we do got to get bats going thats were my daughter wants to go to play Bullsgobowling well fer sure im leaving now so bye Astro later bowling dausfbulls11 Anyone else going to Rutgers or Uconn games? verybullish Im going to the Rutgers game Astro wish i could go verybullish I have a buddy who graduated from Ru and we have our annual bet for $100 on the game Astro auburn and fau are the only away games ill be going to Greg_Auman I'm going to all the road football games, but technically, that's my job dausfbulls11 went there two years ago verybullish, great town......ru fans can be kinda rough on trolley to the game though verybullish yea, well I should be able to handle it coming from Detroit. Thanks for the heads-up cyberbull(Q) Seems like Leavitt was more accommodating this Spring in terms of providing access to the media. Is this an accurate statement? Greg_Auman(A) Spring practice was completely open, except for one scrimmage, best I can tell. That said, there really wasn't a lot of people taking advantage of it. I missed about a week with the coaching search and the women's Final Four. Josh and Larry from Scout.com are there every day I'm there, but that's about it. You can't ask for much more access than Leavitt gave this spring. Greg_Auman to clarify, that's josh and larry from usfnation.com joshnewberg We had great access this year. No complaints cyberbull Sad that the other paper complained for years about lack of access...and now when the team is on the rise they could care less... cyberbull thank God for the Times! joshnewberg I covered Fsu for two years and we had good access but nothing like what Leavitt gave us this year. BasketBull(Q) Greg, do you know what will happen to the former assistant basketball coaches under RMC? Greg_Auman(A) Not sure what will happen -- Frank Burnell is still working out of his office, trying to sell Stan Heath on keeping him as an assistant. Burnell's done a great job with USF's big men, and he'd help with the transition to a new staff, though Heath has two other assistants from his Arkansas staff he'd like to have. I honestly haven't checked in with Greg Gary or Charles Cunningham since Heath got the job, but both are solid recruiters with good backgrounds and will be able to latch on with solid programs. biggamebulls(Q) Greag...I have heard some good things about Sabbath Joseph. What have been your impressions so far? Greg_Auman(A) Leavitt mentioned four linebackers the other day, in Moffitt, Robinson, Mompremier and McKenzie. Joseph has been limited by injury, so they really haven't been able to evaluate him the same way, but Leavitt mentioned him as someone in that next three on the outside. I think his fellow redshirt freshmen are slated for the middle, where Moffitt will have nearly all the snaps this fall ... dausfbulls11 Glover? E.T. Excited about Chris Robinson ! dausfbulls11 C-rob at Wvu...........awesome E.T. He's like a better Shurron Pierson ! dausfbulls11 whatever happened to Shurron? out of football? joshnewberg Sabath hasnt practiced at full speed this spring. Still recovering from the knee injury cpa_bull90(Q) Any updates on possible future football opponents? Greg_Auman(A) Nothing to report, though I honestly haven't made calls on it since before the coaching search started. Now that Heath is hired, I think Doug Woolard's first priority is naming an associate athletic director for external operations -- that's Tom Veit's old job, which has gone unfilled for months now. After that, I think he'll be able to address the schedule, though he's nearly full through 2009 now, as I recall ... Astro(Q) How are the RS freshmen doing at practice? Any looking like they will be a force next year? Greg_Auman(A) Some names starting to pop up. Zach Herrmann was lining up as the starting right guard, holding his own against much more experienced players. Carlton Mitchell should be a star at receiver, as should Aston Samuels at running back. Not sure if there's much of an opportunity for the linebackers ... Again, Brandon Peguese has shown a lot on the defensive line ... Greg_Auman i think i'm done on questions, except for any live stuff you guys have real quick. happy to see a big turnout, and lots of good questions tonight. we'll have to do this again in the fall before the season starts ... joshnewberg Greg who has the best nickname on the team?? Greg_Auman josh ... would have to be "beachside" joshnewberg Thats weak! Greg_Auman it's definitely weak. i could be this week's Imus if i'm not careful ... Bulliever okay guys, this is where I follow up on my earlier preparations for a graceful exit E.T. He has spoken Bulliever It's time for Greg to get on to important things on Tivo E.T. Thanx Mr. Auman ! cyberbull sopranos? Greg_Auman yeah, any love for Andy Barker, P.i.? no richter fans out there? joshnewberg Good job Greg. Bulliever It's time to break up this gathering, and let Greg exit with grace... dausfbulls11 Thanks Greg Astro thanks greg for everything. hopefully we can have you back for the summer RJWGoBulls Thanks Greg, well worth staying up till 3 for! nam37 Thanks Greg Greg_Auman ok guys, thanks for all the questions. anytime you have more, just send them to auman@sptimes.com. same deal without the sound effects, really cyberbull greg is not bad for a d@mn G@tor ;^) RTB Looks like I got here just in time.... RTB sheesh BasketBull Thanks Greg! Your the first Gator that I actually like... Greg_Auman ricky's here? RTB Barely, it seems dausfbulls11 gaytors suck RTB yeah... I know nam37 classy... Bulliever Thanks Greg Bulliever Thanks to all for attending...i know we had board problems Greg_Auman see you guys later. have a good night. RJWGoBulls Night Guys Bulliever Greg may address the unanswered questions in his blog Bulliever I think nam37 Later all... END
  12. Heaven forbid someone that’s only potential audience make any effort to actually appeal to said audience like any other person that’s held the position before, clearly the issue is with me the consumer for taking issue with lazy approach (as diagnosed by a professional), his no effort made to reach out to the largest gathering of his target audience and his hostile approach of antagonizing and alienating the only people he has a hope of appealing to. He sucks by every measurable and is part of the reason why local papers are disappearing, they aren’t entitled to an audience and if they don’t earn it they will disappear like they deserve.
  13. Yeah, it's not just dumb luck. It's far more of doing the right things and taking adv of opportunities.
  14. Distinguished list of official chat participants from 2006 or earlier....wow.
  15. Today
  16. Pretty sure any program could have hired George after he was dismissed by ND. If the UCF President calling him and offering him a job is falling into your lap, then so be it. George, Frost, Heupel. Plus Danny has hired a top 25 Coaches, Mens B Ball, Womens B Ball, Mens soccer coach, maybe M and W tennis( forget) so once again, I guess they just fell into his lap.
  17. And facing Le Canadiens as opposed to getting CBJ/Leafs
  18. UCF's smartest "decision" was having a 2 time college football COY fall into their lap ...
  19. So I Googled to try and get a handle on how far back GA went as USF beat writer and this was the first hit .... https://www.tampabay.com/saturday-greg-auman-chats-from-usf-mcneese-state-7/2139299/ ... Google's subtle way of saying "Let it go, Trip."
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