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  2. Time wise it’s almost impossible for a conference to have its own playoffs. Right now if there is a 12 team playoffs many conferences will start to eliminate the conference championship games.
  3. Thanks for the new avatar, do you think CJS can make biscuits?
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  5. What else were we supposed to talk about? Skippy was told to beat Florida in his first conference, without skipping a beat he quipped back that’s why he was here. Shockingly enough just saying it in a press conference didn’t really amount to anything and even more shocking is that Skippy has the second most impressive resume of all of our coaches. The time has come to do something and until that thing is done you can’t really expect for people to talk about more than your record says you are. If I didn’t want people talking about my losing I would consider trying to win a single game, but that’s just how I roll.
  6. Some more than others .... That's really is it in a nutshell. The time spent on this has been a ******* joke ...... but also a nice little time killer between seasons.
  7. Hmmm. You snuck this in this thread but this may need to be is own topic. This could be a problem i don't want to run into on 9/2!!! Need to start digging now. Have youtubetv but not sure about accn
  8. I also threw out this idea. Not the exact pod bit, but getting 20 teams and having semi finals. I think it would make for a cool conference.
  9. I feel a lot better about this guy over Charlie Strong. But I do get Skip Holtz vibes from him. Hopefully he can recruit the Bay, unlike Skip.
  10. Consider that not all players need to lose or gain weight
  11. Yesterday
  12. Actually The Man employed Chico and ran an auto Repair shop so of course he did not win any football games, was too busy fixing cars. If CJS is the Man I only hope he doesn’t oppress my peeps, I won’t stand for the Man bringing me down.
  13. I’m gonna let this season play out before making any judgment on CJS
  14. Chico had The Man too. He probably won no football games. The Man doesn't equal The Nick Saban by my book. I seconded the post after watching his press conference. I think we are in good hands. I am not longing for Guz Mahlzan or Slick Willie Taggart. He didn't say stupid **** like Charlie Strong did. I'm content to #Bullieve. I think we're at a good starting line.
  15. If I survive some recent health scares and there isn't another COVID lockdown before hand, I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Bulls again live -- regardless of the projected outcome.
  16. I'm getting old. Didn't we just do the locker room?
  17. Tonight that renewal all pays off: The opening of the CFL season!
  18. And just when I was beginning to turn a tad cynical about college athletics...😭 Congratulations!
  19. With dynamic speeches like that Aresco presentation I can see teams running through brick walls to join the league.
  20. Never once is going backwards a necessary step towards improvement and the sooner you start taking steps forward instead of continuing the wrong direction the easier improvement will be to implement and the more likely you will be there for its implementation. Maybe day one things should be expected to be a disaster but by day 200 you should be able to vector in on at least a single thing you could make better, CJS will likely go 500 days without a single FBS win and that’s a bit difficult to sell as improvement you know is happening.
  21. But you seconded a post on page 1 saying he is the man? Not a man but THE man. I agree with the post above however vehemently disagreed with anyone saying he is the guy. He maybe the guy but way too early to say he is it. We are confusing two different thoughts and both of the conflicting thoughts came from you on this thread. 😀
  22. Dabo Swinney didn't win 10 games until his 4th season. By some USF fans' standards, I guess he should have been fired before then. Most great things take time. Companies, teams, etc. YEARS before you start to see it all come together. But not at USF I guess, it's the one exception to every organizational success story pretty much ever. I guess.
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