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  2. TIE BREAKER! NEB wins based on St. Felix. Congrats @NewEnglandBull on your win! Take it away @Brad
  3. Sorry about that, the more you read my stuff the more reasonable it becomes ( I would mute me if I were you).
  4. Those monkeys seem to know how to turn things around maybe we should bring them on as consultants
  5. You forgot the newspaper. Big time advancement before the phone. Should probably be 4 and move #4 to 5.
  6. Maybe my eyes deceived me, but he took a pretty good shot on that 55 yard pass to St. Felix.
  7. Can't believe I am agreeing with puc86. I don't mind the actual number as long as you are reporting actual numbers on the other two schools that your paper is covering. I wouldn't even mind BOTH distributed and actual as long as that's consistent. Every other school in Div 1 is the distributed number. By the way, the crowd on Saturday was decent until about halftime.
  8. I guess the the Gators are looking for a vacation game too... Just say it, UCF football is house poor. I'm sure when Stanford scheduled the home-and-home series with UCF they were counting on a guaranteed win, but hey you can't predict the future. Plus the fact that series wasn't even scheduled by your current athletic director that likes to push a false narrative. But go ahead and keep scheduleing the likes of UNC, FAMU and FAU and crying that nobody wants to play UCF.
  9. My seats were claimed as well. But if anybody else has a few extra tickets to spare I know @Grateful Dad is looking for a few.
  10. Gotta give credit for the defense improving! Running teams should scare us to death though until we beat one.
  11. I am the consumer he should have been targeting but he alienated me. That he missed the mark on trying to convert me is a failure on him as a writer and not me as a consumer. If you want to do a comparative piece like the wsj that’s journalism but putting a random stat out in a vacuum because it’s easy is lazy at best.
  12. Today
  13. Alabama scheduled you for a trip to Florida and a rent a win twice in their stadium. Stanford just played at UCF this year.
  14. I miss the sun and basking in it was glorious but the fall to the ocean has been devastating although I wouldn’t trade our flight to the sun for anything
  15. Exactly this. The positive thinking fans on here have just accepted the fact that he will be here next year. If watching the team makes you that miserable, find something else to do with your time. If you think the team is a bunch of losers, move on. I don't think anyone called it a moral victory except the misery loves company crowd. If I'm going to the game, I'd rather focus on the positives than sit there and nitpick everything bad and be miserable. There's not much left of the dead horse carcass, it's been beaten so many times.
  16. I am a supporter of getting the number of actual attendance. If it sucks that’s not a reporters fault but the fault of the university and the so called Tampa “fans.”
  17. Harsin actually has a better situation that if he came to USF. Anderson is in his second stint at USU and doubt he leaves anytime soon. USF would be a step up in conference and pay for Drinkwitz and Napier, but a lower level P5 school may grab Drinkwitz now that he has Appalachian State ranked and a legit NY6 contender.. If Purdue can get out from underneath Jeff Brohm and his $6.6M salary (8th highest) they are going to be in the market for a less expensive coach. I still think its going to be a retread who flamed out at a P5 school a la Charlie Strong.
  18. He was not purposely antagonistic, hereported facts you cry babies didn’t want to hear. He has stepped all over UCF multiple times but again you don’t want to hear that. His reasoning for reporting the exact attendance was that it was representative of the popularity of the program which is true. He had the data and he reported it. Jesus you and your flock are such a bunch of whiners on this. Instead of pissing and moaning try getting more people to the game so it’s not an issue.
  19. Recruiting under Charlie has been poor. Usf is above 5th or 6th place classes in conference. When temple and Tulane are out recruiting the team in Tampa... There's a problem.
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