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  2. I don’t think firing a coach after not making a regional two out of three years is a good reason. But not making your conference tourney two of those years is. For the reasons I mentioned before we should not be a bottom feeder in the aac. If you can’t string up enough talent in the state of Florida alone you’ve got problems ahead of you. Those other schools have found success because they’ve recruited well and they’ve used the talent they have well. If I recall correctly game management was also an issue last season, which has nothing to do with Florida talent and everything to do with coaching capability. Not winning with talent availability is only one aspect of why things haven’t worked out so far. If we show progress then most of what I’m saying is irrelevant. My biggest fear is that we haven’t shown much progress yet but instead regression.
  3. Northeastern, Marist, and FAMU may turn into world beaters but thus far they are 1-12 combined when not playing USF. I guess it depends on what the hopes for the season are. If you want an at large regional birth, you need to pick up some of these games. Not only that but the series vs Northeastern wasn’t even competitive. Northeastern is not Cal State Fullerton. They have had 2 regional appearances in the past 20 years.
  4. Went to the game... was fun... The generic sound effects of the players during the play is just... weird... sounds like a video game. I think I'd rather have silence or hear music. The crowd was chanting "We want Flowers!" most of the game. Seemed to piss off a few other people, saw a few other fans stand up and yell back The hissing and the arm motion is kinda weird... kinda fun too I guess. I dunno... was fun. Liked the music, liked the atmosphere, wasnt a bad way to spend a gorgeous afternoon. I'll go back. They only had the lower bowl open, none of the 200 level was open.
  5. I made another post and apologized. Yes, I did have you confused with someone else.
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  7. I thought the seat was hot when we failed to qualify for the conference tournament last year. That should never happen.
  8. I don't look at brybull as a Troll, I just think he is your garden variety super pessimistic Bulls fan. You have to have both sides of the equation, so as long as he isn't a closet Knats fan, I like him, and will tell him how wrong he is as often as I can. If he is a USF fan for realz, then he is part of the family - our Dysfunctional family anyway!
  9. Ricky: You have me confused with someone else. I have never spoken to Michael Kelly.
  10. My overall point is that the sport is so diluted from there being so many options (see my response to Jtrue) that the idea that we should be good because we are a division one program in the state of Florida is just misguided. Here, just as everywhere else, programs have to be built by good people. For whatever reason and im sure if you dig deep enough you will find many, we just haven't. Those other programs that have been referenced in this thread have. firing coaches after three seasons because they don't make to the tourny 2 out of the 3 isn't gonna do it either. If he makes the conference tourny and the freshman are playing well he deserves a chance to build on that. He's only had two full recruiting cycles as the head guy and as we established, we don't get a crack at very many impact freshman and think he found two in this class.
  11. My overall point is that we aren't trending in the right direction with baseball and that's largely due to poor recruiting and coaching. Northeastern may not be better than us overall in history, but they came to Florida and handed it to us. We've done nothing to impress this season yet at all.
  12. well i'm not sure you looking at this right, of that 66%, how many of them were top 100 players coming out of high school. I think to see the point im making, you have to look at where top talent is going. Look at the percentage of the top 100 hs players in the state and see if they are getting drafted or going to JUCO. https://www.perfectgame.org/Rankings/Players/StateRankings.aspx?gyear=2019&state=FL Of the top 50 players in 2019 3 are on G5 rosters, 2 went to FIU and we saw the third one on the bump Saturday pitch an absolute gem. 5 are at Jucos the rest committed P5 or went pro.
  13. Yep pretty much....and the rest of the team is just isnt quite talented enough to overcome. People like brybull are too short sighted to understand this.
  14. Its a long season. And as bad as it lioks right now, he deserves the full season before decision is made. That said, the seat is getting HOT AS HELL!
  15. There isn't a JuCo in the nation that could hold Vanderbilt's jock right now. I don't get the statement that JuCo's are getting the second level of talent or even the idea that "first level" talent goes pro. 2018 MLB draft - 66% of those drafted went to a 4 year school 25% came out of HS 9% from JuCo And the last 25 years have basically been a split with the first overall pick being either a HS player or a 4 year player.
  16. We aren't getting those players, you're right, but that still doesn't matter. We've been competitive in the past with the same access to players yet for some reason that's now different. So, Stanford and JU aren't considered g5 or p5, are also a step above Juco, yet they're able to do pretty well and somehow have managed to look better than us over recent years. How is UCF able to sweep Auburn yet we can't manage to win one game against an unranked team from up north? There should be no "we knew the offense would be bad." That comes down to poor recruiting.
  17. It was actually the loss of Yetna ALONG with Kiir in a one week period that basically gutted our 4 position. I really feel that killed our season.
  18. I think you are pretty much spot on dude. I think the loss of Yetna was bigger than alot of us expected. He brings a whole different dynamic to this team. That said, the rest of the team has too many flaws to be good without Yetna. Even with Yetna, we need an upgrade in talent to get to a much higher level. Gregory has done the best he can coming into this cluster-----. But he needs to recruit his a-- off and up his game these next couple years to get to where we want to go.
  19. I was born here, as was my mom. I remember my grandfather, who was a postman here, tell me that any carrier could take any other carrier's route when they were sick. They lived in the 'suburbs' of Seminole Heights.
  20. Why do you keep beating this drum? You have made your stance crystal clear. Im writing this season off as an unfortunate set of circumstances yet we have still been competitive. Last year was good. Next year will tell the tale of really where we stand imo.
  21. All good points. I dont specifically know exact locations, but TV ratings take into account the entire Tampa Bay viewing area. Its obvious based in the high ratings that this place likes baseball.....and it will get better as this boom town continues to grow.
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